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February 27, 2021, 03:36:05 am

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Author Topic: Leon’s Epic(tm) Idea Repository [M x F] (World-Building & Story Focus)  (Read 147 times)

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Thank you for stopping by! My last idea thread became something of a cluster-truck (beep beep!) with all them revisions, bumps and updates, which is why I am starting afresh with a brand spankin’ new idea repository.


Alright that is enough of me talking, y’all are here to look at my definitely Epictm and most certainly amazing ideas.

“But wait, Leon!” - I hear you say. “You are about to tell me your whole goddamn life story, what happened with *not* rambling on and on?” Well, too bad. Looks like your expectations were subverted.. or maybe I just tricked you!

Things that are good and things that are not good - but mostly the former

- World-building/story focus.
 Captivating stories, interesting worlds and their inhabitants is what really makes an RP special for me, and worldbuilding is one of my bigger joys. While smut is certainly quite very nice, there must be time and place for it, as it is not a main focus. It varies wildly on what is going on in the story, but the general split is 80-90% story to 20-10% smut. In other words, the world better be pretty established before any genitalia are whipped out!

- Dark Settings.
Huge fan of darker / grittier settings, with franchises like GoT, Berserk / Dark Souls / Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, the Witcher, Lovecraft, classic cyberpunk and the like being a massive influence.
Speaking of settings, various faves include:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- (low) fantasy, where magic is hidden, rare and powerful; not every Joe Schmo in the kingdom is not prancing around with a Dragonslayer Sword +5.

- science fiction, with preference for cyberpunk and “post apocalyptic” LosTech settings. (However, more “normal” sci fi is also good, looking at you (M)ass effect)

- Steampunk stuff, but as always more grounded.. despite y’know, all them airships. Haven’t really done anything truly steampunk, but I like the idea.

- Paranormal / occult, because who doesn’t *love* tentacles and going insane because a voice in your head is telling you to eat eyes? Scrumptious.

- Posting length and posting frequency
My ideal responce length is two to three paragraphs, but that can vary (to a degree) depending on what is going on. It can obviously adjust as needed. I try to post as often as I can, which is between 2 and 4 times a week, on average-ish. Or more frequent. Less than two posts / week and I start to loose interest.

- OOC expectations
I enjoy a healthy amount of OOC chat and value friendly relation to people that I write with - not that it is required. More importantly, clear communication is extremely important - barring an actual emergency I will let you know if I am for some reason unable to respond, and I expect the same back.
Same goes for ghosting; if the story is not working for you and you would like to drop it - by all means, just let me know. I frankly find it quite hurtful when you spend hours collaboratively creating something only for the other person to vanish without a word. That is important!

Things that are good and things that are not good - the bedroom edition!

Aw hell yeah!

- Romance (!!!)
- Non-human races
- anal
- dynamic .. uh, power dynamics, so characters switching between dom/sub / top/bottom to keep things interesting!
- toys
- traps / chicks with dicks
- monsters
- handholding (GASP)
- ???
- profit
- female domination (?)(super picky about this one)
- MxF
- FxF (?)(also picky)
- dry humping
- creampies
- cheesecakes
- blueberry pies
- any sort of pie that comes with icecream

Aw hell naw!

- non-con
- mutilation
- anything to do with cheating
- anything that would get you arrested or placed on a watch list. Yes, that means that Joker memes are a no-go
- rigid dom/sub dynamics
- bodily wastes

Finally, here is a more detailed kinklist.

 Brief profile of yours truly :

Me: I am currently working full time rotating 12 hour shifts - two weeks 0700-1900 and then 1900-0700, which means that my responce time is varied wildly from “I literally have nothing to do and can respond immediately for an entire day” to “I am coming home from work and crawling into bed”.
Experience wise, I used to fairly regularly play Dungeons & Dragons (and other pen-and-paper RPGs) in the past decade and roleplayed in World of Warcraft for a number of years (primarily MoonGuard) - in addition to forum based. As such, I feel that I am fairly experienced when it comes to writing, but am always looking to improve. In addition, English is not my first language, and while I have a decent vocabulary and perfect comprehension, I tend to make a "grammar oopsie" from time to time - much like most of us.

I like to roleplay over Discord, as I am quite fond of the server option. However, I am also happy to stay on E in PMs or discuss alternative options! This is not important, but I bolded it for shits and giggles!

Addendum: Fandoms
I generally don’t like to roleplay as established characters, but I can be convinced and the worlds are still great!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- Mass Effect
- Game of Thrones
- Dorohedoro
- Metal Gear
- Dark Souls / Bloodborne
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Re: Leon’s Epic(tm) Idea Repository [M x F] (World-Building & Story Focus)
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2020, 07:58:12 pm »

You’ve suffered through all of that stuff above, congratulations! Now you’ve finally reaches the food part - them plot bunnies!

1) Intrigues of the noble houses
I've recently had a craving to return to the heavily-GoT inspired worlds, most likely due to the fact that I've been re-reading aSoIaF recently, and a RP I had many a cycle ago.

The scene in question was focused on a war between two noble houses portrayed in the same Ultra-Violent HD style that Game of Thrones - and real life - showed such events to be. More specifically, it focused on the forbidden romance between two scions of those houses and their (mis)adventures set on the backdrop of the conflict.

