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Author Topic: Mint's Fandom Search [Mostly looking for M Chars, but open to Any!]  (Read 718 times)

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Welcome to Mint's Fandom Thread!
Hey everyone, welcome to my thread for fandoms! I'm a writer who enjoys detail, whether it be sensual, to the dialogue, to the setting and everything in between and over. While I tend to write larger amounts, I want to emphasize quality over quantity, which is why you will find that I am very lax with response times!

To get a few things out of the way:

- I enjoy playing both female and male characters and I'm happy to play either (or both!) depending on your preferences, so please let me know! I tend to play female characters if my partners don't have a preference, but again, happy to play either.

- I typically enjoy writing against male characters (writer gender irrelevant), but as said, I'm open to female, non-binary, intersex partners, and so on as well, it's just not my immediate preference. Discuss with me more if you had a strong preference not to play as a male character and we can figure something out!

- I strongly prefer OC x OC or Canon x Canon, almost never will I do Canon x OC.

- Just a warning, I tend to write quite a bit. There is no point in me hiding it. Writing is one of my biggest passions, while don't expect a novella, you can easily expect upwards of three paragraphs at the minimum, and likely more once I really get rolling. If you are looking for more short responses back and forth, then I'm afraid I'm not really the partner for you- I live for the details!

- I enjoy having multiple characters and plot-lines going at once. Rarely I will focus heavily just on one pairing, this is because I like to explore different characters and viewpoints in these worlds. However, I am flexible, if you'd rather stick to one pair with lots of detail- then we can make it work!

- Response times vary, recently I've had more time so I respond every few days, but you should expect weekly to be safe. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But if it's going to take longer than two weeks I will always notify you.

- I have a preference for RPing over PM's. I can be swayed to threads if you feel strongly about it otherwise though.

- When it comes to face-claims, I don't typically use them as I feel my descriptions are very detailed and often enough. I dislike using real-life images of celebrities or people, if I had to use them, I'd rely on drawn face claims. I know that's a deal-breaker to some so I'll throw it out there.

- Last thing- as an artist, I tend to draw inspiration from my RP's! So don't be surprised if I end up drawing a scene or two if I particularly enjoyed it from our plot-lines!

~On's and Interests~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Keep in mind, none of these are necessary! Just general things I like, should you be inclined to be so kind to incorporate. Feel free to pick and choose, some are not to everyone's tastes, I get that.

Hair- I think I have a bit of an obsession with hair for whatever reason. I love to describe it in detail, how it feels, looks and even smells. For my female characters I tend to make them hairless except for their heads unless my partners had other preferences, I'm happy to oblige anyways. Just know I'll probably be describing my characters hair in a bit more detail as it is something that interests me greatly. On male characters, I've been known to enjoy body hair too, on the chest, arms, legs, happy trail, it's a huge interest for me to play against. They also don't need to be hairy beasts or anything if you do decide to incorporate this- keep in mind. I really don't force these things on my partners.

Size Difference- It's generic I know, but I do like the 'top' character to be larger than the bottom character, regardless of gender, it's really just exciting for me.

Obsession - I love this concept for whatever reason. Maybe our characters are just so in love they can't get enough of each-other. Or maybe one of our characters has an unhealthy obsession with the other and it leads to some strange conflicts. For example, I often enjoy writing my characters almost constantly craving their partners body, wanting to be close. Kissing them is like heaven and having to part away to breathe is almost painful. It's those sorts of obsessive romances that really catch my interest!

Passionate Romance- I adore a good pairing that has intense chemistry.  If we do multiple plot-lines, I always enjoy one pairing to be the intense romance pair if possible. Cause it's the slow burn that is the hottest burn at the end of the day. It kind of ties in with my obsession kink I suppose.

Possessiveness/Jealousy - This is a rather new one, but it is quite attractive to me when either the male (or female character in some cases) is possessive of their partner, even if there is no real need to be- at least in a romantic or sexual sense. This can translate into love bites and intense love-making that ends with a cream-pie or cum-shot over their body to show 'claim', this one is a bit strange because I know I'm not taking it all the way but it's something to consider!

