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Brand new RT F looking for M

Started by bustyroleplayer, December 13, 2020, 08:18:55 AM

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Welcome people to my all new roleplaying thread. It’s been long overdue a tidy up and had my nose tapped for indecent images not being hidden behind spoilers - so apologies for any offence caused. All my other request threads that may, or may not, be accessible are now halted so please treat this as gospel. Also following the revamp of the website I needed to update anyway.

I am a genuine, deep thinking, sexually orientated girl that enjoys writing detail roleplays. I am based on the GMT but am available at most times throughout the clock and all days. Generally I enjoy scenes where I am mostly submissive, although I am versatile, I do not get much enjoyment out of being dominant.  My biggest kicks are achieved when I can place myself in the position of my character’s shoes so prefer my scenes to have some realism.

I have roleplayed for several years but they have tended to be romance and neutral scenes so my maybe list are built on things I haven’t experienced a great deal and am still unsure if they are for me.


Incest – it really does nothing for me. But would stretch to non-blood relations like step-dad etc.

Younger men – nothing personal but I find it odd.

Fantasy – monsters, furries… etc. Not for me.

Comic/superheroes – very much on the rise. And very much a turn off for me.




DP & Threesomes

Gagging/Face fucking

Hair pulling


My scenes are very tangible and am open to ideas or adjustments. I am open to what platform to play on; whether being YIM, over PM, or forum based. However I do not wish to write over Skype or email. I should also reiterate that I do not enjoy cyber, mic, or cam so please don’t ask.

Thanks for reading

The Scenes

Bang Bus

(Coercion, tanlines, bikini, recording etc.)

A teenager/early twenties female breaks up from her long term relationship. Her first love. She feels alone and in need of cheering up. Her friends take her to a lake for the partying scene in an attempt to drag her out her shell. She acts relatively conservatively at the parties but does want to explore and be spontaneous.

Sunbathing at the beach one day she goes off to get ice cream for the girls and is approach by a small group of guys; one whom is filming. She’s convinced into doing an interview in the back of their minivan. Soon enough the interview leads more and more dark. She is soon stripping in the back of the van and performing fellatio on the male act. During which the van pulls up to a secluded apartment where the scene continues. It is too late to pull out and is coaxed into fully having sex on camera. In the van and whilst the cameras or off the male act is very friendly and sweet. Inside the apartment it turns into a very rough scene.

The Holiday Surprise

(Coercion, tanlines, bikini, recording, large penis etc.)

Amy, a 18 year old high school girl from London, agrees to go on a vacation to a exclusive beach resort in the US. She is with her parents and is on strict orders to keep up appearances whilst her Father mingles with the hotel management. He has contracts with the hotel and his presence is granted by the staff with overwhelming help. It is a 2 way street and I have to watch as my Father tips heavily. They sit lie together by the hotel pool, her Father with her laptop - typical, her mother nose deep in a book - typical and Amy with headphones in soaking up the sun - typical. Her long hair is slightly matted by the pool water, her makeup minimal though she had just retouched up her pink glossy lips, and dressed in her bikini. Her white halter neck bikini top stretching under the weight of harnessing her very large breasts whilst her white bikini semi-covers her young tush. She sits up onto the edge of the sunbed, her skin covered in a slick sun oil and mousey features squinting in the sunlight. ‘How’s the book Mum?’ Her sentenced remains unanswered when one of the management team step up to the bed.

Amy steps into the elevator and smiles sweetly. ‘Yer. Mum said it was fine. I am really excited to see it.’ She listens to the typical elevator music and looks in the mirror at herself. It is clear her paleish skin has caught the sun and that the sheer wrap did little to cover her obvious curves. The lift too the top took longer than she expected but soon enough the sliding doors open and he leads the way to the room. A swipe of the key cad and they enter where they both freeze in the lobby. They are greeted with a full film crew consisting of; a director dressed in black trousers and a black turtle neck, a photographer holding an expensive looking camera, and a videographer that has several camera and microphones littered around. But it is the mature sun kissed man, wrapped in just a white towel around the waist, that is the most shocking element.

