Help Me Write Some Gay, Smutty Romance [MxM]

Started by NerdyWolf27, December 21, 2020, 09:32:59 PM

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Hello, I am new to E, but not new to roleplay. Been doing this kind of stuff for almost two decades with a long history of keeping up with it on discord or in MMOs. It has been a very long time since I have written on a forum though so I am relearning some things. However, I am eager to get going with some fun RPs.

What I am looking for

I am looking to get into some one on one stories with other RPers. I typically enjoy a good plot with a slow burning romance that builds up over time, but I am open to various possibilities. I typically play switch/vers characters, but can play a top or bottom. I enjoy it all and variety is the spice of life. I tend to enjoy modern fantasy, high fantasy, and sci-fi genres the best. I am open to human/ humanoid pairings. A few animal-like features aren’t a problem.

Any roleplaying video game background really works for me. Examples would be like:

Final Fantasy
Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls
World of Warcraft
Star Ocean
Fire Emblem

Possible concepts

Assassin and Target: A budding relationship gets complicated as an assassin learns his next target is the very man he has been seeing.

Opposite sides: In a fantasy world, two childhood friends of different races find themselves drawn to opposite sides as the threat of war looms over their kingdom. Can the pair admit their feelings for one another and find a way to bring peace before it is too late?

The Last: The death of a world is always a struggle. However, when two crew mates find that they are the last alive in their spaceship they have to learn to depend on each other and hope they will find more of their kind in a distant world.

Stranded: A government employee witnesses a UFO and in it he discovers an alien man very much like us, but different as well. He becomes determined to protect the extra terrestrial as government agents begin catching on to his whereabouts.

I’m also a comic book/superhero nerd.I love modern supernatural stories with some dark themes and I am open to suggestions.

If you have an idea, please feel free to send me a message! I am open to having a few more games!