Body Worship - I like for my characters, and the characters they play against, to be interested in their partners more than just their penis/vagina. I love it when they can appreciate all facets of their bodies, and 'worship' translates into a sensual feeling or even kissing or licking with the mouth upon their bodies- that's the stuff!
Those are my big ones, I have a lot more but I'll spare the details until we get writing together!

Premature Ejaculations - Obviously not every-time, but I love it when on occasion either party isn't able to hold back and just orgasms when they don't intend to. Whether it be from foreplay teasing, touching, kissing, or just cumming at the wrong time despite trying to hold back, love this!

Other general things I enjoy:

- Mutual Pining
- Blonde/Light Colored Hair
- Oral Fixation
- Progressional Sex (Ex: not being able to fully fit inside the first few times)
- Semi-Public/Risky Sex
- Messy/Passionate Kisses
- Licking

~No’s and Limits~
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I'm usually pretty open-minded with most kinks, but for these- I ask that you don't incorporate or try and include them in any way.

- Snuff
- Violent Mutilation
- Scat
- Beastiality (this includes Pokemon x Trainer)
- Cannibalism
- Vomit
- Necrophilia
- Direct Incest

~Fandoms & General Plot Ideas~

I should mention, that all these plots here are just basic ideas that we can build off together. I'd love to build something together with my partners preferably! I'll be listing off characters, pairings, or general concepts I like as follows!

~Current Craving(s)~

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Video Game Fandoms


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Always been a fan of the Pokémon series, and I would say to this date it's probably the fandom I've RP'd in the most. So I guess you could say I'm experienced with it- but with experience comes a bit of burnout in some areas. I've basically exhausted my interest in exclusively playing canon characters in this series. So for this one in particular, I'd prefer us to make our own OC's and have them just go about this Pokémon world however we see fit!

I'm familiar with all the generations except Galar (and Hoenn to an extent). My favorites have got to be Sinnoh, Unova and Alola- but I'm happy to have the story take place in any region you feel most comfortable in!

Without further ado, some plot ideas!

Plot 1: Trainers from all over the world are selected to participate in the National Pokemon Journey event. A large broadcasted event that allows for trainers to gain 'appeal' from the general public through snapshots and updates they give via their Poke-tech (Pokemon world equivalent of a smartphone). With cameras and interviews at every major checkpoint, our characters quickly realize that this 'gameshow' is not just some little interviews- it's a national phenomenon. With the whole world watching, it's difficult when tensions rise with every trainer. Attractions, romance, lust even form between contestants. How will it affect their appeal? This plot could offer the chance at playing a good lot of characters!

Plot 2: The more classic route. With laws set in order years ago that you must now be at least 18 years old to go on a Pokemon Journey, our characters have eagerly spent their childhood and teen years in anticipation for the day they finally get to set off. Would it really be that simple though? With a 'rivalry' that seems more flirtatious than fiery- and a resurgence of an evil team in the set region, this journey isn't any cake walk.

Legend of Zelda

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

With the release of Age of Calamity (which I’m currently in the process of playing!) I’ve found my love for this series once again resurfacing to the brim. I was a huge fan of Breath of the Wild, and I’d love nothing more than to explore further into the world with the right partners! BoTW is the Zelda game I’m most familiar with, but I do know some of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, just not nearly as invested in the world as I am with BoTW.

My favorite pairing is with Link and Zelda , I’d love to explore their relationship further as I feel it has a lot of potential. We learn that Link only confided in Zelda, while otherwise being mute with everyone else, I find this concept fascinating as well as sweet. So if you’d like to play as Link against my take on BoTW Zelda, please feel free to reach out! What I’m most interested in is exploring their relationship after they are reunited once Ganon is defeated. It was kept vague if their relationship went past friendship, but in my head-canon I think it definitely did. So how would Zelda feel when Link doesn’t remember their relationship? Or maybe he does, and things are just complicated in other aspects! Love to explore this concept!