The director barks out ‘Who the fuck are you two?’ It puts Amy on edge immediately and she instantly feels out of place. From the facial expressions and body language of the crew it is clear that they are frustrated. ‘Hi it’s the manager of the hotel. We assumed you had finished?’ Amy slides away from the piercing eyes to stand near the wall of the large open plan lounge. The director relaxes and lets out a sigh. ‘I am sorry. It has been a long day and the girl is nowhere to be seen.’ His eyes divert to Amy’s briefly before speaking. ‘Right… let’s just do some stills and get packed up.’ He turns to the manager before continuing. ‘You two - well you can stay. You are over 18, right?’ His question is directed at Amy who immediately nods up and down. It is then when the director claps his hands and the semi-naked man pulls the towel from around his waist. He reveals a very large flaccid penis that hangs down almost 7 inches even in its soft state. Amy gasps audible before taking position way behind the crew whilst gawping at the man’s endowment.



The Audition

(Recording, young, experience v inexperience etc.)

Amy stood outside the large, grey, building that housed several recording studios. It was the typical 1980s modular-built cheaply made shell stuffed full of music and mixing rooms as well as several large film sets. There was no headline company that used the building, just smaller production companies that rented out the space when required. The air-conditioned breeze that washed against her bare legs felt refreshing on what was surely the hottest day of the year. Her sweaty palm clutched the business card a man had given her yesterday. He had explained that a production company was auditioning for roles in a new genre of films. Whilst the details of the genre weren’t discussed, judging by the business card, it was obvious that it is adult related.

Amy had newly turned eighteen just a week ago and on summer vacation with her friends when approached by the marketing man. Amy took the entire evening to think about the opportunity. She was not sexually charged, nor in any way experienced or adventurous. She enjoyed a vanilla relationship with her long-term, and childhood sweetheart, boyfriend. Though, she enjoyed a challenge, and felt that she has a point to prove to all the people that called her boring. An audition for a adult movie role would provide the ammunition to rebound the ‘boring nerd’ label. She decided against discussing the idea with her boyfriend though ultimately she would tell him.

She found herself waiting alone in a large reception area. Amy had hoped to impress the producers with her natural look. A pink, pleated, faux denim skirt that fell a few inches below her full round rump showed off her firm tanned legs. On top a simple white vest that clutched to her naturally large breasts whilst also offering just a hint of her deep cleavage. She was petite so her tiny waist accentuated her bust and bottom. ‘Standing’ at just five feet Amy felt she should of gone for a heel shoe but chose to have her tiny feet squeezed into white pumps that added little to her height. Her very long, full volume hair was neatly straightened and tied into a single pony tail that ran down her back. She was pretty, rather than sexy, and her simple makeup tried to enhance her natural look. Slightly dark eye makeup with glossy pink lipstick, which incidentally matched her painted nails, finished her look. For what seemed like the longest wait was over when a voice called her name from a side door. Following the sound she opens the door to the studio and steps in…

Movie Body Double

(Specially for large ass lovers)

A decent sized film production company is conducting a new movie which almost mirrors the 50 Shades of Grey theme. The demand for sexual, romantic films – that are not overly seedy – has never been at its highest and everyone wants a bite of the cherry with this particular company no exception.  They recruit the main cast and have advertised for a body double to play the role of the main female character in a love making scene. The details are sketchy as to what would be specifically required by the advert calls for ‘shapely backsides on a slim, petite body’. The advert promises high pay and the chance to be part of a potentially international film and to have full anonymity.

Amy decides to send in her photos and manages to secure herself an interview. The scene can start either during the interview process or to skip it and go on set. I see the interview fairly non-sexual except maybe to ask her to strip but that would be it; though the interview would be the chance to explain to Amy what is expected of her.

On set Amy has to conduct a love making scene with an experienced male (maybe he is an experienced adult star but has moved away from pornography and into more rewarding mainstream movies). Whilst the cameras are picking up sections of the scene where Amy’s face would be shrouded or any other distinctive features hidden, however the truth of the scene is on set where the man is putting Amy through her paces. The capturing of the scene requires the couple to imitate full sex and oral sex in plenty of positions meaning that to ensure it is life like the couple are required to have sex.  There are plenty of cuts an opportunities for Amy to recompose and adjust to her new world though is clearly out of her skin….

