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May 10, 2021, 07:48:19 pm

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Author Topic: System Slut Seeks Sordid Sexual Scenarios (also freeform, F seeking M/GM, NC/EX)  (Read 202 times)

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Offline PixelatedPixieTopic starter

I am struggling with roleplaying at the moment, which should probably be taken as a warning, but am craving some games/stories with a healthy dose of smut.

I have a few freeform ideas and a few system ideas.  They are all high in smut and that is more or less a requirement.  I might go a bit less smut focused in a system game, but even there I do want smut included (depending on rolls).  I am exclusively looking for non-consensual smut of some variety, the type (coercion to full on force) can vary, but you won't find any romantic plots within. 

It is worth noting that I am usually looking at things from a focus on the character(s) I want to play, and when combined with my usual desire to have multiple male characters involved, I don't always have a good slot for a main character for you in the story.  I think it comes somewhat from my preference for system gaming and as a result I think my ideas tend to envision the other person in more of a GM role.  That isn't to say I am not willing to discuss other dynamics and try to shift my writing, but I want to be upfront about some of my (potential) issues and about how I probably framed the various pitches.  Discussion and changes to ideas are an option but multiple male partners are strongly preferred.  I am open to discussing how we handle things and also to including multiple women played by myself IF the story involves multiple men.  I am not currently interested in a harem (one man, multiple women) angle.

If you are interested in any of the ideas please PM me.

Freeform Story Hooks

The Wedding Raid
A soon to be married couple have rented a small island resort for a private destination wedding.  The island is located some distance away from a larger island somewhere in the world.  It may or may not have permanent staff.  Not long after the couple and their guests arrive the island is struck by a severe storm that makes travel difficult and cuts all communications. 

A group of unpleasant individuals, pirates, drug traffickers, or something similar, are forced to take shelter on the island (or choose to use the storm as cover to visit the island) from the storm themselves.  They begin to pick off the guests one by one for their own perverse amusement.

I see this idea as a fairly drawn out scenario comprised of different scenes involving different characters.  My hope is a light horror vibe, in the sense that the guests are being hunted by an unknown threat and slowly being picked off one by one.  It might take place over a single night, or over a couple of days.  My hope is a series of scenes that help to build a simple story.  How simple or complex we get would depend on how ambitious we want to get.

A woman (16-19) has a brother (16+) who is being regularly bullied.  He won’t tell anyone else, so the woman decides to intervene.  The bully has forced her brother to give him his game console of choice, so she goes to confront the bully at his house. 

The only one home is the bully’s father, and the woman demands the return of the console and the cessation of bullying.  The father agrees to stop the bullying, but only if the woman has sex with him. 

My thought is that the woman agrees, with conditions (must use a condom, no pictures, etc).  The first smut scene would involve sex, but also the father coercing/forcing the woman into a more compromising situation.  So handcuffs or similar.  At the end he’d steal her clothes and inform her that while he’d agreed to stop the bullying, he hadn’t agreed to return her clothes or give her the key.  If she wanted that she’d have to do more, either that or leave while naked and handcuffed and without the console.  The price for that is a video of her fucking a toy (or something else that can be used to compromise her).

The story would then progress with her being blackmailed, ideally with the bully (and potentially his friends) eventually getting involved. 

A woman is recruited straight out of college (or even high school) by an intelligence agency.  A naive patriot, she willingly signs up for a mission to gather information in some war-torn hellhole.

I have two similar ideas for this one.  The first is that the woman is using being a sex slave as cover.  The story would focus on her trying to carry out a mission, gather information, and similar while being enslaved.  The second idea is that the woman is carrying out missions as normal, but often has to rely on the fact that she is an attractive woman to either accomplish the mission, or to survive it when things go wrong.

Post-Apocalyptic Fallout
Note: This could also be a system game.

I've occasionally loaded up Fallout 4 with mods, including adult mods, only to be left disappointed.  I like the setting and the idea but the implementation is always lacking or frustrating.  So I am craving something similar in a freeform (or system) roleplay.

The idea would probably be inspired by Fallout 4 but sans the Shaun angle.  A Vault Dweller wakes up from cryo and goes to explore the wasteland.  She promptly encounters raiders and other unpleasant groups and, probably lacking many survival or weapon skills, ends up captured and/or enslaved.

A woman is out hiking alone, or as part of a small group, when she comes across a group of poachers, smugglers, human-traffickers, or something similar.  She is ambushed and taken captive for their amusement.

