Writing partners wanted ~ Historical; Modern; Slice of Life; Magical~ (MxM)

Started by MonkeyBee, January 05, 2021, 02:46:25 PM

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Looking for a new game or two. On the hunt for creative writers with three-dimensional characters, who are willing to help drive plot and carve out realities. Detail and description is loved. So is multiculturalism.

I'm (lazily?) using MxM as catchall for all characters who consider themselves on the masculine spectrum in some way. I'm happy to play in gender-blurred or non-binary areas.

Just a few sketched ideas here with plenty of scope for your input below. If you have a plot of your own in mind you'd like to throw my way, get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

No place like home...?

He left home as soon as he was old enough to join up. Did his service. Made a life for himself away from the traditions of the landed gentry. Never thought he'd find himself back at the family estate he grew up on. But fate played an unexpected hand. Unless he steps in to take over, it will go to ruin, or to the developers who already have a keen eye on the site. But it's more than bricks and mortar. The place means a livelihood to a great many people. One of whom sets out to change his mind about getting rid of his responsibilities to it as quickly as possible.

Modern or historical (inter-War preferred). Class difference. Possible history between characters. Locking horns. Bonus points for horses being included. Open to either character. Details can be switched around.

The Greenhorn

The plan was always for MC to take over running the ranch, but that was before the accident. Now MC has the task of training up an inexperienced ranch hand/ weekend cowboy while he comes to terms with a new future. Watching another man step into shoes he won't ever be able to fill was bound to be difficult. It becomes more so as he struggles to deny the way the mysterious newcomer - clearly from another world than the one he's always lived in - interests him. MC hasn't had time for getting his nose into trouble, but he has a feeling YC has...

Cowboying about. Modern or Wild West. Disability. Backstory loved. MC could be married, or the son of the family with father gone.

Rivers of London

Inspired by the Ben Aaronovitch books. The Thames and all its tributaries have gods and goddesses (old ones, and new ones, who sometimes dispute territory). The Goblins run a Nazareth Market in Camden Lock and there's a whole world of magical beings that live in the disused tube tunnels. Magical practitioners are few and far between (the known ones, anyway) and used improperly, it can be very detrimental to your health. The police have a special department  consisting of licensed magic users to deal with anything Falcon-related (the weird and the wonderful causing disruption). I'd love to explore this version of London, with or without the threat of a good old villain. Perhaps an inexperienced magic user is tracked down before he can inadvertently fry his own brain or blow anybody else up and is taken under the wing of Operation Falcon, or perhaps he becomes entwined in the life of a minor river or other magical being. Perhaps he's muddled up with what he thought were ordinary criminals, but turn out to be a little.... different.

Modern London, urban fantasy/magical realism. Police.

Hocus Pocus

MC runs a small alternative therapies practice. Not much of a street front, its single door is sandwiched in between the local minicab office and the laundrette and the small front room is grungy enough to deter the type of crowd looking for a spa experience. A little herbalism, a little aromatherapy, some acupuncture, crystals, moxa, reiki, dream reading... you name it. He comes across as a sandlewood-soaked chancer, selling whatever cure-all he's dragged back from exotic climes. But look a little closer, and even that's an act.

Clustered in amongst the snake oil and mumbo-jumbo are little nuggets of efficacy, and MC is an efficient practitioner, knowing when to apply just enough real magic to go unnoticed, just enough to get the job done. Those in the know, know he's capable of treating more with a cup of tea and a few thin needles than either should ever be able to touch. His gift demands to be used, and as much as he strives to hide it, he wouldn't ever give up his work.

Over the years he's become the go to guy for anyone in need of medical assistance off the radar, no questions asked. He doesn't seem to mind being embroiled in petty criminality, just as long as the question of magic is left well alone...

Looking for someone who won't let the questions slide, to tangle them both up with the other magic users MC has been diligently avoiding for years; or someone to pull them both into more serious ordinary-world danger, for example with a crime gang of some kind; or perhaps a combination of both. Open to ideas!

Modern. Magical Realism. Healer type.

Ballet Boy

The tale of a driven Russian dancer, too obsessed with his dancing to live up to any bad boy expectations. He's a wound tight athlete with no time for a personal life in his strict training regime, and little inclination to come out to the media, knowing his Russian relatives would strongly disapprove. Circumstances conspire to mean he has to relinquish some of his closely guarded privacy, step outside of his strictly set routine, and maybe even fall in love with something other than dance.

Scope for mafia family subplots, just to hit that stereotype. Could involve bodyguards or police. Originally conceived as a 'fake boyfriend' plot, in which he hires a stand-in to act as his fiance to combat slander spread by a rival dancer, but can go in a completely different direction.

Slice of Life
Always loved. Most character-driven plots considered.

Looking forward to hearing from you!