Naughty Bachelorette

(Adultery, cuckolding)

Emily is a 19 year old girl from a small town in her native country of England. She had moved to a larger city to be with her partner, and husband-to-be, [insert name]. Emily is a sweet, innocent girl, that had a good upbringing and comes from wealth. Her parents had invest in private education from a young age so whilst bright she suffered with a lack of street wise know-how. The natural hierarchy, that is mostly evident in private schools, has ingrained a trait that makes her susceptible to peer pressure and manipulation. If is her night before her wedding and in the true tradition, following her parents’ wishes, her hen/bachelorette party is the night before the wedding day.

She didn’t want too much fuss the day before the wedding so she is staying in, having a dinner party with friends, and playing silly games. The alcohol is following but she abstains. Her friends had hired the typical clichéd stripper and it was all taken in good spirits. They all laughed and joked at the man performing, dancing and doing his thing. It was more playful than awkward until the friends started to clap. The stripper handcuffed himself to her, wrist to wrist, in soft fluffy handcuffs though locked securely. Dominic the Dominator was pulling her to her feet. The black cocktail dress that the girls had chosen was a little too short that she had hoped for though still covered her very large push out bottom. Her tiny waist accentuated its curvature unnecessarily though the dress covered it well. Her large natural bust testing the top where the cutting V-neckline came across them. Deep cleavage was easily on show but wasn’t outrageous. Her small feet that were wedged in black high heels were a little unsteady underneath her when he took her to her feet. One of her friends came behind her to wrap a soft pink blind fold around her head to make everything dark. Before she could even react hers were pushed behind her back and interlocked into the cuffs - much to the laughter of her friends.

She began to protest when the recognisable voice from her friend, though not her best friend, whispered that they had paid extra for some private fun games with him and that it was all just good fun. She felt bad, not wanting to be a spoil sport, and actually appreciated the gesture - however it dark it might be. She nodded and there was a cheer as she was led off to her marital room. Once the door was locked, a switch was flicked where some fairly high volume music filled the room - though still not loud enough to not hear each other speak.

Emily was explained the rules by Dominic - they were delivered in a fun but domineering way. 1. She was to refer to him as Sir or Dom at all times. 2. She was to obediently play the games. 3. She would be graded on each task where high marks would be rewarded. 4.To have as much fun as possible. She was also explained that any misbehaviour lead to punishments. Emily nodded to him with a wide playful smile stretch across her face. At this stage was ready for fun and had no idea of the first task that was to go to her knees and take off his underwear with her mouth.

Spoilt Brat!

Emily was one of the more popular girls in school and that carried through to college. She came from an affluent background, which had spoilt her into a prissy, snooty, young girl though it also meant she had lots of friends that admired her. She was the sort of girl that always through the end of year parties that everyone wanted to get invited to, and as a result it drew in a lot of popularity. Joining college at 17 had been an easy transition as many of the older group new of her and lots of her classmates followed her decision in choice of college.

Emily wasn’t the type to seek attention; she demanded it. If people weren’t speaking about she would go to great lengths to change it. Whether that was bullying, spreading lies about whoever was getting more attention, send out an invitation for another party, or up keeping her darker reputation.

The reputation came about when she split with her long-term boyfriend who spread stories that she was unable to give oral sex and boring in the bedroom. He was, in fact, largely truthful. Emily was far too clean, proper, and made up to deal with the disgusting chore of giving head nor would she ever let another man take control of her – she was just too bossy. She hadn’t quite developed in her sexual chemistry and so sex was just a thing that people did – it did little for her. However she kept this secret away from others by routinely hooking up with guys at college. She fought hard to turn her reputation away from being sexually boring by allowing one of her classmates to film her sucking his cock. To Emily it was the most disgusting thing she had ever done but once the video was ‘accidentally’ spread her reputation was restored to elite status and new rumour was started that she’d be able to finish anyone to completion within a few minutes. The new rumour was just that – a rumour. In truth she’d only go down on a handle of boys and all had been cherry picked to be inexperienced and easy for her to impress – though she did start to trust her own abilities blissfully unaware that her inexperience and lack of knowhow would leave her very short of pleasuring a more experienced man. She was far from being the high class sucker that a lot of the college knew about but without the truth it made her a hit with the boys that lusted over her and envious by the girls.

