A sonnet for NightBird

Started by Vekseid, March 19, 2009, 09:13:42 PM

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It's been... a long time, and I am out of practice.

It made me feel a bit better, though, so I thought I would share it.

Far too early from this Earth did you part,
Far too little did we exchange in word,
Before you left you gave the world your heart,
Let your gentle voice be forever heard.

You came to us flying on gilded wing,
You sang for us sweet on this tiny stage,
Though our ears yearned for you to again sing,
We left for you ever an open cage.

Though flown you have so very far away,
We hold aloft the light you gave to us,
That neither you nor we may lead astray,
When cross we do that veil which divides us.

Though an eternity may pass or ten,
We shall hear you sing wonders yet again.

blue rose

... that is beautiful....

~sits back in silence~
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At the touch of your hand At the sound of your voice At the moment your eyes meet mine
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Submitted to me via PM by someone
who wanted to remain Anonymous.

Inspired by NightBird (Judi):

The Shadows of Grace

A small bud of life is the human husk
Which binds our souls within its fragile frame.
How weak it becomes at its darkest dusk
When one leaves behind but their noble name.

Thoughts born to speech by the lingering lips
Of their awe resound through their hallowed hall
Memories held dear on frail fingertips
Friendships cherished before the Keeper’s call

Those who never met the Beauty bemoaned
Feel her essence in the plentiful praise
Of those who knew so well the Lady loaned
To share her heart and her wonderful ways.

She embodied the peace before the storm
An angel among us in human form.

"sEx is LikE aiR..
iTs noT reaLLy tHat imPortAnt
untiL yoU're noT geTtiNg anY.."
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it should give birth to something good and lovely
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Bravo to both authors...
Bravo to NightBird for touching so many.
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