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June 17, 2021, 10:13:24 pm

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Author Topic: The King returns (Quill's M/M ideas)  (Read 152 times)

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The King returns (Quill's M/M ideas)
« on: March 02, 2021, 04:03:44 pm »
About me:
I am an experienced RPer with a wide array of interests, I had taken a break from One on Ones for a bit but am looking to potentially pick one up again. I tend to do a decent mix of story and smut, enjoying the two to be pretty interwoven depending on the setting.

What am I looking for?
I tend to prefer working with male characters but can enjoy any position or dynamic depending on the characters. I am looking for partners that like to share in the formulation of the world and as such I purposefully keep most of my pitches vague so we can get them to a place we are both happy with. I like OOC chatter but it is not required and for posts I tend to be after more quality than quantity, I don't need a post ten times larger than it should be but I also don't want to have to guess as to what happened because a post ended up at a single line. Feel free to glance at my post history to get a feel for what my expectations are. Also ask if you have any questions, I am normally fairly friendly and direct.
1.   Pirates of the Western Seas
Concept: The crew of the Green Lady are well known on the seas for their eccentric behavior more so than anything else. Though with the recent falling of an empire along an archipelago the eager captain has set sail to turn around reputation and make people see just how useful they can be with the weakening of usual protections on the various islands there are plenty of targets for the seafaring pirates.
Will they survive their adventure?
Pairing: M/M
Characters: Multiple, TBD
Idea: Basically this is just a seafaring adventure as a group of pirates try to make a name for themselves. This would involve some exploration of the islands and the taking over of enemy vessels. Aside from that there will be plenty of smut amongst the crew themselves and with the various inhabitants of the island. It is lonely at sea after all.

2.   Tournament of Manhood

Concept: The gladiators have decided that the true alpha male is the one that is the best at offering pleasure to others thus a contest was put into place to see who can inflict the most pleasure on their opponents. The one with the highest score by the end of the competition is crowned the winner. The tournament has become increasingly popular, with a wide audience coming around to see who will end up on top.

Pairing: M/M/M
Characters: Multiple, TBD (Shared DM status)
Idea: This is a story that has smut at its very core. I do have some ideas to incorporate bottoms into the fold but given that the whole point is the dominate the other participants YC will have to be dominate enough to try. I do plan on adding in some actual story as well, involving various schemes to rig the games and other political element for the greater kingdom that sponsors the game.

3.   The Growing Cult

Concept: The cult of closed eyes has begun to spread at an alarming rate. It is to the point that you cannot go anywhere without seeing their propaganda. Their priests are incredibly charming and alluring, but their growth has attracted the attention of the dominate religion of the city. With subtle campaigns and political moves, they launched the first strike. With each making moves to undermine the other how long does the city have before there is an all-out war of divine power?

Pairing: M/M
Characters: Multiple
Idea: The idea is to have a different kind of political Roleplay where the goal is religious domination and not simply political office. The pairings can vary a but the general idea is have the two main characters working against each other as they begin their sexual affair each trying to take advantage of the other’s weakness.

4. Kingmaker
Concept: The city-state of Palomena has been under the rule of King Glacia for the past twenty years, a man of noble blood and with an incredibly potent bloodline. It is said that any born into his bloodline will be gifted with increased strength, durability, and skill with magics. Because of the potency of his bloodline he has had great fear of being dethroned by a male heir.
The king has gone out of his way to dispose of all male heirs. In fact, the king’s paranoia has escalated to the point that he has begun to limit the authority of all males within the city aside from the councilors that run the various districts to avoid any competition for the crown.
While the once beloved King had been tolerated for a few years the people have begun to grow uneasy due to his erratic behavior. The tension caused several interest groups to begin financing opponents to the king through various means, encouraging a usurper to make himself known.

Pairing: M/Many
Characters: Many (I will likely act as DM)
Idea: The purpose of this roleplay is to try and carve out power in this city-state and eventually claim the King’s throne for yourself. The methods by which this is approached would be entirely up to the character. But aside from the king, the councilors will be working to undermine the character's attempts. I am looking for a male character who would like to try to claim the city as his own through any means necessary.
Ideally the character could have any position preference but is interested in males. He would have the option of enjoying any number of the other males in the city as he climbs to the top or settled down with his favorite while dealing with pollical intrigue and rivals.

5. Corruption in Bangor
Concept: Long ago there were powerful mages that kept the spreading corruption in check, but the bloodlines have thinned to nothing. Mages that were once able to conjure firestorms now can only manipulate fire already in progress. Powerful hydromancers that called massive waves on destruction now move puddles. The weakening mages have allowed Corruption to overtake the city. The new generation of mages are the only ones that can see the threat but unlike their ancestors they are not immune to the corruption.
Pairing: M/M
Characters: Main pairing with NPCS.
Idea: Our characters are part of the current generation of mages trying to figure out how to deal with the external corruption while not succumbing to it themselves. The characters will likely deal with varying degrees of madness as well as various beasts created by the corruption.

Concept: After near death the reaper decides to play a game. Various men are let loose in a greyed-out world. The goal is escape but to do that means to doom the other players.
Paring: M/M
Characters: Many
Idea: Characters are trying to reduce the lives of other players to be the last one standing and earn their escape. Lives are reduced primarily through causing pleasure in the other participant.

7. Ect... I have a couple of other ideas involving Modern college werewolf's trying to establish a pack, paranormal investigators, and a couple of smut focused one shots. If none of the above appeal to you but you want to plot with me feel free to give me a poke. I always have a thousand ideas going and love to hear others as well.