I don’t have many other specific pairings, but I’m happy to play as basically anyone! I’m also open to making OC’s and having them go about the world. Seeing how people must rebuild after the Calamity is also an interesting concept!

League of Legends

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Totally obsessed with League of Legends, not going to deny it anymore. Love the lore, love the characters and interactions. The world, the setting- everything (well, except the actual game, stresses me out too much. But I assure you, I’m very up to date!)

My favorite pairing by far is with Lux and Ezreal. Like, I’m legit a bit obsessed with them together, so if you’d like to play Ezreal against my Lux you’d be one of my favorite partners ever. I don’t think it’s far fetched to say it’s my favorite pairing in almost anything. I could literally drabble on forever about why I love them together but I’ll spare the earful unless you really are interested.

I’m open to myriads of other pairings and characters too. Some are random that I love the aesthetics and ideas of, but open to suggestions!

These include:

Sett x Soraka - Love the archetype of this big bad boss with this sweet, nurturing wanderer and their differing personalities.

Aphelios x Sona - Two mutes, but so many ways to explore deeper connections with vocal words.

Rakan x Xayah - Love their in game interactions, so naturally a fan of them in RP too!

Other characters I’m interested playing as but don’t have specific pairings (if they even need pairings):

Miss Fortune

I'd be willing to play just about anyone though! Let me know if you had preferences, I’d love to have multiple plot lines going on at once!

I’m also very interested in having the story take place in one of the AU’s as well! My favorite is the Star Guardian AU, but I also find myself privy to Battle Academia, Odyssey, Cosmic/Dark Star, Elderwood and more!


Super Smash Bros.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Love love LOVE this game, it's basically a fan-fiction that's actually real, writers and gamers everywhere probably agree with me that this is one of the best video games ever created. Subspace Emissary in Brawl was easily one of the best things I've ever seen, seeing all these characters I love intermingling, god I love it. I really would love some help coming up with plots for this one, there are literally endless possibilities for this, it's insane. I'd love it if you would tell me which characters you'd be comfortable playing, and perhaps a few you'd like to play against so at least we have something to garner the plot. I'm ambitious but even I know my limits, we cannot write an entire novella about EACH and EVERYONE of the characters in smash, as much as I would like to >.<, let's just pick a few and go with that!

Plot 1: All the Nintendo Universes are connected one way or another. For example, traveling towards the end of Hyrule will lead you into the Mushroom Kingdom. A dark presence is brewing, and people from all over the world and universe slowly band together to stop this 'corruption' that's beginning to form. Romances will be formed, heartbreak, action, drama, all of that will be mixed in the bunch to make saving the world a lot more difficult than initially planned.

Plot 2: A sort of slice of life sort of deal. All the smashers are invited to Smash Mansion, where battles take place weekly in various locations they will be sent off to. This could go so many ways, with having the princess' bonding over their new friendships and maybe discussing which smash boys they want to 'smash', or having the swordsmen form friendships or enemies if they both seem to be interested in the same girl, lots of different ways this could pan out.

Characters I could play: (And general descriptions of what I usually end up have them acting like in a story)

Zelda - I prefer her Twilight Princess Design, but I could play the LBW one if you'd prefer it! Depending on your preference her personality will be a bit different! TP Zelda I like to write her as a bit socially awkward, with a kind and loving heart. She's super intelligent and regal, and a bit quirky once you can break down her walls. She's a bit of a hopeless romantic as well. LBW Zelda I write as more peppy and upbeat, and smart in a very unique way, often not like a 'bookish' sort of way, but with common sense.

Peach - I write her in two ways usually. Either bubbly and excitable, or sweet and collected, it really depends on the other characters involved and the situations involved. She's a bit spontaneous and a sort of wild card I love writing.

