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June 22, 2021, 05:34:55 am

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Author Topic: The Genderbent Detective [FxAny]  (Read 181 times)

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The Genderbent Detective [FxAny]
« on: March 09, 2021, 01:31:40 pm »
[Links are NSFW]

Let’s refrain from using the f-word to describe the main character of this story. There are certain tropes that come along with it I’d like to avoid. This is not to suggest that those elements won’t make an appearance, only that they are not the focus of the story.

Instead let’s focus on the drama and awkwardness of the late teens. The feeling of alienness and isolation inside one’s own skin. I don’t know how it was for guys. For gals, for me, it was horrible.

Add to the awkwardness and burgeoning sexuality of going unexpectedly and non-consensually from a cis-gendered young woman to a young woman with boy parts instead of girl parts. A penis instead of a vagina. A young woman with no memory of that transformation, and no clue how to change herself back. A young woman whose focus the night before was on science, on her scholarship, on her life after high school, but who now finds herself burdened with a libido that is off the charts. How does she pay attention in class? How does she hide what she is from the school Queens who would bully her into oblivion if they found out? How do boys deal with involuntary erections in the middle of class? How do they think over the urge to stick it in whatever is at hand?

On top of the usual high school drama is the mystery. What happened to her and how does she change it back?. Though that is a major arc. And who knows? By the end, maybe she doesn’t want to. Maybe she is comfortable in her own skin, comfortable enough to show her body to the world.  But those days are a long way off. For now, she has more pressing matters to sort out. How to deal with morning wood, with erections at awkward times, and how she deals with the attention those moments bring with them. How to dress so this unwanted addition to her body doesn’t draw the wrong attention. How to keep her secret from friends and family. How this alteration to her body complicates her already complicated romantic life. How she struggles with a libido that is well outside her comfort zone.

Aside from all that, this is a detective story, with an emerging superhero theme. Not only does she have her own mystery to unravel, but she also gets drawn into a web of disappearing students and of faculty who are not what they seem. The alterations to her body extend well beyond what’s between her legs, and the person who experimented on her is experimenting on others as well.

Does this story interest you? Would you like to partner with me? Here’s what I need:

A dedicated writer with an eye for structure and pacing. I am not a grammar nazi, despite my efforts to the contrary there are probably typos in this ad. But please give an eye for that sort of thing.

You will not need to do the heavy lifting in this story. The framework is largely in place, with plenty of wiggle room for creative input as it progresses. What I do need is a person willing to write from multiple perspectives; not at once necessarily, but from scene to scene. MC is primarily a lesbian, both before and after. There will definitely be female on male scenes, but that will be the exception rather than the rule. Her cum has interesting properties. Be prepared for gentle femdom.

That said, this is not a sexfest. Especially at the beginning, MC will be terrified of discovery. Much of the focus will be on keeping the secret and deciding who she can hold in confidence what has happened to her, so she can start to unravel the mystery.

There is still much untold. What is YC's contribution? How do they fit in to the greater tale? Are they the victims of some experiment gone awry as well? Or are they still finding their footing in the world? I look forward to what you bring to the table!

So, the ability to post two to three times a week. Good communication skills. A willingness to write from multiple perspectives. Commitment to a long-term story. Someone to collaborate with. Sound like you? PM me.
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