Straight Girl on a Lesbian Reality Show (CLOSED) (F/F)

Started by Subkitty, February 23, 2021, 02:24:51 AM

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Hi everyone! Check my do%u2019s and don%u2019ts at the bottom! Craving one and one point two immediately below!!!

1. Blackmail Team (all new! Experimental)

A coworker of my mother has blackmailed the family and wants me, her 19-year old daughter. I agree to it, but she has big plans... she acts as a pimptress of sorts for her middle aged friends. My job is to walk into a hotel bar and seduce one of her friends in any way I can, trying to make it look spontaneous, even though the woman paid for me and knows exactly what's going on! This is filmed and other members of the blackmail group watch it, almost impractical joker's style.

They keep watching me, all the way to the bedroom, all the while planning what crazy scenario they%u2019re going to put me through next!

1.2 Master Manipulators (variation of 1 above)

I%u2019m in my first year of college, and bullies from high school return to control my life.  I have to do everything they say, and they have long-term plans for me!  They make me seduce a middle age woman, become her long term girlfriend, cheat on her, and just be a prostitute in general! 

2. Straight Girl on a Lesbian Reality Show

I'm down on my luck, but I've been accepted into a reality show that pays big... unfortunately, it's all lesbian, and romance-heavy! All of the competitons and rewards are highly sexual, and all of the characters have big personalities and big kinks. There are even a few pornstars in the house! Can I keep my secret, and what lengths will I have to go to not to be exposed!?

3. F*** your rival%u2019s mom!

You%u2019re Amanda, 19. The meanest, hottest girl ever. You and your two friends can sleep with whoever they want, it%u2019s a well-known fact. But you just got kicked out of school... all because of a total nerd ratting on you! You%u2019re going to ruin her life... by sleeping with her mom!

While your two friends seduce and distract the nerd, you%u2019re taking on the ultimate challenge... not only bedding the divorcee... you%u2019re moving in for good! Say hello to your new mother in law!

4. I TOLD you I%u2019d get you into bed!

Last call: looking for a BBW antagonist!

I%u2019m looking to play as a straight girl in college who%u2019s getting harassed by an aggressive BBW/curvy lesbian that%u2019s infatuated with her. Maybe we%u2019ve known each other for a long time. She says she%u2019ll get me into bed someday, she always gets what she wants, and gets even more lewd (I%u2019m going to scream her name, I%u2019m going to kiss every inch of her body, I%u2019m going to worship her ass, we%u2019re going to 69, etc.).

I%u2019m shocked and grossed out. There%u2019s NO WAY.

Until it happens!

How does it happen? Maybe she blackmails me (lots of ideas, let%u2019s talk it out). Maybe I need her help in exchange for something. Maybe I go a little overboard at a party. Maybe I%u2019m dared into doing a drunken make-out in a closet with a mystery partner (love this one) and things get too super hot and heavy to back out. Maybe she switches out with another partner in a dark room, revenge-of-the-nerds-style!

The longer I can dodge her, the better it is when she finally, FINALLY has me!

Escape From Lesbian Island!

Dear Jessie, I know we haven%u2019t talked in a while but I still think of you as my best friend, and I need your help.  I went on a cruise but lost my passport- I%u2019m being held until someone can come here and sign for them to release me.  You know my parents- they%u2019d freak out if they knew.  Could you come and get me?  It%u2019ll just take a few days, I%u2019ll pay for everything.  - Tiffany

I arrive at the massive resort on the tiny island... but Tiffany is nowhere in sight!  Just a lot of very, very friendly older women...?

The resort is run by middle age women who enslave, trade, and prostitute their college-aged %u2018brides...%u2019

The last ferry back to the mainland for a week has left, though... can I get away before I%u2019m claimed!?  And where is Tiffany, if she was ever here at all?  Was this all a trap!?

In the meantime, the ladies on the island are eager to welcome me... they%u2019ll try to seduce me, negotiate with me, trick me, or even take me by force!

For all scenes:

Technical points: I write mainly in first person but you don%u2019t have to.  I play via pm at the moment.

Do%u2019s: Curvy partners, seduction, sexy clothes, smothering, sexual exhaustion, forced marriage, plot twists, multiple sex scenes as opposed to one drawn out scene, sex in beds, age differences, sexual threats

Don%u2019ts: Underage, Too much traditional BDSM, on-site sex (read: %u2018uncomfortable%u2019; on a desk, etc.), violence, threats of violence, knockouts.  No all-powerful villainesses, demons/succubi, religious themes, steampunk.  Shapeshifters now accepted to a limited degree!