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Started by stormsofstars, February 18, 2021, 04:20:22 PM

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And welcome to yet another request thread.
DISCLAIMER: This request thread is a work in progress that I plan to come back to as I find new inspiration.

You can call me Storm, Stormy, or any variation of my username- I'm not too terribly picky. I'm twenty-two, almost twenty-three, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I started writing with others as soon as I started exploring the internet as a child, primarily hanging around in forums and various Facebook pages for the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

It's no surprise that I grew up and joined the field of veterinary medicine. As you can imagine, I'm fairly busy with my job, which leaves me less time to write than I'd like. I still refuse to give it up, however- I absolutely adore building worlds and making characters, especially with a partner.

I'm looking for a story I can sink my teeth into. I also prefer to write in the forums, though I could be persuaded to write via email, Discord, or PM.

I can't promise daily posts and unfortunately, I'm not able to reply as much as I'd like. However, I can still respond a couple of times a week- typically on Thursdays and weekends. Post length varies as I tend to mirror what my partner writes. I don't have a minimum requirement or a maximum limit. I write until I feel like the post is complete, however long or short that may be. Typically if we're consistently writing smaller posts, I'll be able to reply more frequently. As a result, I do not expect a partner to respond daily, either. Real-life exists and I'll never begrudge you for putting it first. All I ask is an open line of communication. I will never hold it against you if you feel the need to indefinitely pause our game for any reason and chances are I'll always be ready to reopen it or start something new with you.

I'm open to most pairings and characters: m/m, f/f, m/f, trans characters, cis characters, human characters, alien characters, elven, dwarven or orcish characters...dominant characters, submissive characters, switch characters, ace characters...I am not, however, interested in writing furry/anthro characters, although mostly human characters with animal features (such as catgirls) are welcome.

Yes: breeding, a/b/o dynamics, knotting, d/s dynamics, power dynamics, begging, orgasm delay/denial, master/pet dynamics, collaring, praise kink, object insertion, size differences, large insertions, aphrodisiacs, cum inflation, oviposition, cockwarming,
Maybe:incest, non-con, watersports, light bloodplay
No: scat, vore, sexualized gore, insects, vomit, mutilation, medical play
There is no pressure to include any of my yes's and I'm always open to discussing anything on my maybe list, as well as anything not listed at all.

These are just rough concepts. I fully expect to flesh them out with a partner and as a result I'm perfectly fine changing them as needed. Some of these are more sexually charged than others- I am perfectly fine with frequent sex scenes, but I want the characters to have a goal they're working towards and a plot that keeps things moving and interesting.

Appalachian Apocalypse- Set in a post-apocalyptic Appalachia. Can be substituted for any other rural setting that may be viewed as backwards. I primarily want to explore the concept of how life would have stayed the same and changed in a rural setting- after all, take away the electricity and the internet and it takes us to the not-so-very-distant past. This is a fairly open plot and setting- are we playing characters who are acclimating to this new way of life, whether they were prepared or not? Or is this set further into the future, where only the old folks remember a world with cars and telephones and internet? Since this is so open, I also don't have a plot in mind. We can figure one out together, whether we use classic post-apocalyptic plotlines or something all new that we created together.

Alien Skies- Welcome to a world where space exploration is new. We could set it in a not-so-distant future with a couple more technological inventions, or back during the space race in an alternate world where we figured it out sooner. Either way, humans are new to the larger galactic world and to spacefaring in general. One of us plays a human, boldly going where none have gone before...that boldly crashlands on an alien planet. Are the aliens friendly? Do they take the human under their wing? Take them captive? Does this incident start a war? Is the human looked at as a science experiment or a pet? There are dozens of options with only one certainty: the human doesn't belong here.

When the West was Wild- This is another vauge setting with little plot attached, giving us freedom to create one together. Inspired by Red Dead Redemption and tales of the west, this takes place in the old west, back when it was a wild and untamed frontier. The only certainty is that the United States is expanding and this new world west of home is a lawless place. Are we ranchers facing down a band of outlaws? Are we a band of outlaws running from the law, taking what we want? Are trying to civilize the land or keep it wild?

City of Ghosts- This is an urban paranormal setting, inspired by Twilight and Supernatural and Cassandra Clare's City of Bones series. We can build the specifics of the world together. Do vampires own one city and werewolves another? Do all sorts of fantastical creatures come out when the sun goes down? Is there good money to be made from hunting ghosts and ghouls and other foul creatures? Is one of us a bounty hunter and another the supernatural creature they're hunting?

Spoils of War- The specific setting is open to discussion. Maybe this is medieval or modern or science fiction. Either way, we go back to a basic trope where two peoples are at war. And the best way to end a war and seal an alliance is through a marriage, no? Whether it's a contract equally drawn up by both parties or one party coerces another into it, the characters are now dragged into a world of political and personal drama while their people try to heal.

Breeding Program- This one is, admittedly, inspired by Fallout and the Vaults. Cut away from the rest of the world with a dwindling population, the person in charge makes a desperate bid to keep their people going: a breeding program to ensure children so they can pass down their legacy. Do our characters hate each other? Have a secret infatution? Are they ready to be parents or horrified by the concept of being tied down? What are the consequences if they fail?

Held for Ransom- This is a fairly common idea. One character kidnaps another and puts out a ransom to their family for money or information. Do our characters fall in love? Does the abducted hate the abductor? Do we get Stockholm Syndrome?

Unlikely Allies- Two characters who don't like each other are forced to work together for a common goal. What are the stakes? What motivates them to keep going?

Out of Time- One character ends up displaced in time with their only way back home destroyed, damaged, or nonfunctional. Did they go forward in time? Backwards? Who discovers them? Where does it go from here?

These are preexisting worlds that I'm comfortable writing it. I am only willing to use this as a background to create something of our own. I am not interested in playing as or against canon characters, or in following the storyline as presented in canon.
Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4, & 76
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Doctor Who

Basic Pairings, Prompts, and Tropes: