The daily life of a gladiator and their master (looking for M or F)

Started by Arishok, February 21, 2021, 06:37:40 AM

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Basic rundown of what I’m looking for: I’d like an adventure/sexual role where a noble and his newly purchased gladiator go about their daily lives. Full details can be discussed at a later point.

Setting: fantasy specifically a roman empire-esque setting that includes classic fantasy races like, elves, orcs, beast-kin, dragon-kin, centaurs and plenty others that I’m sure I’m missing.

What I’m looking for: I’d like someone who can either play a gladiator or a rich noble that has purchased a gladiator with the intent of participating in the games. I have no issue with my partner’s gender or sexuality and will change my character to match whoever you’d be playing.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sexual

Starter (or at least an idea of the world): The Empire of Livadia was a nation renown for a strict class system the most significant split is the one between humans and non-human races. While most humans lived in something resembling poverty they, at least, had some freedoms and could choose how they lived their lives non-humans, on the other hand, were not given such rights. The non-human races didn’t have any choice they were slaves some would cook and clean, typically this fell to women, others were farmhands finally there were the gladiators those who would fight to the death for the pleasure of their masters. While they were slaves at the end of the day many desired the ‘honour’ of participating in the gladiator bouts it was the only way a slave could hope to live something resembling a comfortable life, provided they could win their fights of course.

Thank you for reading! Please PM me if you’re interested!