Dominant Female Character Wanted [UN]

Started by Greenthorn, March 17, 2009, 01:04:20 PM

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I want to do a story involving playing opposite of a dominant female.  I have no plot in mind as of yet, but the interest is overwhelming (*sighs*).  I am not entirely sure if there will be a sexual encounter involved because that would depend on the relationship.

So...uhhh....yeah.  Any ideas?

Whatever the plot, I would like to have a lot of focus on how the two are connected or whatever.  Send ideas in PM or post them here.

Oh...and not sure if my character would be dominant or submissive or whatever.

God...this post looks like a newbie posted it doesn't it?  *sighs more*


  While I am not approved yet, one of the roleplaying ideas that I have had and hope to act on is that of a Buffy the Vampire-like woman. I would love to play her with a stunning sidekick (Willow?) While I am a this a good start? Any comments/suggestions appreciated!


A good start would be reading the sticky at the top of this section, and remembering that unapproved applicants cannot take part in adult roleplays.
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I...have to lock this.

I have many responses to reply to, so I need to focus on them...if I do not feel fulfilled with my options, I'll open this back up. 

Thank you everyone for your interest. ;D