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May 23, 2022, 09:55:02 pm

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Author Topic: ∴ Quack's Spectacular Search ∴ (M lf F)  (Read 224 times)

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∴ Quack's Spectacular Search ∴ (M lf F)
« on: January 31, 2021, 03:36:10 pm »
Hi there. My name’s QuackKing (though you can shorten that however you prefer) and this is my request thread! You may have seen me around on some other sites by various names. I’m currently open to both long and short term roleplays.

I hope you find something you like.

about me

I’m a dude living on the US East Coast. Currently 22 and in college. I’ve been roleplaying for around the past decade. My schedule can get busy but I try to make room for writing and RP when possible.

my writing

I generally try to write a decent amount. Multiple paragraphs at the least, provided I have enough material to work with. I will try to match my partner as much as possible.

I will write with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, to the best of my abilities.

I will always write in 3rd person.

You can expect replies at least once/twice a week (if not faster). Obviously, I will let you know if something comes up on my end.

I can provide a sample of my writing upon request.

what i look for

⍫ Someone enthusiastic about what we're writing.

⍫ Someone who is transparent and communicative about their ideas and desires.

⍫ Someone who makes an effort with proofreading and grammar.

my limits

∅ I won't break site rules

∅ I won't write characters that are abusive assholes (though I'm perfectly fine with you writing those kinds of characters)

∅ I won't write: vore, scat, large age gaps, transformations

roleplay information

my characters

I’m a guy, so I will generally play males as my main character within paired role plays, but I can write for both genders when it comes to background characters.

I can write a wide range of personalities for my characters, depending on the specifics of the pairing/plot/rp, though I will generally try to make characters that are fleshed out and realistic rather than ones solely defined by one character trait or sexual position.

genres and themes i enjoy

I particularly enjoy settings of either fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, or history. I would say that I trend towards genre fiction overall, or any plot/setting that puts a twist on life as we know it.

Within genres, though, I very much like themes of romance and relationships, particularly how two different (and perhaps at odds with each other) characters get to know one another and the ‘slow burn’ type of romantic tension that builds as a result.

I have no strict limits or ratios with regards to smut. I’m fine with roleplays more focused on stories, and I’m fine with roleplays more focused on smut.

(check my o/o thread for a bit more detail and a link my f-list)

vanilla stuff ◈ opposites attracted ◈ consensual sex ◈ hugging ◈ kissing ◈ cuddling ◈ anal ◈ oral ◈ general romance ◈  bondage ◈ power bottoms ◈ sensory deprivation ◈ face sitting ◈ sweat ◈ piercings ◈ tattoos ◈ glasses ◈ dresses ◈ long socks

roleplay ideas and pairings

possible pairings

assassin x target ⎎ cleric x warrior ⎎ human x orc ⎎ bodyguard x employer ⎎ ninja x ninja ⎎ human x vampire ⎎ paladin x witch ⎎ human x alien ⎎ human x android ⎎ knight x noble ⎎ cleric x demon ⎎ human x non-human ⎎ mecha pilot x mecha pilot ⎎ office worker x tough girl

settings and themes

cyberpunk ⏥ fantasy ⏥ historical/fantasy China or Japan ⏥ post-apocalypse ⏥ futuristic ⏥ space scifi ⏥ modern/modern fantasy ⏥ horror ⏥ action ⏥ crime ⏥ romance ⏥ adventure


fallout ⎰ deus ex ⎰ vampire the masquerade ⎰ mistborn ⎰ dark souls ⎰ dune ⎰ danganronpa ⎰ forgotten realms ⎰ kaiji ⎰ black lagoon ⎰ darkest dungeon ⎰ pokemon ⎰ ace attorney ⎰ battle royale (the book)

Mainly interested in these for the setting/world. I generally don’t play canon, but I have recently been interested in gender-bent canon pairings/characters.

plot outlines/prompts/ideas/etc.
this is by no means an exhaustive list, more to give some examples of the plots/themes i'd be interested in.

two individuals meet through an online chat room, though the pretenses for their correspondence is far from typical. what was originally meant to be a small job of corporate espionage turns messier than anticipated when they both find themselves targeted by forces far out of their league. (something futuristic and cyberpunk. the original plan for this is that one of the characters is a pencil pusher while the other is more of a criminal.)

traveling the countryside, A is assailed by brigands, who discover that A is the holder of a blood curse, which gives A near limitless control of their physical properties (a fact that was unknown to them at the time). a local lich, B, notices the rumour among the locals and brings A under their tutelage, introducing them to the strange underworld court of those similarly afflicted. (something fantasy. would prefer the lich to be female, since it always seems to be the ladies that enjoy the affection of strange otherworldly beings and i’d want to break that mold.)

in a fantasy wasteland, ravaged by war and catastrophe, a cleric joins a small group of adventurers as they search for treasure while trying to survive the perils that plague the land. although their union is one of necessity, due to the cleric’s ability to heal, there is a rather vocal opposition to the new member of the group. (something fantasy yet kinda grimdark. open to anything in terms of plot when it comes to this, though i would prefer playing the cleric.)

in an underground gambling parlor, there's a player that's been winning a bit too much recently. it could be cheating, it could be luck, though to the higher ups the specifics don't matter too much. they send someone to check out the issue and put a stop to it and get the money back, could be a thug, a rep player, or even a hitman. (something maybe more modern or cyberpunk. would be open to suggestions and i’m fine playing either role)

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM. Please don’t post any replies to this thread though. I’m open to most ideas, so don’t be shy when it comes to suggestions! If there’s a story you’d want to write that you think fits with my preferred settings/genres, I’ll probably be interested.

Best wishes,

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