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July 29, 2021, 10:04:37 am

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Author Topic: Exotic Stories, Beasts, Worlds, and People![Mix of Light, NC, Exotic/Furry,& EX]  (Read 420 times)

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Exotic Stories, Beasts, Places, Worlds, and People!

I hope that you enjoy what I come to offer. I am happy to take requests and to discuss any ideas you might have for RP plots! Here in this thread you will find info on me and ideas that I come up with for such things. I look forward to hearing from all the lovely interested  people here.

I am open to everything. M/M, M/F, M/H, NB, groups, etc

About me:
  • I'm based in New Zealand and so I'm operating on GMT +12. If you're in the USA or Europe I may not be awake at the same time you are, but the upside of that is that you will probably wake up to new posts!
  • I can usually write several reponses per day, or more if I have the day free. I don't expect the same back, as life comes first, but a response once a day would be nice.
  • I'm happy to play any gender and sexuality, and I'm completely open to discussing any kinks you want to incorporate into a roleplay or story.
  • I'm happy with RP that is both plot driven, and smut for its own sake. I prefer smut with plot, but don't be afraid to ask for just an ongoing pure smut scenario.
  • I tend to write a paragraph or three and prefer to have at least a paragraph in response. Don't worry, I'm not going to judge the writing of anyone who makes a legitimate effort.

Turn ons
  • BDSM
  • Blackmail
  • Casual Encounters
  • Cuckolding
  • Cum Inflation
  • Oviposition/Egg Laying
  • Dominance
  • Fantasy
  • Free Use
  • Furry
  • Gangbangs
  • Horror
  • Hypnosis
  • M/F
  • M/M
  • Mind Break
  • Modern Day
  • Monsters
  • Pet Play
  • Prostitution
  • Romantic Sex
  • Scifi
  • Sensual
  • Size difference
  • Slice of Life
  • Submission
  • Tentacles
  • Thriller
  • Watersports (Internal watersports mostly)

Turn Offs
  • CBT
  • Gore
  • Scat
  • Snuff
As of right now I am open to any suggestions about what to roleplay. Feel free to message me and ask!

Here are several ideas, but feel free to message me about any others you might have:

Main Plots

Modern Digital Magic
(NSFW and SFW - Plot Driven Smut or All smut, can be used for SFW RP as well, open to one on one or group RP, open for any kinks)
A Cyberpunk world where magic has returned and is as much a science as anything else. In this world corporations really rule society, and everything is a commodity to be brought and sold. Street mages and corporate mages run their magic for profit or schemes. Cyberpunk deckers hack the net and expose information or sell blackmail. And the average person is just as likely to have a part of them replaced with a cybernetic eye or leg as they are to buy a coffee.

In this world, who might you be? What situations might you get into? Are you going to make it and gain the power and prestige to have whatever you could desire? Or will you find yourself getting fucked metaphorically and maybe literally?

The Forest of Night
(NSFW - Monster fucking, Tentacles, Cum Inflation, Oviposition, Hypnosis, Magic,  and more. Open for any kinks)
(Duo/Swap RP - We each play a character entering the forest. We then take turns with one person taking the role of the their character and the other taking the tole of the forest and anything within preying on that character.)
The Forest of Night is so known due to its rich and thick canopy enclosing most of it in shade and darkness, with only the occasional bastion of light caused by breaks in the treeline. Within the dark things skitter about and lurk unseen, preying on any who enter. The creatures inside are dangerous not for their claws and teeth (but they are very sharp so do be wary) but for their single minded compulsion to breed and corrupt whatever they encounter. This seems to be caused by the forest itself, which exerts a magical aura within itself that pushes any and all of its dark denizens to take and use those who enter however they see fit for their carnal desires.

Enter the forest and you might find the treasures and riches hidden within, all sorts of magic and lost secrets. Or you may end up never leaving as you are taken into the carnal realms of sex and hedonism ruled by the creatures within.

Paying the debts
(NSFW Furry Fantasy Setting - Prostitution and Blackmail, NC and Psuedo-NC, heavy BDSM and lots of kink)
MC is a young warrior who is known in her small province for acting as a sort of gaurdian of the helpless. She rides about and fights off bandits, feeds the poor, and generally tries to do good in the world.

