F/F Cyberpunk, Person of Interest, Buffy, Agents of SHIELD, MCU, DCU, etc (NSFW)

Started by apocryphalbuffy, December 09, 2020, 01:59:06 PM

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(Help?  I can't find how to add the NSFW tag to this post :( )

I am looking for FxF focused roleplay in various fandoms: Buffy, Agents of SHIELD, MCU, DC, Arrowverse, or Star Wars.  Other fandoms are open as well, depending on how well I know them.

What I like - Story:

Multi-character fandom play with canon characters.:  One thing that I really enjoy is crossing characters over from other fandoms and retooling their backstories so that they fit in the world that we're using.  As long as their personalities remain intact, I'm good.

Worldbuilding:  Even though I use canon characters and verses, I love building on that and making it our own.  This is especially important in making any crossover characters fit properly.

What I like - Sex:

Fun, flirty, and consensual:  The conversation and banter that leads up to it is as important as the actual act of fucking.

Public displays of nudity and sex: I'm not looking for a casual-sex world.  These displays are culturally out of the ordinary, drawing gawkers and the like, but narratively safe for our characters (i.e. they won't get arrested or publicly shamed, unless we want to build a subplot around it).  The nudity includes, but is not limited to, having realistic battle damage on their clothes, rather than having the only surviving pieces still manage to cover what "needs" to be covered.

Lesbian incest: Buffy/Dawn, Padme/Leia, Daisy/Jiaying, Felicity/Donna/Mia, etc.  I try to incorporate it into most stories that I do.  If you like everything else here except this, I can restructure some of my ideas to not include this.

Non-monogamous romance:  Two characters might be deeply in love with each other, but it doesn't preclude either of them from fucking anybody else, or even falling in love with them as well.  The exploration of different kinds of romantic chemistry for each character is interesting to me and not something that I want "falling in love" to close off.

What I dislike:

Anything even remotely nonconsensual, including the use of drugs or mind-control to "loosen inhibitions".  Also, any BDSM and master/slave scenarios as well, even though I am fully aware that consent and safety are of paramount importance with them.  It's just not my thing in any way.  Sorry :(

The porn aesthetic.  Huge tits and asses, bleached hair, plastic bodies, weird outfits (including cheesy super-hero lycra and spandex), overly harsh lighting.  A world of ew.

Story/Sex Ratio:

70:70  This is not a typo.  I love to fully include any sex that happens directly into the story, giving it plot purpose, even if it's as simple as helping to flesh out our world.

My Ideas:

Cyberpunk:  (CRAVED)  The set-up for this has your character involved in one of two ways:  Either your character dies somehow in the present day (or earlier, if you want to do something like a Ciri type) and wakes up in a cyberpunk future, or she is an established private investigator with a murky and somewhat unknown past.   The Church of the Machine is a mysterious cult, dedicated to looking for a lost, benevolent artificial intelligence.  The Church is either responsible for your character's resurrection or has some kind of creepy tie to her unknown past.  It is also responsible for the creation of my character, your character's daughter/genetic clone.  We start with your character either waking up from the dead or receiving a mysterious file, either of which leads her to meet her unknown daughter.  Looking to set up a deeply loving, ridiculously incestuous relationship between mother and daughter, but as stated above, this is not necessary and can be retooled away.

This is honestly fairly open, when it comes to what characters can be involved.  Primarily, I made the idea for Root from Person of Interest but in can honestly fit with so many other canon characters:  Jessica Jones, Iris West, Lois Lane, Claudia Donovan, Jesse Faden, Daisy Johnson, Kate Bishop, Kitty Pryde, Felicity Smoak, Ciri, Supergirl, Starlight, Veronica Mars, Samantha Carter, Liv Moore, Faith Connors, Lara Croft (Reboot only.  I have an irrational hate for the original), and so many more.  If you have somebody that you specifically want, let me know.  If I know her, I'll figure a way to fit her in here.

This is influenced by the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but is not tied to the world (at least until I play it...).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  This is an open-world, multi-character set-up that starts off with Buffy and Dawn arriving in New York after the destruction of the Hellmouth at the end of the series.  It starts off as a slice-of-life story with the two of them trying to build new lives, with some very supernatural difficulties.  I am looking for somebody to play as Dawn, Fred, and Willow here, as this scenario has subplots for each of them.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:  This has me playing a newly activated Inhuman who is the daughter of a Senator/HYDRA bigwig.  I am looking for Daisy and/or May to recruit her onto the team with investigating her father being the primary plot focus.  It will build on the fucked-up family dynamics that were set up in season two of the show, showing Daisy that there was so much more involved in it than what she learned in that season.

Jessica Jones:  Noir detective story as Jessica Jones is approached for a job by a dame with gams that don't quit.

Pepper Potts: Pepper Potts just left Tony Stark, only to find herself drawn to a teenage girl with many of his traits... I guess she has a type?

Other Marvel/MCU characters of interest: Black Widow, Kate Bishop, or Kamala Khan.

DC Comics/Arrowverse/DCEU:  Keeping the foundational idea of my character's father being a politician/crime lord, the set-up here again involves world-building with a focus on DC's television, movie, and comic characters.  Of particular interest are Thea Queen, Felicity Smoak, Zari Tomaz, Kara Danvers, Donna Troy, or Zatanna.  I try to avoid the usual staples that everybody seems to do in DC, focusing more on their TV characters or comic book B-listers.

Star Wars: Again, this builds on my character being the daughter of a politician/crime-lord (it's an easy story hook :p ), this time from Coruscant in the Prequel era. Her life changes she discovers a cache of old Sith lightsabers and holocrons that her father was gathering for his Hutt bosses. Not knowing about her father’s criminal activities until that moment, she grabs what she can of the stash and runs away. Here, I am looking for for somebody to join me in playing multiple characters (Padme Amidala being a specific character I'm looking for my partner to play), building up a ship's crew and going out on adventures while keeping her safe from those who are hunting her.

Character Interchangeability:

All of the above ideas include characters that I am interested in playing against in some fashion.  Part of my interest in worldbuilding involves retooling any of them to fit into any of the settings/ideas above.  For example, Buffy can be an Inhuman or Sith-Hunter, Jessica Jones can be a detective in any verse, Padme Amidala a rival senator to my character's father in any verse, etc.

Other characters of interest:

Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13

Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Root from Person of Interest

Caitlyn Strucker from The Gifted

Claire Saunders from Dollhouse (Notice a pattern with these three? :heart:)

Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars

Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place

Amelia Pond from Doctor Who

Inara Sera, River, and Kaylee from Firefly

Ava Sharpe from Legends of Tomorrow

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

My Availability:

So it looks like my biggest open-times are going to be weekend mornings (United States Eastern Time).  This is a brand new schedule for me, so it's taking some getting used to.