Looking for something Lite to get back into groove of RPing in general

Started by FreyaValentine, March 01, 2021, 12:52:08 PM

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Hiya, my name is Freya Valentine.

I used to roleplay a lot in my youth and though I only joined E about a year ago. My real life fell apart shortly after joining and I didn't really get involved in a lot of things around here. However, I'm in a somewhat stable situation now, so I want to actually try and get involved in E and roleplaying once again.

I promise to reply at least once maybe twice a week and I usually post about a couple of decent sized paragraphs at least depending on my interest in the subject and what I am given to work with from my partner.

I want something lite to work with currently, as I am just slowly getting back into writing and RP. That doesn't mean lite as in terms of content but, lite as in... without judgment? an understanding that I'm rusty and sometimes will struggle to do some things writing wise for some time until I have my confidence and ability back into full gear.

I don't really have anything I want to do but, if you want to know the things I am interested in... in a general sense, I do have a on and offs thread in my signature and it includes some various writings I have done previously...

There's also my cafe thread which I just posted yesterday a story thing... if you want to read that to get a feel for my current skill level.

I'm not sure what else to add currently. I hope we can get along and work together to do some lovely story writing together.


I was encouraged on the discord to provide a few things that I am craving to do. I saw how that might make things easier for some people, so here I am.

(If this goes against bumping rules I apologize and will edit it into the first post if it's problem but I hope it's not...)

Craving one: Medieval Fantasy plotlines, something similar to like a D&D adventure with a group of characters going on some adventure and getting involved in various crazed hijinks... Romance between party members and other characters would be fun... Various forms of sex and various non-human races are a plus if we go this route... might need to roleplay multiple characters though...

Craving two: Cyberpunk / Far Flung Future setting, anything in these settings interests me. I'm not sure what kind of story would appeal to me over others but, I do enjoy the idea of cybernetics and androids and all those kinds of things.

Craving three: Modern setting, Anything once again... though some sort of school setting is appealing

Craving four: Post Apoc setting, When I was here last I tried to get into a Post Apoc group RP but, it didn't really go anywhere even before I left... I recall it was based on a group of raiders and their sex slave captives and other such things... kinda want to do something similar to that as I always was upset it never got anywhere even though I was pretty interested in it

hopefully this helps match you with me... I don't really know for sure... but, thanks for reading regardless.