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September 28, 2022, 01:11:14 am

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Author Topic: M Seeking: M + F couple (Interracial Threesome Gone Wrong) [NSFW Links]  (Read 811 times)

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I am seeking 1 MALE player and 1 FEMALE player for a non-traditional MMF play. The focus on this will involve interracial, adultery, cuckolding, character progression, and a few other themes listed below. WC = wife character, MC = my character, HC = husband character
  • The main premise involves a married white couple (WC and HC) who decide to spice up their love life by adding a third person (MC), who can be wife's friend or co-worker/husband's best friend/associate/random man, into the mix. At the start, the married couple is in a very loving relationship, they're a beautiful couple. And so, the wife is quite hesitant about the MMF threesome. It's a new thing for her, being shared between two men...especially when the third partner is a black stud (MC). But she wants to make her man proud. And with encouragement from her husband, she reluctantly agrees, and the couple's life changes forever.
  • Alternatively, this can be the wife's idea after the two of them decide to fulfill each other's fantasies. HC can be cool with it at first, as his wife declares her wild fantasy to be a threesome. But soon, he feels a sinking sensation in his stomach, when it turns out his wife picked a black stud to be the third member in their bedroom. It's a shock to HC. Though, he doesn't want to come off as racist or admit his insecurities to her. Besides, that whole "big black cock" thing is a stupid, silly, and stereotyping myth, right? That's what HC tells himself. And so, he goes along with it...instantly having regrets after the first encounter.
As soon as the pants drop down, things take an unexpected turn...and the "threesome" turns into a one-sided fuckfest between WC and MC while HC is left to watch on the sidelines. Maybe there's some disagreement - with HC wanting to call things off but WC wanting to go on with it, insisting it will be fun? Maybe HC insists that MC wears a condom - but either the condoms don't fit or WC says: "it's okay, he'll pull out." Perhaps WC agrees to perform oral on MC, maybe call him "Daddy," or enjoy new sex positions with him - all things she previously refused with her husband? Will WC get upset when HC is hesitant to kiss her after she's sucked a black dick? Lots of things to explore here and I welcome your ideas. The HC and WC moods/feelings about all this can also be totally up to you.

Starting from the rocky first night and going forward, WC slowly transitions into a wife who has lost her prior inhibitions, doing things she never dreamed of with her husband. And eventually, her husband grows jealous, frustrated but...undeniably aroused to see his wife in such a state. He'd also be anxious about losing control of the situation as she begins to have no shame in reveling in how much she enjoyed her first black cock experience and persevering on the details over and over again in conversation with her husband, maybe teasing him about how aroused he got from watching her with another man, making comparisons, etc. Her change in dress goes from that of a wholesome wife to becoming more of a vixen, borderline promiscuous slut in her appearance and attire, encouraged by the new man in her life. Only days after the initial "event" with her husband and MC, she begs for a repeat, more than happy to have her hubby watch. After all, she loves her husband. But she loves her new lover's big black cock just as much. How far will she go? How will the husband react? The thing I'm NOT looking for is the husband being a wimp or a complete sissy. He should be a fairly capable, fit, and attractive man. That doesn't mean he won't be brought to heel - it makes the tension, stakes, reality, and drama of it all so much sweeter.
I am very open to making adjustments to the story if you have any special cravings or other/specific ideas for the roles of the husband and wife. Let me know. I want all characters to have active roles in this. BRING A FRIEND to play the third role if you have someone in mind! Highly requesting that each player can access Discord for a little bit, even temporarily, just to plan things out with the full 3-people for a one time, 10 minute, chat meeting.

MUST INCLUDE                                     
Interracial Emphasis
Adultery and Cheating
All Characters Active
50/50 Story-Smut; Buildup
Black Cock Shock
Husband is Attractive, Strong, Capable
Kissing and Foreplay

Risk of Pregnancy
Initial Reluctance
Dirty Talking/Nicknames
Condom Play
Light Humiliation
NOT SEEKING                                     
Extreme Belittling of Husband
Hardcore MxM
Bad/Undersirable References
Poor Literacy
No Commitment
100% Inactive Husband
100% Story
100% Smut

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