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September 27, 2021, 01:47:15 pm

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Author Topic: F seeking system GM, or just dark minded individuals, for nc/ex ideas  (Read 308 times)

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Offline PixelatedPixieTopic starter

I am looking primarily for system roleplays where you take the main role as GM.  If we can figure out how to split the workload of GMing I am open to discussion, but at the very least I am looking for someone to handle most of the people my character(s) interact with.  I might also be open to freeform, though to a lesser extent.

I am looking for non-consensual or extreme, with a fairly high amount of smut.

I have put a few ideas below.  I am also interested in other roleplays using the same (or some other if I own them) systems, these are just what has come to mind at the moment.  They also are in no particular order.

It is worth noting that I am generally willing to roleplay multiple characters, but only if you are as well. 

If any interest you please PM me!

Padawan (Star Wars Force and Destiny)

A Padawan who survived Order 66 has become a Bounty Hunter to survive.  She tries to only go after those who deserve it, and tries to capture alive when possible, but it has been years of slowly slipping morals.  Now, a new threat looms as her past catches up to her.

Plot: I wouldn’t mind a plot where she encounters a Sith (or similar) and I am fine modifying the setting to account for that.  Otherwise it could be Inquisitors after her, the Empire in general, or someone else. 

System:  Preferably Star Wars Force and Destiny (and related systems), but freeform might be acceptable.

Character:  A human or twi’lek probably.  She’d have Padawan Survivor from Dawn of the Rebellion.

Smut:  A corruption angle would be great.  A capture and interrogation or enslavement angle would be great.  The character having to use her body as a tool to survive would also be fun. 

The Duel (Pathfinder)

Outnumbered or otherwise in a difficult situation a woman agrees to participate in a ritual duel.  The duel is a sacred tradition enforced by some god where the loser must swear fealty to the winner. 

Plot: The woman is defeated and now must serve or face some divine punishment.  Unfortunately her new lord is a monstrous humanoid of some variety, such as the leader of a tribe of orcs.  I see this as smut heavy, and potentially in the same stream as a healslut type story.

System: Preferably Pathfinder.

Character: A low-level fighter.  She could be a princess trying to save her realm, an adventurer trying to protect a town, or something else. 

Smut: Enslavement would be a heavy focus as she is turned into the pet/mascot/toy of the tribe.  I also would like to include infiltration and similar plots, where she is forced to use her body to aid the orcs (or whatever they are).

Monster Hunter (Mutants and Masterminds 3E or Buffy RPG or World of Darkness or ...)

A woman has been chosen through some method to be a monster hunter.  Imbued with super-human abilities she is certainly more of a match for the monsters than an average human, but even she doesn’t always come out on top.

Plot: A monster of the week would be fine, or some overarching plot to connect them.

System: I would be fine with numerous systems for this, maybe even freeform.

Character: The character is super-human physically, but probably doesn’t have many if any powers beyond that.  She is still young and naive, and at least at the start of the RP probably a virgin or not far off of being one.

Smut: The doors are wide open.  Mind control through something like a vampire, size differences through something monstrous, bestiality through a werewolf, any are fine.  Enslavement could be fun for a story, pregnancy could be interesting if done right, and so on.

Druid in the City (Pathfinder)

In pursuit of some quest a young druid, a naive woman who has never before visited a village bigger than a couple of dozen people, has been forced to brave the big city. 

Plot:  A fish out of water story as people take advantage of the druid. 

System: Preferably Pathfinder.

Character:  A low-level druid.  She is probably a virgin.  She might be from a group the locals look down on. 

Smut:  I am open on this.  It could be anything from being groped by the men in a tavern to full on enslavement.

The Coup (Pathfinder or Freeform)

The Queen’s Uncle, with the help of monstrous and demonic forces, has succeeded in a coup.  The death of the Queen was never the goal however, and instead she has been cast into another body (or bound with powerful magic)

Plot: I figure the plot would focus on her either trying to reverse the coup, or just escape.  The idea I have in mind is that the Queen has been transferred to another body, such as of a maid, while her own is largely under the control of a demon or similar.  However the spell may have limited duration, or her captors may just be sadists, and so she is occasionally transported back to her own body.  Alternatively there could just be powerful mind control magic at play.

System: Preferably Pathfinder, though Freeform would work as well.

Character: A Queen, beyond that undecided.

Smut:  Degradation would probably be a heavy focus, and I’d like an emphasis on power reversal.  A focus on the fact that she is Queen, even as she is fucked by a group of Orcs on her own throne.  That sort of thing. 

Xenosociology (Pathfinder)

A woman, probably a Wizard or Bard, has decided to study the culture of some monstrous group.  She knows it will be rough, she knows it will be dangerous, but the prospect of knowledge and understanding is too much to pass up. 

Plot: It might be similar to The Duel above, otherwise I am undecided if I am honest.

System: Preferably Pathfinder.

Character: A low-level Wizard or Bard 

Smut: I am fairly open on this.

Student Leader (Freeform)

A woman is studying abroad for a semester when makes the mistake of speaking out against the local authoritarian (or quasi-authoritarian) government.  She is kidnapped in the middle of the night by a group of secret police.  There goal is not just to break her, but to turn her into a loyal servant of the state.

Plot: A heavy smut focus as the early game would be about enslavement, imprisonment, breaking, and so on.  I like the idea of going into brainwashing and secret agents though.  If the story goes long enough it could turn into something of a spy story.

System: I'd be open to any that worked, but freeform is fine as well.

Character: A student, young and outspoken.

Smut: I'd be in favour of a rougher/darker story.  Light torture (electricity, drowning, etc), humiliation, bondage, and so on.