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May 20, 2022, 06:26:53 am

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Author Topic: An Heir Comes to Town-(Forced Feminization/Crossdressing)  (Read 275 times)

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An Heir Comes to Town-(Forced Feminization/Crossdressing)
« on: January 23, 2021, 01:20:12 pm »
I am looking for Domme type writer to play the role of the older sister (and/or any accomplice(s) she might use along the way) in the below story. Since I have a real itch lately to use a Japanese shemale as a face claim, MC will be a young Japanese male.  My character’s sister (YC) would be Japanese as well, although any accomplices YC might employ could be any ethnicity, depending on the plot of the story. 
MC’s Background:
The first son but not the first child of the Hayashi family, Eiji will be about 14 years younger than his sister. The father, a successful businessman and his wife would be married several years before the wife got pregnant. However, it wouldn’t be for a lack of trying, as the father wanted to be sure he had an heir to take over his company. Needless to say, when his wife bore him a daughter, he was disappointed. Eager to ensure he had a son to take over his business (the type is negotiable), the couple kept trying to have another child. Unfortunately, after many years of failure, it seemed as though the family’s business would eventually be passed on to his daughter, Hikaru.
With the young girl reaching puberty, the father became resigned to the fact that his business would need to go to his daughter.  He would begin bringing the girl to the office every once in a while and eventually began teaching the thirteen year-old some of the basic aspects of running a business. Occasionally, he would even bring the girl along to sales meetings.  As a result of this attention, the teenager would become quite enthusiastic about her future. Her father would realize the girl was a natural businesswoman. At fourteen-years-old, it seemed Hikaru’s future was all but guaranteed.  So, as a reward to her, the father decided to bring his daughter with him on an overseas business trip.  When they returned, Mr. Hayashi would get some unexpected, yet joyous news.  His wife was pregnant.  Nine months later a son was born. (For a little extra drama, we could consider the wife may have cheated)
Mrs. Hayashi would have a difficult pregnancy.  Eiji wouldn’t be the healthiest of children.  He would be a small and thin child, the perfect target for schoolyard bullies (This could be due to his physicality or the rumors of him being a bastard).  His father would be torn between trying to defend his son while at the same time wanting him to “act like a man.” It would a tall order for a frail young boy and make his sister sympathetic toward her young sibling. 

Upon Eiji becoming a teenager, the relationship between brother and sister would start to change.  While Mr. Hayashi had already given his daughter an education at a business school and a position in the company, what he really wanted was to groom his son to takeover.  He would begin hinting such to the boy and start to bring him around the office whenever he could.  Initially, his presence wouldn’t bother Hikaru. At least until he started referring to himself as “Number One Son.”  Since her father never said anything about changing the line of succession, the young woman chose to believe Eiji was just being a brat.  She would continue to tell herself that up until the day she overheard her father telling her mother the reason he had chosen a particular business school for their son was because it would give him the education necessary to become CEO.  Suddenly, there was the need for a sibling rivalry.
At 18, Eiji would be sent to business school.  Naturally, Hikaru would not want her brother to succeed.  Knowing Eiji possessed the intelligence to graduate high up in his class, she needed to somehow tip the scales against him.  With her father being a traditional man, Hikaru would develop a plan to shame her young rival.

At this point, I have two options for proceeding.

We could have the sister plot with someone at the University to put her feminization plan in motion or continue with his education unimpeded, have him graduate and let the plot against him begin there.  In a previous version of this story, the plot against Eiji took place on his first solo, overseas business trip.  It’s up for discussion.

As I do not allow my characters to have much in the way of Offs, YC would have free reign over the process and methods by which the younger brother is ‘taken care of.’  While I would prefer this to be a dark story, I am willing to consider making it less so.

PM if interested.