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May 28, 2018, 05:09:24 AM

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Author Topic: Male Character/Partner(s) wanted for Sci Fi story and/or BTVS story [MUL]  (Read 443 times)

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Offline LyriaTopic starter

I am wanting to play a 21st century female that was frozen in time, only to be dug up and discovered some unknown time in the future. She would be awakened and in a sci fi world completely foreign to her, a very “fish out of water” story. It can go to the extent where the “aliens” are humanoid, but different, possibly even having to teach her the language. Or it can be softer, where they speak English, and look human. 

I envision she would be captive and a prisoner in her cell in a lab, an expensive scientific experiment. Eventually a romance develops between her and one of her captors.

I am very flexible as to the details of the story, I welcome your ideas as I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.

Mostly I just want to play a spirited young woman who initially is treated like a subhuman. Her struggle would be physical and emotional, as she tried to convince her captors of her rights as an individual and to let her free. It is important to me that a bond develops between her and one of her captors, and he fights to free her, or they escape together. But there is no rush for that.

I prefer the bond develop with a male character, but it can be written by male or female. I also would prefer posts that are on average several paragraphs in length. There are times when shorter posts are appropriate, but I find my style tends towards longer prose. My partner would be primarily responsible for setting the scenes, but I am far from a passive partner.


I also would like to do something in the Buffy/Angel genre. I would like to play a new Slayer. I am thinking of a forbidden romance between the older watcher (30-40?) and the slayer (16-18), the attraction developing as he trains her and worries about her safety. I would like to roleplay the struggles of her role emotionally and physically, compounded with the confusing feelings she has for her watcher.  Alternatively, the romance could be with someone other than the watcher. I will consider cannon characters if they are convincing.

I look forward to hearing from you! As I saw in another Lady's post (sorry, I can not remember who) "These are not first come first served". I will write with whoever I feel I am most compatible with, and who is enthused and has passion for the story.

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Offline Doomsday

Your first scenario is interesting, and I've already thought of a name for it (Cryo-genesis). I'd rather do it with humans; I'm already doing an alien scenario, and it's mentally exhausting to think of different kinds of aliens to throw into the plot. The shocking time change would work just as well, I think.

Offline Cedrick

Your first idea sounds very interesting and something like Buck Rodgers  :D

I would be glad to give it a shot with you. What I am envisioning is a future after the Earth has changed dramatically so you are from a mythical age. "She can't be real! All that is myth, stories made up by primitive man!"

In this future world, babies come from test tubes so they can be genetically perfect. Only the best DMA please. This means women do not need to develop as much so your character would instantly stand out with curves.

Not to mention you would be the more experienced in certain areas no longer done. A particular fascination for a young historical researcher involved in evaluating how a myth can be real.

If this brief back ground sounds good to you, let me know. We can develop it further.

Offline LyriaTopic starter

Both are taken. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest!