Chilly's Dark and Dirty Plots [F / Dom M]

Started by Chilly4u, May 21, 2021, 08:28:42 AM

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Hello, I'm Chilly.

I'm new to Elliquiy and looking for new partners to write with. I'm an experienced role player that has done a lot of RP in real life and online, both vanilla and erotic. I’m looking mostly for dominant men. I might accept a dominant woman (or non-binary) but you’d have to have some crazy dirty chemistry to make it work. I always play a female character and usually the submissive, bottom, victim, whatever you want, but never a dominant. I read a lot of books; fantasy, science fiction, true crime, and such. I am currently reading a lot of mythologies; greek and norse mainly and it’s giving me some wild ideas.

Here’s the quick take on my writing style…

My frequency: 3-5 paragraphs a day on average (I expect roughly the same form my partners)
Smut ratio: 20%/80% plot to smut (what can I say, I like it dirty)
Level of grammar naziism: 3/10 (I’m really not that picky as long as your writing is coherent, and you, use, punctuation, mostly correctly.)
Fandom fanaticism score: -18 (Not a fan of the fandoms. I was once told the way my character’s moaning was off canon.)
Imaginary license number: 567483-B (I like to get creative and love partners that can help bring out those creative ideas.)
Preferred perspective: 1st (Some times 3rd, but I really like to get into the head of my characters… and pants.)
Number of bunny costumes in my closet: 0 (So sorry guys, I’m not a furry and don’t really play animals. You do you though!)

Genres I like (in no particular order)
Modern - Western 21st century
Near Future - Cyberpunk, Black Mirror, etc.
Alternate reality or timeline
Fantasy - Dungeons and dragons, etc.
Comic books - Super heros and heroines
SciFi - Aliens, Futuristic technologies, etc.
Classic Horror - H.P. Lovecraft, The brothers Grimm

The thing you’re looking for… My Kinks
Here’s what gets me going. You don’t need to be into all of these things, but if you should be into at least 2 or 3. You can also check out my full on/off list here: Chilly's On/Offs
Non-con (forced sex, blackmail, coercion, forced nudity, forced… anything.)
Humiliation (name calling, dirty talk, objectification, etc.)
Exhibitionism (being the only one naked, naked in public, naked in a Chucky Cheese, etc.)
Mind control (hypnosis, micro-chips on the brain or magic or whatever that controls people)
Rough sex (slapping, hair pulling, choking, light torture and punishment)
Bondage (tie me up, Scotty!)

Some Plot Ideas
These are just some loose ideas. I can come up with lots more and will add some as I get new urges. Feel free to use these as jumping off points. I don’t expect to go into an RP based solely on my ideas. And if you see smoothing here that reminds you of something you came up with, we should talk.

  • Bimbo Super Heroine - This is a rehash of an old RP I used to do. My character has super powers, super strength, speed, senses, etc. And of course she decides to use her power to help others and fight crime. She’s so nice, right? But for all the her physical power he has in excess, she lacks mental power of any kind. She's a ditzy, forgetful, extremely gullible dumbie in every way and every crook in town knows it. So she constantly gets taken advantage of, tricked and used.
  • Trapped in the game - New life is the most advanced VR game ever created. In it you will have a fully immersive sensory experience; see, touch, feel and taste. My character is an avid player. But today something is wrong. Someone (your character) has hacked my account, disabled all safety protocols and locked me out of my admin. I can't log out! Even worse they can control my avatar, change it, make me say and do things.
  • Dirty DnD - This is less a plot line than something I'd like to try. I've played some D&D and would love to have a 1on1 or small group game where if my character loses, sex, torture, and enslavement are all possibilities. You'd play as DM and control all the monsters. But I would want to dice rolls decide what happens in an encounter.
  • I'll add more here as they come to me...