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August 18, 2022, 10:00:04 pm

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Author Topic: My Mother the Villainess! (Superheroine, F/F, F/Futa)  (Read 289 times)

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My Mother the Villainess! (Superheroine, F/F, F/Futa)
« on: December 15, 2020, 07:37:52 pm »
Instagirl is an up-and-coming Superheroine with a big personality, getting a lot of attention and enjoying a lot of early-on success. She’s 19, still living at home.

She finds out, however, that her mother is none other than the mysterious Madame Valentine, a seductive criminal looking to flood the city with sex!

They inevitably argue constantly with one another, but are hesitant to actually expose one another. Madame, however, has concrete plans to bring her daughter over to her side.

Madame Valentine constantly tries to set her daughter up with her middle-aged seductress friends. This comes mainly in the form of texts sent to her daughter, DMs, etc., and especially POV videos detailing who each of them is and what they want to do to her.

Short-term, I want to do a scene where the seductress has slightly hypnotic/suggestive powers and lures Instagirl in that way, starting with the videos she sends.

Longer term, I’d like more of a gauntlet, lots of different potential ‘girlfriends,’ Instagirl shaking them off left and right!

Insta might not get tamed the first time she slips, she might manage to recover, but gradually she gets broken down and succumbs to the allure of nonstop sex, just as her mother intended.

Part 2!  MEANWHILE, as eager as Madame is to welcome her daughter to the ‘dark side,’ she has another motive. Madame is obsessed with and after her daughter’s best friend, the speed-based Superheroine Brisk. While her daughter is on ‘dates,’ Madame manages to finally get Brisk into bed...

That’s the basic idea! As much as you want to lean on the goofy, awkward interactions between mother and daughter, etc., this scene could go in a lot of different directions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Technical points: male writers for female characters welcome. I write mostly in first person, occcasionally mixing first and third. You can use any perspective you prefer. I’m writing on pms, email, and occasionally discord (currently on pause, but negotiable). No paragraph or grammar requirements.

Favorites: Curvy partners (even to extremes), Seduction (slow working), forced marriage

Do’s: Kissing, smothering, body worship, love triangles, plot twists, forced prostitution, futa, furry, sex in beds (as opposed to on the floor, on a desk), sexual threats (‘I’m going to make you orgasm so many times you...(etc)’). I also like to wrap up full-on sex scenes within a a reasonable number of back-and forths- I’d rather do ten different sex scenes with fast-paced plot development than spend two weeks on one, if that makes sense!

Don’ts: Underage, Violence (a small amount of implied fighting is ok), blood, threats of violence (‘I’ll break your...’), instant ko’s, food, sneaking in male characters, too much traditional BDSM (‘call me mistress or I’ll slap you again’), medieval, steampunk, sci-fi

Don’ts (tropes): Abandoned warehouses, a jewel thief who ‘decides to have fun,’ succubi/demonesses, heroine vs heroine (clone, turned evil, etc.), robots/mechanical traps, chlorophyll, invincibly powerful characters