Low fantasy slavery RP With female 'Oni'

Started by Vonandi, May 26, 2021, 03:22:11 AM

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I've been playing a lot of the 'The price for freedom:Avarice alpha, and I really like the setting and the characters. A gritty world rife with slavery and corruption, with plenty of hard women that seem like actual people with goals and wants instead of png's waiting around to get boned dispite it being a erotic rpg.

I really wanted to play out a campaign in that sort of setting, but lacking that I was hoping to play out something using bits from that setting as inspiration. Ogres in that word are superficially like onis in appearance, but are more like intelligent ogres: strong, violent, with a biologically loose moral compass. I was thinking about a story in which a female ogre merc gets a bunch of debt for one reason or another and is ended up in slavery, using this idea as a jumping off point to go where ever. I am extremely flexible when it comes to other people's ons but being ok with larger and muscular women is a must. PM me for my F-llist.

Osh'Ja from the game, just for refrence. I don't intend to use anything from the game or comic outright, just a starting inspiration