Unfortunately recently a lot of people have been getting into debt in her home town, forced into it by a gang of bandits that have been exploiting the townsfolk. As strong as she is she knows she cannot take them all on alone....but then their leader, YC, comes to her with a proposal. She can pay off their debt by working in one of their business establishments out in the country. A brothel. One that caters to all kinds of clients who have every kink and interest they could ever want fulfilled. If she doesn't, the townsfolk will be taken instead.

So she agrees, and is carted off to her new life as a whore, one YC intends to completely humilate and break down from the haughty hero she is.

Family Comforts (CRAVING)
(NSFW - Human or Furry - Father/Daughter OR Brother/Sister incest and heavy kink)
A single father (or older brother) is raising his only daughter (or younger sister), ten years after her mother passed away, freshly turned 18. He loves her dearly and is extremely proud of the girl she has become. She loves her father (or brother) just as much, knowing that he's caring and always has put her first in his life.

But he's lonely, its been ten years since he had any woman in his life, dating just never worked out since his late wife. And his daughter has just broken up with her asshole ex boyfriend, who was not only a dick but extremely vanilla in bed, something that irked her to no end given just how deviantly kinky she really is.

The two of them only just began noticing how they each looked at eachother, with gazes full of lust and amorous intent. It doesn't help when she walks in on her father (or brother) in the shower and realizes just how attracted she is to him, or how she plans to now take action so both of them can have the comfort they so crave.

Cheating never felt so right.(CRAVING)
(NSFW - Human or Furry - Cuckolding , cheating, and humiliation, any genders)
They'd always loved each other, but one of them just wasn't getting enough attention of the kind they craved. Their partner was too plain in bed, too nice. They wanted to be used in all sorts of filthy ways, and they wanted their lover to witness all of it. They'd be too weak to stop it, but what they don't know is that their partner would love and crave the humiliation just as much as their lover craved being used like a whore.

Animal friends. (CRAVING)
(NSFW - Human or Furry - Beastiality - FxM beast or MxM beast)
YC is someone who loves animals, and recently got a job working for an animal hotel where people drop their pets off for extended stays and care while they go away on holiday or for work. Dogs, horses, even pigs and other farm animals who need special care while their owners can't attend them. Of course, YC secretly has always harboured a kink for being a breeding tool for animals like this, and now with this new job the temptation is growing too strong to resist...

Livestream Fun (CRAVING)
(NSFW - Human or Furry - Sex toys, exhibitionism, public nudity and sex, mind control, watersports, enema, and more)
A camgirl decides her next show will be a live one where she takes to the streets with a camera drone following her about her day. But the viewers will get to decide exactly what happens to her. Her clothing is hiding all sorts of sex toys and devices to stimulate her, controlled by her viewers, and a mind control device has been fitted onto her head to allow them to pay to give her direct commands. Unfortunately for her, even after the stream ends, someone has locked her out of control of her own toys and mind control chip. So until she can stop ot, her entire life will be controlled by her thousands of horny viewers. And they have some special punishments and rewards in mind for her...

Shorter one off ideas that are purely smut pairings and very flexible:
Traffic Stop (Human/Anthro/Monster races acceptted)
MC is a young male party boy (Human or Anthro) who gets stop by YC, a traffic cop having a bad night. Decide how you deal with the mouthy little bitch.

Zombie Swarm
MC/YC is surviving in a zombie apocalypse, and in the middle of raiding for supplies makes the startling discovery that zombies aren't always hungry for food. In fact, they've evolved now with a desire to breed, and MC/YC is about to discover that.

Monster House
MC is an urban explorer  [M/F/H/NB] who breaks into an allegedly haunted house/mental asylum/building. The paranormal denizens (You) of this place are extatic to have a new plaything to entertain them however they want, and are determined to keep them there for as long as possible as just that.

More ideas to come in the future!
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Re: Exotic Beasts, Places, Worlds, and People! [Open to All]
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New story ideas added and preferences updated

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