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October 28, 2021, 11:59:22 am

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Author Topic: [UN] Genderswap CYOA [Looking for Readers & Voters]  (Read 234 times)

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[UN] Genderswap CYOA [Looking for Readers & Voters]
« on: February 28, 2021, 03:32:40 am »
The information below is also found in the corresponding Info & Voting Thread for the CYOA, Paying for An Accident:


I'm proposing a CYOA that may differ from the rest by how the story progresses. What makes this particular CYOA different is there will be more chances the story and how it unfolds to be determined by the readers, including the questions asked after each post. There is also a random effect included (see Daily Randomness below).

Working Title: Paying for An Accident
Content Category: Unspecified
Range of Elliguiy Genres: Light to NC-Human
Genres: Slice of Life, Genderswap (M2F), Mystery, Fantasy, Realistic

If genderswap, male-to-female transformation or any similar genres make you uncomfortable, please click the back button.

An automobile accident leaves me and a woman hospitalized, with me coming out with only a few scrapes. The woman didn't fare so well and according to a man who I believe is her partner, is in a comatose state for an undetermined amount of time. He believes I was at fault, but instead of pressing charges and letting the justice system have its way with me, he proposes something else to pay for the damages, both for the vehicles and the individuals involved in the accident. He presents me with a pill that is the very same one his partner had taken to “become” the woman she is today.

He doesn't sugarcoat it. He tells me it is an X-Change Xtra Strength Pill that transforms a man into a woman for 30 days. Sexual drive and hormonal effects are normal for the gender and after 30 days, the user turns back. The only direct cause of the change becoming permanent is if the user becomes pregnant. While the Xtra Strength Pill differs slightly with the Basic (24-hour pill), its birth-control effects stay the same, but it isn't guaranteed. There is still a very small chance it will not work, so other types of birth-control must be considered as preventative measures.

Instead of paying out of my own pocket and getting this event on my record, he is willing to waive it only if I become a woman for the next 30 days. He requires nothing else, so I am free to do whatever I want, but he warns me to consider the possibility of the transformation becoming permanent. He has provided me a valid identity and a place to stay, but everything else must be provided for by myself.

Things to Consider:
  • The identity and appearance of my transformed body will stay the same, meaning anything physical or pertaining to the outside appearance cannot be changed.
  • My perspective of the transformation was not intentional and was only a result of negotiation.
  • My motivation to investigate the cause of the accident may be hindered, but will not change.
  • The setting is a town where my original identity lives, so I know where places are and can navigate around the city, but the method of travel may be determined by the readers.
  • Non-player characters may be suggested and determined by readers, and may include the submission of age, ethnicity, body type, their disposition or impression towards me and how many of them may be interacting with me at one time (within reason).
  • The environment can be affected, either locally or affecting a larger part of the city.

Anything not mentioned in this list? Feel free to discuss other things to consider by posting in this thread.

Daily Randomness:
As this CYOA will be an episodic story set for 30 days, there is a uncontrolled characteristic that occurs daily in the form of a random change. Such a change cannot affect aspects that must stay the same, like my appearance or body type, but can affect the characters around me, my mental or hormonal state, and the environment. Such an effect will be determined with a dice roll (1d100), made by a reader. Even if you are not a subscribed reader, you will have the ability to submit results for a list of 100 different random rolls.

Listed below are examples of different results of rolls.

1It rains all day
2A random person pays me a visit (reader determinant)
3Chance encounter with cause of accident (story-related)
4A power outage affects half the city
10The benefactor pays me a visit (confrontational, possibly even hostile)
11A thunderstorm brews, bringing torrents of rain, booming thunder and flashes of lightning
21It's considerably hot today as a heatwave rolls through town
31Police are in the neighborhood investigating a crime nearby
32Gusts of wind affect the town
40The benefactor pays me a visit (sad, depressed)
41The benefactor pays me a visit (neutral)
42I receive a package (reader determinant)
51Cars mysteriously do not work for me today
61I wake up incredibly horny today (can't relieve it by myself; need a partner)
71Chances to get pregnant are increased for today
72I somehow sprain my ankle (may last for multiple days, no longer than 7)
81I find myself in a different part of town (reader determinant)
91I wake up incredibly horny today (I'm able to relieve myself, but for only a short time)
92I become sick with a fever (only for today)
99The benefactor pays me a visit (generous disposition)
100Mr. Masseuse drops by, saying there is an appointment today

If you would like to submit a result for a roll, please PM the result and corresponding number. They must be approved by me and may be subject to alteration. I will include credits to those who submit a result for a roll, unless they wish to stay anonymous.

To see the updated Daily Randomness list, see information regarding characters or active changes, or to answer end-of-post questions, please click here.

To read up on the story so far, click here.