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May 10, 2021, 08:01:10 pm

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Author Topic: M Looking for Creative F  (Read 578 times)

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M Looking for Creative F
« on: February 21, 2021, 02:39:48 pm »
I have not been here in awhile and want to get back into RPing.  Look at my ideas below and PM if interested:

Royal Escape (Romance and NC)
I am looking to set this as a DnD/fantasy realm.  Basically, a young Noble woman grows up in a very privileged environment, and one day there is a coup in the kingdom and her uncle comes along to ‘save’ just as her family is slaughtered.  His real intention is to enslave her as a servant and sex slave under the guise that he is hiding her.  She finds a way to eventually escape and makes her way to a monastery where she encounters an Aasimar wizard (please ask if you don’t know what an Aasimar is) who is conflicted but is willing to help her.  This part turns more romantic but is complicated because she has developed some interesting kinks from her time with her uncle and the Aasimar is a little put off by it but is willing to come around.  I am very open to what those kinks are and how this story develops. I would also like to develop the story as an eventual revenge-type adventure.  I can play both the uncle and the Aasimar as the RP progresses. I am using DnD rules to create the characters but I am very open to how the characters are formed.

PM me if you are interested in co-creating this role-play.

Dystopian romance

A snap-like event happened wherein a majority of the population suddenly vanishes leaving an ashy debris that makes living in cities toxic. Two people who knew each other before and possibly had a contentious relationship find each other in the current dystopian environment and are forced to help each other escape the city and go to survive in the wilderness.  I am open to backstory and the level of contentiousness between characters but my hope is that a romance between them eventually evolves.  I like world-building and creating tension over time.


High in a castle carved into a Mountain lives a sorcerer who can transform into a Dragon. He has plagued the mountain folk for ages in his Dragon form. A young female warrior has volunteered to infiltrate his domain with the hopes of finding a way to rid them of his evil influence. Secretly she wants to learn the magic to become like him. What’s unknown to her is the Sorcerer is only half the fun as the castle itself is seems alive and with amind of its own and contains a vast array of mysterious adventures many of sexual nature.  She will have to explore her own sexual deviant nature to unlock its secret and find the sorcerer himself.

The RP is both interacting with the castle and various characters within and the sorcerer who has his own deviant sexual nature.  I want to create a mystery-like / puzzle-like atmosphere that pushes also YC boundaries.  The themes I would like to explore are BDSM, Exhibition, and humiliation as well as just good ol’ smutty fun.  I do like co-creating so if you have your own ideas about what may happen I am very open to suggestions.

PM me if interested

D&D setting

I have been playing a lot of DnD games both as a player and DM recently and I had a few ideas about RP a few Romance adventures.  One idea involves a High Elf Wizard and Tiefling Sorceress.  The high elf's family was attacked and his father who was wizard teleports him and all of their spell books away before being slaughtered to some Ranger friends.  The Rangers agree to hide him in a secret abandoned forest tower ruin that he will have to build back into shelter to house the books and himself in hiding.  The Tiefling shows up as a way to seek shelter herself, hiding from some unknown reason (open to idea) and a romance happens between them as she eventually also vows to help get revenge for his family.  The RP would continue as they forge an alliance.  I definitely open to idea and want a co-creator although the world building elements I will heavily barrow form Dnd text.  Pm me if interested.

TAKENIncest craving:

I am really craving a sibling relationship that is kept secret from the parents with some interesting twists. The are young adults but still live at home for whatever reason (e.g. going to college, saving on rent, etc...). It is an open relationship and they both have had other people they are seeing but there is something about having sex with each they just can't stop themselves so every time they are alone someone initiates something and the other just can't refuse.  the brother is going through a breakup and  things get complicated when the sister's best friend shows interest in dating her brother.  I would like a co-creater with this and I am open to whatever ideas and kinks a person would like to explore.  PM me if interested.

TAKENRecovering Rock Star and the Personal Assistant
Rock star is trying to make a comeback tour after having to go into rehab for drug addiction.  After years of struggle he has gotten a couple of years of sobriety under his belt and is under pressure to go back on tour.  Knowing he will be triggered he tries to isolate himself on tour and is assigned a personal assistant to run errands for him and keep him out of trouble.  She is not is normal type and not really a fan of his music, but the money is good and she likes the challenge.  As they get to know each other there is something about that does intrigue her and she can’t help develop feelings for him.  I open to how this goes and really want to collaborate regarding what develops between them.

Smutty side

Brother’s Big cock

Her brother is home from college, as she is preparing for college herself during her last summer at home.  She gets a glimpse of a pic of her brother’s cock on his phone that he is sending to his new college girlfriend and is shocked at how big it is.  She has noticed his bulge before but never seen it fully erect and doesn’t quite believe it is his.  She can also hear him in the next room having phone sex with his new girlfriend.  In her own emerging horniness, she becomes fascinated with wanting to see her brother’s cock.  She decides to secretly videotape him using the nanny cam their parents got to watch the newborn baby.  She successfully records him or so she thinks and then watches the tape back.  She can’t believe what she sees and it actually makes things worse because now she seems obsessed with his cock.  Her bother begins to have suspicions as he catches her looking at his crotch multiple times.  I open to how this one goes.

Blackmailed into sex by a coworker

An anonymous coworker secretly sends a message to the female character and accuses them of some kind of embezzlement scheme or something.  The anonymous person is willing to negotiate a deal but wants her to perform some naughtiness first.  Slow build of starting out exhibitionist stuff that quickly turned more sexual and interactive.  the RP involves getting secret instructions and part of it is her trying to figure out who it is.  Also, she may secretly like it at one point as the adventures escalate toward some form of interaction.


Burglary goes wrong and the burglar finds an unexpected woman in the house he thought was empty.  She sees him and can identify him so he knocks her out and then decides to take her with him.  Now he is on the run and also decides to have fun with her.  At first, she is resistant but then she pretends to be into to find a way to escape.

The prisoner

A warlord invades a village and his men discover a young princess.  He takes her at first as a Ransom and then later decides to keep her as a trophy using her as he wishes.  She eventual attempts to help him hoping for better treatment by offering insight into her Father’s kingdom that might help him overthrow it.  Is she helping him or leading him into a trap?  I am open to how this one goes.

Demon and the Adjunct professor

A young female professor discovers an old codex with ancient spells.  She herself is having difficulty in her career as she tries to get tenure.  In drunken desperation, she attempts one of the spells, which at first has no effect.  She passes out in frustration only to be awakened by a demon in the night who rapes her.  The next day she is suddenly offered potential tenure as a colleague mysteriously dies.  Of course, she is in competition for it, and knowing the consequence of what happened does she dare cast another spell?  She does, but again nothing happens.  This time she can’t go to sleep and is up all night expecting the demon to return.  She then goes to work the next day to teach a class and is later in her office.  She is so tired she falls asleep at her desk, only to be again awakened by a demon this time he rapes her (maybe she is a little more willing?) and then offers a deal.  If she helps him by corrupting more souls and he will grant her success beyond her wildest dreams.  The RP would go from there as he now directs her to corrupt certain people with her own sexuality.  I am open to ideas.
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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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Added incest craving

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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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Added DnD setting

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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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Re: M Looking for Creative F
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