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Started by Greenthorn, March 24, 2009, 04:02:14 PM

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On January 24, 2009, at 11pm, Thorn walked out of the house without even a glance back.  She would miss Sam the most... the one man who she thought she could always rely on…

The disappointment was overwhelming and Thorn knew that this fire would burn inside of her soul for a very long time.  It will consume her.  It will drive her.

On January 27, Thorn reached her destination: Williamstown, NJ.

I would like to continue Thorn’s story in branches.  For anyone who has read the Lair, you already know this character.  For those who have not, I’ve included links to the stories at the bottom.  I will warn you, even though I personally do not find the stories to be squicky, there are a few scenes that might squick –you-.  Read at your own risk!!

Those sentences in the beginning of this post are what would start the branching.  Perhaps one story would be her being arrested and interrogated.  Perhaps she finally finds love (god help her new lover).  Perhaps someone wants to ‘save’ her (god help their sanity).  There are many angles available for the story to continue.

This post is mainly for those who have already stated their desire to write with this character, but if you take the time to read the prior stories and would like to write with me, I’d be happy to oblige!  The one thing I will make everyone aware of is that Thorn is not exactly a sexual person…at least not in the ‘normal’ way.  There will be no drawn out mushy, gushy sex scenes full of I love you’s and roses for this character!

Must haves:

1)   I tend to post consistently to my Thorn stories, usually within four hours of seeing that I owe a post.  Occasionally I may take up to two days.  I can usually gauge how long my reply posts will take and if it’s going to be more than a day, I will let you know.  I would like to have the same in my partners.

2)   At least one solid paragraph per post.  I say one because some scenes are very hard to elaborate on and it’s best to just keep them straightforward without all of the flowery language.  I try to match post length with my partners, but getting more than three paragraphs from me depends solely on my muse. 

3)   Grammar and Spelling.  I’m not too picky on this, but I do expect basic knowledge of both.  I have written with someone who is prone to spelling and grammar errors for a year now (he is not a native English speaker) and I have not killed him…so I sincerely do mean that I can handle some errors.  I also make errors…expect them!  Now, if the grammar and spelling is are horrendous, I will have to end the game…there’s only so much I can handle *cringes*  (see, I make grammar mistakes!)

4)   Please read or refresh your knowledge of the Lair.  This is very important only because there are reasons Thorn does what she does!!  To understand the character, you’ll need to read!

5)   I am going to be selective but if your idea is so damn good that I squeal like a fan girl…you’re in like Flynn!!

One last note, I do plan on writing a few of these branches at the same time.

The links!

[EX]Shadow and Thorn's Lair~The House
[EX] The Lair~A New Beginning


I am interested GT.  I have read some of htem but haven't read the whole thing yet.  Will do so first though.
Busy with freelance writing work.  Replies slow.  Feel free to prod me. 

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