Otherwise it is half formed and I would be happy to develop it in any number of different ways.  I've always wanted to do a revenge angle where she goes after them months/years later, but have never had any bites.  So that would be one option.  Other options might be long term enslavement, corruption/breaking, or most anything else that fits.

Porn Star
A woman's sister/friend/something is heavily in debt to a loan shark or criminal organization.  The woman is injured in a car accident or is otherwise incapacitated and is unable to film a porno that she agreed to as part of the debt repayment.  The woman agrees to take her place.

The idea is centered around exploitative, dubiously willing, porn.  Otherwise it is half formed and I would be happy to develop it in any number of different ways.

Beach Mugging
A woman is on the beach in some sunny overseas location when she is approached by some men.  At gun and/or knife point they demand her valuables.  Then they demand more. 

I envision the location as being away from any people when it starts, but still close to the resort.  The thought is that she is forced to give the man/men a blowjob and people wander by and witness it.  It could progress into full on sex, either on the beach or just off it, again with people witnessing it or otherwise being nearby.  The idea being both to play up the humiliation angle of people seeing what is going on, and her own conflict in not calling for help despite people being so close.

I am not sure on how I want to proceed from there. 

Military Ambush
A military convoy is travelling between two locations in some (potentially fictional) country.  A pair of women are in one vehicle of this convoy.  They are officially soldiers, but in a far more support role such as IT or similar.

The convoy is ambushed and in the confusion the women’s vehicle crashes, is disabled, or otherwise gets separated from the rest of the convoy.  The victorious attackers are still high on combat and potentially pissed off at their casualties.  They fall on the pair of women rather violently, stripping them, violating them, and so on.

The women are eventually dragged off to be prisoners of war or interrogated.

I am looking for this to be rough, violent, and nasty.  I don’t intend for either character to enjoy it (barring maybe some distance into the story), and I would prefer the enemy is roughing them up as they go.  I don’t want to get into full on mutilation, but certainly things like barbed wire for wrist bindings, nails through parts of the body (hands, nipples), being left in the sun, being left for insects, and so on.

The House Party
At the last party of high school (or college) a group of men have decided to finally get a piece of the stuck-up bitch who has rejected them for years. 

I kind of want to frame this as a bit of a ‘heist’ movie type scenario.  They have a grand plan that they need to carry out, both to bring about the event and to conceal it after.  Otherwise however it is very much a half-formed idea that I like in concept but am not sure how to develop into something more interesting.

System Story Hooks

The Forgotten (Warhammer 40k)
Setting: Warhammer 40k
System: Only War, Black Crusade, Wrath and Glory

An Imperial Guardswoman is on the losing side of some major battle.  She is either stuck behind enemy lines or captured by the enemy as a result.  In a struggle to survive she slowly finds herself becoming more and more corrupted until she full on falls to Chaos.

The story could be anything from being forced to fight for Chaos as a soldier (on threat of death/torture/worse), trying to survive in an occupied city, trying to escape captivity, or most anything else that fits.  The long term goal would be a corruption angle, so Only War leading into Black Crusade type content. 

Hostage (Star Wars)
Setting: Star Wars
System: Force & Destiny

In Star Wars The Old Republic there is a Republic mission on Alderaan (Paladins) that (potentially) involves your character exchanging themself as a hostage for several hundred civilians.  The text then states that they are drugged (in contradiction to the cutscene) and it jumps to your rescue.  Being a pervert with a one track mind I suppose, my mind jumped to all the fun possibilities that the story glossed over.

I am interested in playing a Jedi Knight, either newly knighted or maybe a bit more experienced, who does the above (or a similar) exchange.  I could see the story going one of two ways, though am certainly open to others.

A Sith shows up and decides to have some fun with the captive.  In the short term it could include any number of things up to and including some torture, in the long term probably a corruption and fall to the dark side angle.

The Knight is abused by the guards/soldiers/whomever while acting as a hostage.  She eventually escapes or is rescued, but maybe realizes she got off on the situation more than she wants to admit.  This would also be a corruption angle as she puts herself into dangerous situations and allows herself to be captured, but in this case it is to achieve a goal. 

Other System Cravings
These cravings are for specific systems, but lack specific ideas.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound
Mutant Year Zero
Mutants and Masterminds 3E
Call of Cthulhu 7E
Shadowrun 4A or 5
The One Ring
Buffy RPG
Pathfinder 1E