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March 04, 2021, 07:36:05 pm

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Author Topic: Zero's Hypnotic Requests [ M Seeking F ]  (Read 321 times)

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Zero's Hypnotic Requests [ M Seeking F ]
« on: October 30, 2020, 02:54:18 am »
Welcome to my Roleplay Request thread. Please PM me if you're interested in the storyline below. I'm looking specifically to do a 1x1 RP where my partner plays at least a pair of females.
First and foremost I'd like to be clear on the kind of partner I'm looking for, and the kind of partner I am.

  • Male
  • Roleplaying here for 11 years
  • Honest
  • Keeps in Communication

My Partner
  • Ability to write 3+ Paragraphs per post
  • Good Grammar/Spelling
  • A desire to weave a story for two, and introduce ideas to a plot.
  • Are Female

Highly Preferred
  • Discord for OOC discussion of plot
  • Ability to play multiple female characters (Not necessarily in the same scene, but over the course of the roleplay)

I apologize if these seem excessive but, I've found myself losing interest in those I cannot talk to. I want to be able to connect to my partners, and know that we are on the same page. In any case, if you're still here . . . below I'm going to list a few ideas for plots, all of which would be set in a Japanese HS. Please PM me for contact information, or if you have any questions or plots.

Plot Devices

Hypnotism (CRAVING)
There are a number of different methods and limits that can be placed on this, but this plot device is what I'm craving the most. I mostly enjoy using this as mental bondage, although full mental manipulation can be fun as well. Certainly this needs to be discussed to ensure both writers are comfortable with the results.

Secret Enslavement
A character is enslaved and those around them don't know it. She'd act normal in her everyday life, but she is a slave to her master and will answer the call.

This plays on the multiple character preferred slot, but the idea here is that once a character is either Corrupted or Addicted, whomever is controlling them will either ask them to expand his control, or one of their close siblings/friends becomes suspicious that they are acting odd, and snoops around, thus requiring them to be taken care of.

Corruption/Mind Break
A strong independent girl, being corrupted, trained and eventually broken into a dependent one. I'm using broken here only to mean that in her mind, she's chosen not to resist any longer, that given a choice out of her situation, she would no longer choose to leave the one who corrupted her. Whether that is because of craving some newfound lust, or wants to stay under protection, or by any other means . . . the corrupted in the end is willing to put her master's future over her own.

Plot Ideas

1. Korean Gamer/Streamer x Teammate/Housemate/Manager
In short, the idea revolves around the corruption of a Korean Gamer/Streamer. There are a couple of entries to the story that could be fun, whether it be blackmail by a teammate or housemate, or hypnotism (a plot device i'm also craving, but doesn't need to be included) by a teammate, or perhaps just being exploited by a manager. Could have fun managing their public images vs what happens in private, along with fun settings like conventions or tournaments.

2. Final Fantasy XIII [ OC x Lightning ]
Similar to the above except in FF13, hypnotism of Lightning by an OC in an AU. The plot could involve the OC being Lightning's Handler, with scenes including her going on missions along with him having his way with her.

3. Sorority Corruption
An undergrad assistant who has been a diligent student and part of one of the universities top academic sororities is infatuated with her graduate advisor. He uses her crush to take advantage of her, using her as a part of his experiments on drugs and hypnotism, ensuring her full cooperation with his unethical plans. Her sorority sisters notice something is wrong, but they are next on the graduate student's list to be enslaved.
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Re: Zero's Hypnotic Requests [ M Seeking F ]
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