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The Good People

Started by ShrowdedPoet, March 18, 2009, 05:22:32 PM

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When I'm deep in the darkness of depression I often find myself thinking about society and the people in it. One of these ponderances has kept me up many nights and caused me to cry many tears. Where have all the good people in the world gone? You know, those people who go out of their way to help others. Sometimes I see a dark map in my head and there are tiny lights strewn across it, slowly one by one the lights blink out and I'm left staring at darkness. I wonder if these people die or if the world just finally gets to them. . . Whatever it is, I don't see a lot of them anymore and it disturbs me.

Well, I saw one of these good people in action this weekend. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital with super high blood sugar and super low blood pressure. The man, Dr. Ned Pillow, checked on her at all hours and took good care of her. Dr. Pillow is one of these good people. I believe that he's the best thing that's ever happened to Phillips County Arkansas. I can not begin to explain the feeling I get when I see him working to help those who need him. It makes me think that maybe there are angels but they're not like the angels you see in pictures. They don't have halos and wings, nor are they Divine being sent from God. I think that angels are these good people. People like Dr. Ned Pillow that go out of their ways to help those in need. In this world of "me and mine" it's refreshing to see such caring kindness given to others.

All I can wish for is that I may carry on this gift. I want to give that kind of love to others. I know hardship and pain. I've been down that road and it's dark and lonely. I want to be a helping hand or friendly smile to ease the pain of those traveling that road. So when you see someone in need and you're in a hurry tied up in all that YOU have to do and all that YOU need to accomplish, stop and think about all that they are going through and offer something selflessly to them because the world needs more good people!
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