The talk of her 1 minute video where she gave a guy head soon died down, thankfully for her, and everything got back to normal. This was until one of the nerdier, quiet girls shot to some level of chit-chat about staring in an adult film. There was no footage or evidence or it but the rumour went that a geek could Amy was drafted in off the street and starred in a film. She routinely denied the rumour but often got teary when interrogated about it that it had people believing the story. A college girl being in a realtime adult movie was one that the boys loved and wanted to experience. The new talk of the class got men to notice her more and were quickly drawn to her very large bust. Amy was the sort that dressed down and acted conservatively who would prefer to blend in with the background but with the spotlight on her she grew in confidence though still plenty reserved.

The fame soon made Emily quickly have an uneasy hated for her. She would spend hours at night scouring her facebook profile, looking for anything to suggest it is true. There was nothing but hearsay. Eventually after some digging Emily unearthed the person who Amy had told about her episode. Amy was sketchy with her best friend but told her she gave oral sex in a professional studio. She didn’t dare go into details but there was enough for Emily to workout. After grilling and bullying the friend to give Emily everything she knew she went back to Google and tried once more. In her renewed search she stumbled upon an address of a business that advertised for models to work in adult entertainment. It was Emily’s only hope – she’d have to contact the studio to dig for answers.

Emily sent them emails asking for information of Amy, with a photograph attached. There was nothing in response. Growing frustrated, and angry at not getting what she wanted, she decided to go to the studio to find out the facts herself.

The young, tenacious, arrogant, snobby girl made her own way to the studio. People that knew her referred to her as a Jack Russell behind her back. Tiny, but ruthlessly aggressive. A bark that is far greater than her bite. Emily was actually very small. She’d been a late developer and had just started her growth spurt that brought her up to a lowly 4ft10 and just about 100 pounds in weight. Her breasts thankfully started to bud to a modest B cup though her body was somewhat childlike. Though at 18 years old she had a body similar to that of a younger girl and her size, of lack of it, was one of the reasons why she gave oral sex over penetration. Her tight, tiny vagina wasn’t quite ready for sex which she learnt quickly after repeatedly feeling pain when having sex with her ex. Emily’s party piece, other than her striking looks and luscious hair was easily her bottom. Her slender, though short legs, going up to her splendidly rounded bottom that pushed out of her frame before diving aggressively back into her lower back. It was the perfect shape, size and curvature that Emily was proud of. She’d often wear tight clothing to show off her assets to gain the attention she craved.

It was her bum that was lusted over by the boys in college but her hair and complexion that had her adored by both sexes. The long, thick golden locks fell over her petite shoulders and almost down to that precious behind. Emily’s eyes a seductive ice blue with her teenage lips full and naturally pucker that helped her in her reputation.

Amy arrived at the address of the studio but it looked similar to a derelict building though their were CCTV cameras dotted around. She thought it was odd but still boldly knocked on the armoured door and pressed the buzzer impatiently. The door unlatched to allow her entry where Emily moved through the poorly decorated corridor and followed the bright light come from a doorway.

‘Hello?’ She called out. Her young voice squeaky, well spoken and with an UK accent where she was originally from. ‘Helllooooo’ She loudly spoke and hung on to the end of the word.

Emily’s casusal flat white pumps silently stepped over the carpeted hallway as she creeped to the door. Her specifically chosen black, almost sprayed on tight, hugged her lowerbody neatly where the material clasped over her little booty. A small white thong could just be made out above the waistband of her leggings where her tummy was bare. A pink logged crop top loosely fighting over her bra which had cutely fitted with padding to accentuate her relatively small chest. Her makeup, like most times, was heavily done with thick masacara over her lashes and subtle glitter sprinkling her face.

