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August 20, 2022, 12:46:24 am

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Author Topic: Mx Male Craving Fat Bottom Anthro Femboys For Various Smutty Ideas~  (Read 423 times)

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Hello and welcome! As stated I'm hoping to find someone willing to play a big booty anthro femboy for a variety of one shot smut focused ideas. However if you have an interesting scenario that's more long term I'm open to hearing your suggestions. I'm also hoping to hearing any one shot ideas you might be craving. With that being said, here's a list of a few ideas I'm currently craving.

1. At the country club: During the summer I work as a pool boy at a nearby country club that caters to the upper crust of society. However I seem to have caught the eye of a very feminine heir to some family fortune judging by his heavily suggestive comments and the fact that he always seems to wear women's swimsuits that show off his plush jiggly rear end. One summer evening, the only people at the pool are me and the rich femboy, who decides to make his move.

2. Getting off the crooked cop: Late one night as I'm making my rounds I catch a punk vandalizing a war memorial. I walk over and apprehend him, quickly realizing that he's a femboy who, judging by his skimpy shorts, has a magnificent ass. It's been awhile since I've gotten laid, so I make a deal with him, if he gets me off, then I'll pretend this never happened.

3. Work out buddies: I'm a member of a 24/7 gym, and I usually work out late at night since there's hardly anyone else around, but over the past several weeks a femboy with a mouthwateringly large ass always seems to go to the gym the same time as me, spending an hour on the treadmill and giving me ample amounts of time to admiring his jiggling rear in his clingy workout shorts. One night I finally work up the courage to make my move. I offer him a substantial sum of money to let me sniff and then fuck his massive sweaty ass in the lockers.

4. Father/son bonding: It had been a few months since I married your mom, and there had been an unspoken but very obvious mutual attraction between us. One weekend your mom goes off to a spa resort with her friends, leaving the two of us home alone. She insists that we spend that time bonding, which we wind up doing, although probably not in the way she intended.

5. In the Army: Despite yc coming from a long line of hyper masculine military men, you come out resembling your mother much more than your father. Only standing 5 feet four inches, smooth skin, a high soft voice, and of course your mother's eye catching, wobbly fat ass. Due to having been ridiculed by all the men in your family your entire life, you enroll in the Army at the age of 18 to prove them wrong. As expected, you make a terrible foot soldier, unable to jog even a mile and awful marksmanship skills. When I call you into my office, you assume it's because you're about to be discharge, but in reality I offer you a "special" assignment as my assistant, unaware of the implications of the job, you happily sign on.

6. My Pet Neko: We don't have nearly enough love for male nekos, so I thought of this idea. It's pretty simple, I go to the black market district of a large city and browse one of the "exotic pet" shops, where I pick out a girly neko with a big, soft ass.

7. Prison Bitch: A so called friend has you hiding illegal drugs for him without telling you, hiding it in a stuffed animal which he said was a gift for a friend that he wanted you to hold onto. Despite your pleas for innocence, the judge has a history of being "tough on crime" and sentences you to three years in prison with a bunch of hardened, violent criminals. As expected, your new inmate is huge, ripped, and absolutely terrifying, and he doesn't waste any time claiming the big booty femboy as his personal bitch.

8. A Reluctant Porn Star: Despite what everyone around you says, you know that you're destined to be a great actor, and as soon as you graduate high school you take your savings and rush off to Hollywood, renting an apartment and working various odd jobs to keep yourself afloat while you wait to get discovered. However, Hollywood is expensive, and you quickly run out of money. Just when you're about to lose all hope, a producer approaches you, saying you have the perfect build, and promising good paying, steady work. The only problem is that the work is porn, where you star as a big booty, cock hungry femboy slut who winds up with his tight hole double stuffed with two huge cocks. Do you swallow your pride and take the job? Or do you admit defeat and move back home?

In regards to kinks I'm pretty open, although if you really want the details you'll need to check out my f-list. With that being said some kinks that I would really like to include are ass worship, face sitting, sweat/musk, rimming, spanking, anal, cross dressing, being called daddy, foot play, deep throating, facials, incest, and creampies. If any of these ideas sound interesting or you have an idea that you would like to play out send me a message to let me know.