Two friends backpacking around the world, fun times ensues

Started by yobo, February 01, 2021, 01:25:01 PM

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The thing I miss the most right now is being able to travel, so of course I am going to pitch a roleplay-idea based around traveling. The basic idea is that two female friends are backpacking around the world. I am not set on a specific destination, maybe they are doing Europe? Maybe they are doing Asia? Maybe they are doing a trip around the whole world? So nothing set in stone here. As for how they are financing this trip? I am thinking they worked their asses off to save up money and they could be planning to look for short-time work as they travel as well. Especially for a longer trip this could be fun to include in the story. As for the relationship between them. They are best friends and they would enjoy friendly banter, not to mention getting their friend into some fun trouble. This could be through dares or silly bets, or maybe you have another idea for how to get a friend in some fun trouble. 

Even though the focus of the story will be their friendship and their travels, they will meet a lot of people along the way. I want us to divide these characters between ourselves, and write out scenes where our main characters interact with these characters both on their own and together with their best friend. So you have to be able to come up with and write for a vast array of short-time characters of different genders for this one.

That is the main thing I am looking for in  a partner here, being able to write lots of different characters. As well as work together to create a dynamic between the two main characters that screams best friends. Other than that just be friendly and up for some serious plotting and I am certain we will get along like a house on fire.

Now, you might crave some more details about the idea, but I prefer fleshing things out together with a partner. I believe we will both enjoy writing a story in a world that we have created together more than a world and story I have created on my own.  So I welcome questions, suggestions, crazy ideas and whatever else you can throw my way (just leave my kitchen sink alone, please) and let’s get this plotting party started.