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October 17, 2021, 02:06:23 am

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Author Topic: Keeper of Light And Dark (A Leon Weber Specific Desire, This Time With Fantasy)  (Read 114 times)

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The world in this prompt is based rather heavily on the Keeper of the Sun and Moon series of CYOA Novels by Brynn Chernosky

Imagine for a moment if you will, a world where all the things that you've heard go bump in the night exist. A world where magic and witchcraft, sorcery and spells, demons and angels all existed. How would such a world manage to hide itself? It can't be by the virtue of magic alone. In this world there are small towns dotted throughout the world that is home to these sorts of beings all with their own societies, cultures, and agreements with the larger Human Governments in order to further protect themselves from the fearful world of humans. Now call to your mind the possibility that you've lived all your life assuming you were a human, and thinking these things just to be myths and folk tales to encourage young children to behave but then, through a sudden event you are forced into contact with this world. Not only is your understanding of the way the world works jarred suddenly and violently but you soon find out that you may not even be human yourself. That you might be the progeny of Angels or Demons, or even one of the many Human-Hybrid beings spread all throughout the various mythologies and religions of Human history.

This prompt will follow not only our characters but the various events both mundane and apocalyptic that take place within the New Magi City hidden from the world in the forests of Pennsylvania, using both the natural landscape and many layers of magic as well as cooperation from the United States Government to stay hidden from the eyes of humans. Each City of Magi is unique by virtue of all of them being cut off from one another and not being able to form a cohesive culture of their own within their respective nations, but each City is treated as its own small country. Some cities maintain relations with other Magic cities but some prefer to remain as isolated as possible for their own protection. However there are certain constants between all of them, for the most part they all maintain Representative Republic style governments with a few outliers practicing other forms of Governance and Economics. The three Supernatural Races with the most prominence both as majorities within the cities and within their governments are Nephelem, the result of interbreeding between Angels and Humans, Cambrion, which are the progeny of Humans and Demons, and Nymphs which are created rather than born and are selected carefully by the local presiding High Priestess of the Nymphs. Many other Supernatural species exist but those are the most common and the most politically powerful.

Of course each City also allows a large portion of their budget to be allocated towards education of current residents and newly discovered supernatural beings whom are brought there when they are discovered to have extraordinary abilities. My character will be one of the latter, a Nephelem male raised by a single father who never knew his mother or his own origins until he was reaching his Freshman year of college. In an unfortunate accident where he was attacked by a Gorgon and only survived due to his abilities manifesting himself and that moment turned his life upside down. He was also saved by a young Cambrian who also brought with her authorities from the hidden Magi city in the woods near he where he was attacked, they attempted to erase his memory and allow him to return to his human life but they discovered that he was resistant to their attempts to brainwash him. Discovering that he was a Nephelem they immediately moved to have him taken in to be educated at the New Magi College nearby. However discovering that he was a Nephelem was only part of the major turn his life would take, a year into his college life he discovered that he was unique even among the unique new world he found himself in.

He is what was known as a Keeper.

Keepers were almost revered in a way by all the Magical beings. They were consider peacekeepers and those who maintain the balance between the other races, a Keeper could be any race by they are most commonly Nephelem or Cambrion. They are unique in the sense that they are born with a natural wellspring of Celestial Magical energy. Once a Keeper is discovered they are trained by the Nymphs and in most Magic Cities become very involved in matters of National Defense and Local Politics. This understandably is a lot to thrust on a college age Man who only a year ago was unaware of the realities of the Supernatural World. The New Keeper fell into his role rather graciously but not without his fair share of bumps in the road but thanks to making good connections both with the powers that be and his peers at the Magi University he was able to overcome a great deal of challenges.

Who your character is, is completely up for discussion. A student already attending the Magi University but hasn't had the chance to meet the new Keeper in person? Perhaps another person blissfully unaware of the world underneath their nose with a rude awakening? A Cambrion? A Kitsune? A Nephelem? There are many possibilities and I'm interested in many of them. For my lewd stuff there's a link to my O/O's at the bottom and while I am into lots of Kinky Stuff I do like more romantic relationships forming between characters at least at first, exploring one another and discovering their kinks and turn ons in a natural IC way. Of course this prompt leaves a lot open for grander plots and story lines but I prefer to start in a more Slice of Life way that allows us to establish character relationships before moving into the larger more grandiose storylines.