For many generations, two great houses have been locked in a conflict whose origin is all but forgotten. The constant bickering that from time to time flares into another bloody war has been driving the Kings of the Dominion insane, and only their iron legions stop the houses from slaughtering one another.
However, the King grows old and the grasp he holds on his vassals is slipping. War once again rears it's ugly head, whether due to a misunderstanding, provocation by one of the sides or a flat out decision of "Y'know those guys? Yeah, let's go fuck 'em up!".

The House of Calvados-Castaigne commands more swords and has more wealth than many of the smaller kingdoms, and rightly so.  The origin of the house is traced to the old Iron Kings of the Brume Tower, and royal blood flows in the veins of the Calvados scions just as the teal-and-silver banner with coiling wyrms emblazoned on it flows in the wind.

However, the last Iron King was defeated by Allant, the first of His name, and forced to swear fealty - or loose his head together with his crown. He chose to bend the knee and salvage what he could.

Seven generations later, Lord Guido de Calvados bides his time, waiting for his opportunity to secede from the Dominion of Boletaria. What started out as a series of border skirmishes between de Calvados-Castaignes and their rivals, (AKA insert yourself here) might lead to a full-blown civil war.

I am specifically looking to play Leon de Calvados, the third son of Lord Guido - an honourable, if rather brash and inexperienced knight, members of his retinue and other characters inhabiting this world.

There are few basic pairings/routes that this roleplay could take:

1. Scions of the (aforementioned) warring houses, one of whom is somehow taken hostage by the other - anything from a good, old fashioned ambush to a betrayed alliance. (Big phat craving!)
Will they fall in love? Become rivals? Whatever happens, the way back to the captor faction’s seat of power is certain to be fraught with peril and danger and many things can happen.. including the sexeh time!
Bonus points if it is my protagonist who is captured, as every time I've done a variation of this prompt I was the captor.

2. An incesty option! (Kind of bored of this whole trope, so less interested in this one - unless you have something cool in mind!) Siblings getting closer than is appropriate. More intrigue focused than the previous options, at least in the beginning. Something heavily inspired by Cersei and Jamie, but.. hopefully with fewer children being flung out of towers. Whoops!
Then again, if throwing children out of windows IS your kink, we can provide you with a budget pack of nosey kids with a penchant for climbing for the low price of $0.00 - while supplies last!

3. A noble and their retainer. One of these plot bunnies is not like the others! This option sees a forbidden relationship blossom between a member of the noble house and a loyal Aegis / retainer / bodyguard, sworn to protect them. Inspired by Sekiro!


2) The Dragonriders.. of Peen!

... That was an awful pun, even by my standards. No need for rotten tomatoes, I'll see myself out..

*Except that I won't!* ( ° ͜ʖ °)

In any case, we can agree that dragons are *awesome*. There is something quite special about a giant, firebreathing lizard that lives for a very long time, hoarding treasures and stealing princesses.

Or maybe the dragons in this world are actually scholars, and the treasure/princess stereotype is extremely offensive to them?
In any case, the specifics of what exactly constitutes a dragon is up to debate - communicating via telepathy or booming voice, being able to conjure up spectral minions to do their bidding or simply setting everything on fire the ol' fashioned way, traditional winged dragon or some sort of a weird wyvern.. Heck, maybe the dragons are even able to transform into humans and / or other creatures. Everything is up to discussion!

1) Dragon Riders - Something reminiscent of Eragon or the (now slightly sullied) Dragon Riders of Pern, where a dragon might bond with a rider, the two becoming life partners and a cohesive unit. Maybe there is an Order of the aforementioned dragon riders responsible for policing the realm, or maybe our protagonists are unique, their partnership coming about in some unusual way.

2) A dragon cult - a society where dragons are worshipped as gods or higher beings. Obviously, this one needs some work.
3) ???

Kink wise, some potential options include bulging / large insertions (for obvious reasons!), and semi-beastiality. I say semi because the dragon in question has human like (at the very least!) intellect.

I am equally happy to be either the dragon or the snack humanoid.

In any case, enough of me rambling on! Here are some pictures of dragons, for inspiration.

 This dragon is big..
This dragon is also big!

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Re: Leon’s Epic(tm) Idea Repository [M x F] (World-Building & Story Focus)
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2020, 07:58:41 pm »

3) Space (mis)adventure galore!
 (WIP, like everything here)
A ship and her plucky crew plying the airless void between the stars in search of glory, riches and hot alien girls more riches! As of right now, I do not have an over-arching storyline idea for this setting, meaning that it is more of a sandbox adventure - not that we can’t come with something up.

The opportunities for intrepid space adventurers are about as boundless as the infinite vacuum of space; anything from exploration, bounty huntin’, smuggling to goods transfer and pizza delivery! Mm-mmm, gotta love some pizza, the most prized commodity in space.

Multiple characters: While in theory the ship can be small enough to be adequately crewed by two people, I think that this setting lends itself magnificently to having a handful of interesting NPCs aboard the ship - think six to ten. Plus, think how helluva cramped a ship that is designed for two crewmembers?? Now I am not claustrophobic, but-

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Re: Leon’s Epic(tm) Idea Repository [M x F] (World-Building & Story Focus)
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2021, 11:16:58 pm »
Boop, let's give this another try!