In a Marvel Mood!

Started by MissRoziel, May 25, 2021, 04:46:44 PM

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Yep, you read that right my lovelies I'm in a Marvel mood.  Now most of my knowledge comes from the MCU but I also really enjoyed the X-men Films and X-men evolution, I have read some of the comics but I am by no means fluent.

I have a couple plot ideas but first I want to explain a few things

  • I work from home so I reply quickly but I don't expect you to keep up my pace, if you can only post once a month that's fine
  • I can write multiple characters
  • I prefer long term stories to ensure this I will not play if a sex scene is expected before the end of the first page that isn't plot relevant.
  • Included with previous, if there is a sex scene and you stop replying after I will block you I'm sick of spending ages planning out a story only to get dropped after my partner gets to nut
  • I will play your favourite cannon if I know them, but you have to be willing to play a cannon for me as well
  • I love romance
  • I write OCs and will Play across your OCs

Now that that's settled I'll give you my OCs and if you like one PM me, I'll tell you diffrent plot Ideas I have in mind for them or if you have a plot idea Bring it to me I love hearing your ideas people :)

Blind Dancer
Caroline is a mutant woman, with the ability to absorb Injuries and memories from people.  She was a principle dancer for the New York ballet however after a cart accident she was left with badly damaged legs requiring a cane and blind.  She now runs a dance school for under privileged and disabled children.  Coming from a wealthy background she often makes appearances at fund raisers and charity events. she also works to raise funds for her school.  Her ability to heal and see the minds of those she touches is something she keeps secret.  However she has anonymously passed information to police when she learns of criminal activity.

Unit 542-9-82
Super soldier
The defective Unit 542-9-82 was one of a line of mutant control products made for use by the wealthy.  created through selective breeding and invasive inutero alterations 542 was found to be defective as she aged but maintained a limited mentality.  Normally she would be classified autistic.  A skilled fighter and killer Unit 542 was to expensive to dispose of so she became a test subject and disposal unit killing unstable Units who would not follow orders.  542 however managed to escape the facility  in order to full fill her prime directive the protection of 'Lady Liberty'  She is still seeking what she believes is a very important woman so she can protect her.

Sheild Maiden
A mutant hero Ziggurat is one in a long line of female heroes descended from five Maidens who according to family legend where blessed by a god with extreme power.  Unfortunately due to the diluted blood line Alice doesn't have half the power of her ancestors but she's still capable possessing super human strength and No pain senses she is what one might consider a tank type.  She wields two short curved daggers in combat and is a warm friendly personality because of her strength and inability to feel pain she'll frequently put herself in front of danger for others Which is how she got her secondary title.  The problem is while she doesn't feel the pain she can still be hurt, she frequently gets told off by her handlers for not taking better care of herself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am also taking art commissions to go towards my goal.