Fairy Tales and Fantasies~ (MxM, MxF)

Started by MaryRose, January 30, 2021, 01:32:56 AM

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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my request thread. I truly hope that we'll be able to have some fun and RP romantic, erotic, and interesting stories together. To start, a few things you should know about me and my RP style:

- I prefer lengthier, detailed writing. I don't necessarily need a novel, but I do expect details and effort in your writing. I will always give as much as I can and give you something to work with, and I simply expect the same back. You can find a sample of my writing at the very bottom of the thread.

- While I do have plots available and that I am craving, I am definitely open to hearing your suggestions on the setting and any ideas you may have to make the story even more appealing and fun. Also, if you have a storyline in mind that you think I'd enjoy I'd be more than happy to hear it. I really do love hearing new ideas and seeing all the creative storylines people can come up with.

- If I play a MxM scenario I do prefer to play bottom. It's simply my preference and I'd like to stick with it.

- I do enjoy OOC chat, however if you don't enjoy it then no problem. It's not really a deal breaker for me if my partner simply wants to RP and nothing more. Just let me know that ahead of time so I know not to bother you with this or that.

- Sometimes I prefer my RPs to be more story heavy, sometimes I prefer them to be more sex heavy, and sometimes I want a good mix of both. You'll see in my plot ideas below which ones lean which way. Please take a look at Ons and Offs though. All forms of sex in these plots need to include some mix of what is my O&Os.

- I love using images in my RPs. I also prefer if the faceclaim is anime or art in general. I don't normally use real faces as face claim and it's easier for me to imagine our characters as anime-esque or artistic in nature.

- I will only RP on threads here (Elliquiy). No DM RPs and no discord RPs.

- I work. A lot. More than I like even. Because of this I may only be able to reply about twice a week, though if I find free time I always try to reply then.

With that, on to my story plots!

Red Moon (preferably multi-character but I am also willing for one-on-one)/(MxM or MxF):
The setting is a world in which fairy tale characters exist together. It's their world, and much like ours, they have vices, pleasures, and all manner of entertainment. MC (who would be my main character if we decided to do multi-character) is Red Riding Hood. While they are mostly amicable, they do have a dark side. Every now and then they hear a voice whisper in their ear, haunting them and refusing to leave. This voice in their head is the voice of a wolf they killed once upon a time. It is something MC must contend with as they navigate through this world.

Red, however, is very observant, detailed, and trustworthy. As such, they have been called on to help with a series of murders that have taken place. YC can either be the someone helping Red solve those murders, the murderer, or anyone in between. If we choose to do multi-character than our options are widened. You can choose whichever fairy tale character(s) you want to play, and I am open as well to not limiting ourselves to just typical fairy tale characters, but also gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures.

Secret Story of the Swan (MxF)/(please ask about MxM for this one though):
MC is a high school student who is just trying to survive both school and her job. The way she does this is by diving headfirst into her VR online game. It serves as her escape and is simply her favorite place to be. She is known in this world not only by her beauty (which players affectionately deemed her The Swan) but also because she is the top forger and weaponsmith in the game. She normally keeps to just idle small talk and chatter with her customers, but one in particular has garnered her attention. She spends far more time with this man than anyone else, makes him particularly good weapons for a much fairer price than normal, and is willing to build things outside of her wheelhouse for him. This man is YC. She's become infatuated with him, but what she doesn't know is that he's closer to her than she knows. YC could be another student at her school or a co-worker (or both!) but they hold some sort of relationship outside of the game. Whether it up volatile or friendly is something we can decide. YC (in-game) may want a particularly strong weapon or perhaps a weapon that is rumored to exist but no one really knows if it can actually be forged. Whatever the reason YC needs MC's weapon/armor making skills.

Latata & Dumhdurum (more sex driven than story driven with heavy BDSM elements)/(MxM or MxF):
Two very special words: Dumhdurum is the safe word and carries all of the weight that is required of something so important. Latata is the word that starts it all. MC is trained to get their knees and become the sub that they are when they hear that word. YC controls Latata (with occasional control to MC when they are particularly needy) while MC has more control over Dumhdurum than YC (though he can call it when necessary of course). There is a good balance between our characters and when they meet after their long work days, sparks fly and the game is on.

5 Star (more sex driven than story driven with heavy BDSM elements)(MxM or MxF):
This one is much like Latata and Dumhdurum. The difference is our characters will have a relationship outside of sex and it will be game related. Whether they play competitive online games, are professional gamblers, or own a board game empire together, their lives revolve around games. This is true in the bedroom too. YC (the dom) incorporates normal games into sex games. Whether it be that every wrong chess move makes the ropes tighter, or if MC loses then they must suffer a punishment... It's up to you. This one requires a lot of creativity on your end, but I am happy to discuss and come up with ideas for the the normal games and how they can be drawn into the bedroom games.

That's all for now! I will update as I get more inspiration for more ideas. Please don't hesitate to DM me if you have an interest in any of these stories or if you think we might be compatible and have a story idea you wish to share. Thanks!

Writing Sample:

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The day had began and ended as it always did. Angelica (know as Angel to her close comrades) had woken with her eyes set on their next course. Rumor said that there was a particularly effective engine that was perfect for increasing the speed and overall quality of an airship in the town of Terrapin. Naturally she couldn't resist enhancing the airship she and her brother owned so it could perform at it's fullest. How else were they to become to best sky pirates this world had ever seen? She set a course for the town, checked the navigation, ensured everything was working properly in the engine room, made sure her crew knew their responsibilities, and of course double checked to make sure her laid-back brother pulled his weight as well. Between the two of them, though, they were unstoppable... Or so Angel believed. Perhaps that faith in her partnership with her brother was what led her to fall for him in the first place.

It had been difficult to admit her feelings for him. At first she was ashamed, almost to the point where she wanted to toss herself off the ship. The love she received back, however, was enough to keep her sane. Now her relationship, strange as it was, felt completely normal. Even the crew viewed it as nothing significant. Their support along with her brother's love kept her grounded and happy.

Thinking about him always brought a smile to Angel's face and perhaps some warm butterflies in her stomach. While she intended to stay close to him today other duties pulled her away. By the end of the day she had only seen her brother once or twice, but at least everything was set for them to reach Terrapin by morning. She prided herself in being reliable to her crew, guiding them and trusting in them as much as they trusted her. Sometimes that meant she had to put aside her desires for her brother in order to focus on the task at hand. While today wasn't necessarily a relaxing day for her it had certainly been a productive one. However, she was ready to retire into her room and relax in the arms of her dearest love.

Status: Open for RPs!