Emily looked like a typical slut but she was far from that. She was just a young, silly attention seeker that craved eyes and thoughts not sexual contact. She thought about knocking but instead brashly pushed the door that opened onto a recording set that had a large couch and not much else. It was empty meaning Emily had to search further where she walked up in front of the couch and once more called out.

‘For fucks sake… HELLOOO’

Interracial Curiosity

Have never played out a interracial scene but have written up a quick background to try out if I have the right partner.

It had been a very odd and eye opening vacation for Amy. Not only was it was her first holiday away without the safety net of her parents, but she was with a relatively new friend who had just joined her school, Jessica. Jessica was instantly promoted to one of the coolest girls in school for her outgoing personality, unruly attitude and fashionable sense. So for anyone looking into their relationship it could be deemed as odd with Amy being the class geek and naturally introverted. But Amy found Jessica curious, and was envious of her relaxed attitude to life. With Amy coming to that age where her body was right in the middle of its development her own attitudes on things were changing quickly; so to hear some of Jessica’s sexual encounters, as outrageous as some were, were just as much disgusting as they were electrifying.

The level of detail she spoke about, the huge amounts of pleasure she experienced, and easy going nature made Amy think more and more about whether she was happy in the relationship with her boyfriend, and indeed her life. It wasn’t only the sexual nature of Amy’s relationship, though their sex life was simple, missionary, and boring in comparison to the stories she was told, that was suddenly being questioned by herself. Amy often pushed those thoughts to the back of mind and put Jessica down as a story teller and a fantasist rather than truth. That was up until she witnessed it first hand.

It was just another typical day by the pool; Amy with her book and relaxing whilst Jessica was in-between being on her phone spending a lot of time with the local bar staff. Amy would often cringe at the flirtatious nature from the exchanges but hated thinking that Amy would be just a tag along and boring. Though something was up, Jessica had been a while going back to the two bedroom apartment, Jessica’s parents were in the one on another level, that the over cautious Amy got worried. Amy gave up waiting and headed back to the room to check on everything but as soon as she opened the door she knew everything was not alright. She heard the panting, screaming, whining through the door so as she opened it the noise just got louder and louder. Amy closed the apartment door behind her and tip toed around to peek into where the noise came from, where true to her suspicion Jessica was having sex, though not sex as she knew it. Jessica was bent over the bed whilst one of the barstaff, a black local man, was fucking her violently from behind. Amy was shocked at the intensity of the man thumping his body into Jessica’s and the wild, frantic moaning from the young girl. It was clear, even though the fucking was so aggressive, that she was enjoying every part of it.

Amy watched and watched, doing her best not to get caught, as the two connected in the bedroom. She couldn’t see the detail from her position but she saw enough to have her delicate flower ache for it’s own attention. The dull throb happening beneath her bikini bottoms distracted her from the wrongness of watching but whilst she stood looking confused, shocked, aroused and curious the scene was over. The man began thrusting harder and harder until finally one last outrageous crash into Jessica and the man orgasmed loudly. That signalled a time for Amy to leave so she did, quietly, back the way she came.

When Jessica came back to the bed there was a smirk written all over her face and subtle waddle in her walk. Jessica, never shy to hide the truth, told Amy all about what happened as if Amy didn’t see it at all. She explained that men of colour were the best lovers and that she loved the way they fucked without fear. It was the usual sexually orientated story, one that Amy would normally disbelieve, but in this instance there was no denying it was true. The curious by the end of the conversation was now burrowing the seed of thought into Amy’s mind and beginning to make her want to try change. Amy did her best to forget the scene she saw but when alone at night she couldn’t help but feeling more and more turned on. Several days later, after a day at the pool, Amy and was relaxing in the pool bar with her friend and Jessica’s parents, whilst the man who Amy had watched have sex, served drinks. There was a moment’s eye contact between Amy and the barman, with forced a smile from his lips and a knowing wink. Later that evening, once the parents had left, it was explained to Amy that he’d known that she watched.