Daisy - Daisy is similar to how she appears in the Mario games, she's upbeat and positive with energy. She hates losing and will do whatever it takes to come out on top. She hates bullies and people who put others down and will always stand up for those who can't. She's strong willed and independent, but she always craves a bit of attention that she won't outright admit.

Pit -  A sweet angel who always wants to please. I’d love the chance to write as Pit against someone like Ike, while not entirely naive- he’s never experienced anything like this before and I’d love to try my hand at writing him in such scenarios!

Dark Pit - Similar in appearance to Pit, but that’s about where the similarities end. I’d see him almost as a tsundere type.

Palutena - I don't know too much about Kid Icarus, but I tend to write her as a very sensual jokester. Often cracking a lot of jokes and just being an all around troll, she's a blast for me to write.

Samus - Hard-headed and stoic. She's got a temper, and by god is she a challenge to woo. You have to earn her respect in order to capture her attention at all. Once she trusts you, she's incredibly loyal and will always have your back no matter what however. It's just a challenge to get to that point.

Marth - I like to write him as overly poised in public, but able to succumb to the pressure of his status when he’s alone or with someone he trusts and can confide in.

F Wii Fit Trainer - Confident, yet at the same time not. She's put down a lot by society for her extremely pale features and different structure than most people in the world. She often thinks more people hate her than they actually do. She's very confident in her fitness abilities, but at the same time, when it comes to social situations, she's a bit of a mess.

Rosalina - Poised and regal, she's a dazzling beauty with grace that can almost intimidate. She's got a very sweet aura and is incredibly nurturing and wise. She's not without her faults however, being isolated without much human interaction has made her weary of getting too close to others, and she feels the need to hide her playful side in front of others more often than naught.

Lucina - I write her two ways, either a head-strong and wide-eyed gal who is eager to learn. Or a sort of 'tsundere' type, she has a lot of love to give but she hates to show it, especially to those she likes. I don't know too much about her actual canon personality or Fire Emblem lore though, so I just sort of make up the personality >.<

As for characters I enjoy playing against, I have a few I will list, but I’m really open to most!

Link, Ike, Cloud, Roy, Snake- just to name a few.

Tales of (Symphonia, Graces, Vesperia)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It’s difficult to find partners for this series, but if you happen to be a fan of the Tales of Series I’m sure we’ll get along well!

My absolute favorite is Symphonia, it was my first and the one I grew up with. So I guess I have fond memories of it the most. I love the cast of characters and I’m all too familiar with the world and all it’s locations. Ideally, I think a story based on the aftermath of the first game where Lloyd is going around the world collecting ex-spheres would be the most ideal place to begin. From there, a lot more could follow and it could end up being our own little take on if Symphonia got a proper sequel. I do like the pairing of Lloyd and Colette the most, but I’m open to suggestions if you had other preferences!

For Graces, I’d again, love to explore the aftermath of the events. I thought Asbel and Cheria were really cute together, and I’d love to see their romance blossom further than it did in the games. I also enjoyed Pascal and Hubert if we wanted that as a side pairing!

Vesperia was one that was interesting. Because I think I got the gist of it but not completely. I played the game entirely in Japanese to practice (audio and text), and I would not consider myself fluent in Japanese, just conversational at best. So I probably missed a lot of important things, but I got the gist of the story! Aesthetically, I like the idea of Flynn and Estelle together. But again, I’m super open with pairings in this world!

I’ve also played through a little bit of Xillia, and Berseria. I didn’t find myself as invested in them as I did with these other games, but thought I should throw it out there.

OR, ambitiously, we end up using one of these worlds and creating our own OC’s! I think the most fun thing we could do is have a whole party with their own unique move-sets and abilities for combat. As well as developing romances between them. This would allow for a lot of freedom and fun, almost like we are doing an RPG through writing! Let me know if that’s of any interest to you! Otherwise, I’m more than happy sticking to the canons!

