1940s Femme Fatale Cheating Roleplay

Started by DaisyOtt, March 03, 2021, 06:58:22 PM

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1940s New York. Veronica Glass is the mistress of a manufacturing tycoon, and he has promised her endless riches if she can seduce his very respected, very faithful to his wife, and very powerful business rival (YC) and steal trade secrets.

A story of a femme fatale and an upright man who cannot resist her seduction. I envision it including voyeurism, cuckolding, cheating, public sex, risky sex, phone sex. I want YC to resist MC, for there to be a constant battle for power, but ultimately he can't help but succumb to his sexual obsession.

You need to be very literate (understanding of plot, setting a location, developing a character), and able to post daily.

I want to begin with a good idea of how the story will develop and the sexual encounters we are working toward writing (for instance: sex in the restaurant bathroom while YC's wife waits for him to come back. Phone sex in YC's office while a business meeting is happening a door away etc.)

In addition to YC and MC, I will develop the rival's character and you will develop the wife's.
Ready to write again! Limited availability.



sounds a good period piece with potential.

love to collaborate