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April 19, 2021, 08:22:07 pm

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Author Topic: The Handyman Can [M lf F, TW- NC, Possible - Horror Supernatural]  (Read 172 times)

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So I had what was basically two ideas for the price of one, either one of these seem like they'd work. Let me know if you're interested in either of them via PM and we'll see what we can make happen.

Setting: 1950's Suburbia
Content: Light-to-Med NC

On the picture it sounds like an idealistic existence. Marriage, the House, the White Picket Fence - all of it. But in this city there's a dark secret working it's way around.

Only recently have the Police even acknowledged that he might even exist, let alone are willing to talk about him. The nature of his crimes it just seems best to put it out of sight and therefore out of mind in the hopes that he stops and goes away on his own but he's not going to.

The Rumor is that there's a man out there just nicknamed "The Handyman". So named because of his strategy of showing up in workman's coveralls in a ruse to trick housewives into their homes without a fight while their husbands are out for work. Then, once he's sure they're alone and won't be interrupted for a while, he overpowers the housewife and takes his time ravishing them for as much as he thinks he can get away with.

Then, just before her husband comes home to finally defend her virtue, he slips out and is never seen again. Rumor has it most of his victims don't come forward, or even tell their husbands let alone the police, for their own reasons as he continues finding new victims for his dark desires.

Setting: Modern Supernatural
Content: Supernatural-Exotic NC/Extreme

They say that the old Doveport Prison is haunted. Story goes that the fire that led to it's closing in the 60's killed dozens of inmates and that their ghosts refuse to let anyone on the grounds to fix it up for use. So the old Doveport Prison still stands, empty of human life and abandoned - but you often hear stories of homeless people, urban explorers, and the occasional foolhardy teenager going in and seeing Ghosts. You also often hear rumors of someone not going back out at all, but that's just a rumor - right?

The most famous of the Ghosts according to legend being the Ghost of Thomas Cooper AKA "The Handyman", the notorious serial rapist that was finally brought to justice in 1961 just a couple years before the fire. Officially convicted of raping 6 housewives while their husbands were out at work, it's a fairly common belief that Thomas Cooper's true victim count was significantly higher. Allegedly, The Handyman is said to have once bragged that his real victim count "is closer to 600 than 6, and when I get out of here I'll have 600 more", claiming that the vast majority of his victims didn't even tell their husbands because he was better than their spouses in the sack.

Legend says that the fire at Doveport Prison was set intentionally, specifically to kill the Handyman himself. Nobody knows by who, but if you're brave enough you can go down to the burned out remains of Doveport Prison and find out yourself.
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