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

So I just finished my Golden Deer run of this game and wow, I'm like obsessed. This game is fantastic and I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance and play it. Right now I'm on a Black Eagles (Crimson route) run, but honestly I think with how immersed I find myself in this world I'm ready to start looking for RPs in this world. Even though I may not have fully played Blue Lions myself, I more or less know the gist of it and I find myself drawn to most of the characters in that class ironically!

Preferably, I'd like to explore the aftermaths of the game. But I'm also happy to include tid-bits here and there if we wanted to do a bit of building up when they are still younger (obviously no actual smut when they are young of course, just healthy build up so when they are older it's better!)

I have a few preferred pairings I'd love to explore, usually I'm more interested in writing the female character in these but I'm happy to adjust if need be! These pairings are as follow:

Ingrid x Sylvain - Probably my favorite pair in the game. Absolutely love their dynamic, Sylvain finally settling on one girl, I can't imagine it being anyone else but Ingrid. Likewise, Ingrid could stand to loosen up a little bit and not have her life be so stagnant and stiff as she makes it, so I think they are perfect for each-other and would LOVE to explore this with someone!

Byleth x Dmitri - Honestly, I thought at first Claude would be the ideal choice for Byleth but after seeing that truly disappointed S rank conversation with him, I stand CORRECTED. I feel like Dmitri is so devoted towards Byleth and upon seeing how much the change without Byleth affects him honestly makes me want to explore this relationship more. I slightly lean towards playing female Byleth but I'm fine to play either if you had preferences for the other!

Hilda x Claude - I'm not sure what kind of guy Hilda could really end up with besides somewhat like Claude who wouldn't be manipulated by her antics, but still treat her as she wants to be treated. Likewise, a girl like Hilda can keep someone like Claude grounded. Though she might not show it, she clearly does care deeply about things she gets passionate about, the time skip emphasizes this more. So I'd be interested in exploring this relationship more as well!

Felix x Dorothea - Honestly, I love Dorothea paired with anyone. But I felt there was something special about this one. I don't know, I love the dynamic they have. Felix grounds her and helps her stop putting up her facade, and is perhaps one of the most genuine and blunt people out there. I think Dorothea would benefit greatly from being with someone like him, likewise, Dorothea can offer a true chance at happiness for Felix. Usually she's always trying so hard to just get married to anyone who shows her interest, but I think it would be nice for her to slow down with someone like Felix who may actually want to take the time to get to know her.

More pairings to be added as I explore the game further, but I have plenty of other characters without a specific pairing I'd be interested in playing as or against, if you fancied playing as or against one of them let's discuss!

These include:


But really, happy to play just about anyone if you had a good suggestion! Even if they aren't listed here or we decide not to focus on them- I always like to cameo as many characters as possible in the story so expect that on my part!

Animated Fandoms

Avatar The Last Airbender/Korra

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This show is just one of my favorites! I absolutely love the idea of creating characters living in a world with things like bending and spirits and such. Whether we decide to use the world of Airbender or Korra I'm sure this will be really fun to come up with plots and adventures in either world!

For Canons, my favorite pairing is Zuko and Katara. I felt like there was a missed opportunity to pair them together, and I much prefer them together than Aang and Katara personally, but to each their own. I’m a sucker for the opposites attract trope maybe a little bit too much. If you’d like to have a whirl at a Katara and Zuko story, I’m here for it! Otherwise, I’ll list some ideas for OC plots!

Plot 1: After the hundred-year war, people of each nation struggle to regain trust and alliances. Though, the fire nation is now on 'their side', some of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe people are still prejudiced against them, the same with people in the fire nation. What would happen if two people from once opposing nations fell in love though, even if they desperately did not want to, because they knew how much people would disapprove.

Plot 2: MC is new to Republic City, after all that's happened in the past years with threats like Amon, Kuvira and the rest, their family did not want them to go. But they are here, and now that they are, they’ve taken a heavy interest in pro-bending. Only problem is, they are terrible at bending, and desperately need to be trained in the right direction.

Miraculous Ladybug

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

*(Just a note- all the characters involved in any smut will be at least 18 years old, aged up.)*

I'm not ashamed to say, as a grown-ass adult, I really like this show. Or at least, I adore the protagonists, Marinette and Adrien. I like many fans, find it super annoying how they keep dodging each-other and I just NEED some clarity! I know this show is home to a few other pairings, like Alya and Nino, and stuff like that, but I'll be up front when I say I'm not particularly interested in writing a whole RP just based around characters that aren't the main two, so that's pretty much my thoughts on this. I particularly love the idea of Marinette and Chat Noir, it's cliché I know, sue me. But it's just so damn adorable so I always love writing a steamy romance passion between Marinette and Chat Noir.

Also, I exclusively watched the French version, so I'll be referring to characters by the French names unless you for some reason REALLY want them English named, I don't think it's that huge of a deal though. It bothered me how in English it was ‘Cat’ Noir, it just sounds so dopey for some reason to me.

The show has been... driving me a bit crazy as of late however. I dislike the direction they took Marinette's character into making her this creepy stalker (I mean, I’m all for the obsession stuff, but this isn’t cute anymore). This is why I prefer to age them up to late teens and adult-hood, so we have more freedom to remove some of the 'childish' tendencies they may have had from the rather questionable writing the show has taken a turn for.

These plots are pretty bare-boned, the idea I want to explore is that Adrien and Marinette start to like each other for their REAL selves. At some point, I'd like for Marinette to stop pining over Adrien and perhaps start seeing him in his true form as Chat Noir and get attraction that way- likewise with Adrien actually seeing Marinette as the kind and creative girl she is instead of falling for a fake persona of herself. With that out of the way, I have two plots right now, one light-hearted and one dealing with more intense themes, but more passionate romance scenes if you are into that sort of thing like I am.

Plot 1: Chat Noir has been visiting Marinette for several months, still hopelessly pining after Ladybug he lets his feelings out in front of Marinette. She begins to see him in a new light, and when Chat Noir begins boasting about his 'new crush' to Ladybug, she starts to get jealous. Little does she know that Chat Noir's 'new crush' is actually Marinette herself!

Plot 2: It's been years, since the defeat of Hawkmoth. Marinette had decided to stop being Ladybug, because there was no reason to anymore, as much as it pained her. Chat Noir however, was not so easy to convince. Finding out his father was the mastermind the entire time had caused him to go mad for a bit. It seemed as though he had permanently fused with the kwami at this point and become a sort of vigilante, insane in a way. Ladybug is of course heartbroken as she hears of the news over the years, but there is nothing she can do, as even when she tries to re-activate her suit it doesn't work for some reason. Adrien Agreste, much to her horror, was proclaimed dead by Chat Noir, only further increasing her heartbreak as she fell into a depression. Over the time, Marinette is now an adult, finally starting to come out of her shell a bit as she comes to terms with what happens. But one time, Chat Noir sees the bluenette beauty walking in the night, looking so beautiful and elegant. Being fused with the cat kwami was causing some urges he didn't know he had. He takes a special interest in her, as Marinette begrudgingly accepts his advances, because this is the first time anyone has gotten close enough to him, maybe she can still save him?

f I didn’t mention it before, I want to say that any of these fandoms are open to your ideas and contributions! I’d be more than happy to build something together rather than just using these plots as the focal point, after all- that’s what an RP is!

Please don’t be afraid to reach out, and check back on this thread! I’m adding in more fandoms often and maybe there will be one you are interested in writing with me!

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Re: Mint's Fandom Search [Mostly looking for M Chars, but open to Any!]
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2021, 08:05:34 pm »
Added in a whole section for Fire Emblem Three Houses as I finished my first run recently and excited to look for potential RP's around it! But of course, open to the other fandoms as well if the right plot comes along!