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Author Topic: The Pen is Mightier: Literate Roles for Literate folx  (Read 478 times)

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The Pen is Mightier: Literate Roles for Literate folx
« on: October 28, 2020, 08:02:30 pm »
Hello everyone! I'm new to E! but certainly not new to role-playing/cooperative storytelling. I've probably been role-playing on forums and tabletop for somewhere between ten and fifteen years (I forget when exactly I started  :-[ ) and I would like to consider myself pretty flexible in my literacy. Personally I'm anywhere between 200-2000 words for my responses and starters depending on the prompt and the partner. I'm still trying to find my feet on here, but RT threads are pretty familiar to me so here we are. I still have to set up my O/O's but I'll cover them in brief here before I get into my first idea. Oh, and if anyone can show me how to make that image smaller I'd appreciate it.

On: I'm sapiosexual, my kinks are pretty flexible and if it's not in my Off's I'll at least consider it. Detail and passion in writing are my go to's. If you teach me a new word during the story then I'll love you forever.

Off: scat, vomit and diapers.

Who I play: I'll play M or F in various pairings. I've got next to no experience with MxM at the moment, but if you have a role you'd like to run by me feel welcome (that goes for everybody with roles by the way)

I'm in the process of building out five plots to replace here, I'm also writing a lot of papers in the next two weeks so it might take me a moment to fully fill these out. Please message me if the basic topics of these interest you. Note the ones with stars are ones that I've at least partially fleshed out in thread, and the ones without I have fleshed out in my mind but haven't put to text yet.

Low Fantasy King Arthur

Witchfinder/witch or werewolf

Modern Day Witches
An F/F modern fantasy take on the "City Mouse, Country Mouse" pairing. My character would be an inexperienced country girl interested in magic who moved to the big city for college. YC would be an established witch who owns a magic bookstore and takes an interest in the novice.

Revolution/WWIII/Civil War
Something set during a modern conflict like this. Would be open to making this a group game.

Like the above I'm leaning towards something more militant, set in our own world. Kind of like 08th

I have two detailed pirate roles. One is M/F and is a chronological story of a romance between MC who goes from naval cadet, to young officer, to pirate captain and YC who goes from princess, to crown princess to queen. The other if F/F my character is a marauding pirate out for revenge, YC is a princess and the daughter of the king who ravaged MC. When she falls into MC's clutches, it's a match made in Stockholm.
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Online CyranoDeBergeracTopic starter

Re: The Pen is Mightier: Literate Roles for Literate folx
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2020, 02:33:54 pm »
Lust, Hated and Delusion

My Character: Male
Your Character: Any
Potential Kinks:
Themes: Darkness, corruption, war, revenge, healing, spirituality.

Idea in Brief: I will play an Air Bender survivor of the Air Nomad Genocide who has abandoned the peaceful ways of his people and essentially becomes a serial killer fighting the Fire Nation while searching for the Avatar. I don't really want to dictate who you are, though I have some ideas, who you play is up to you and can be discussed. My sample below isn't really a starter, more of an introduction to the character of Sarambha.

Writing Sample
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Earth. Fire. Air.Water. Once the four nations lived together in harmony. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could maintain balance in the world.  Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. With bending enhanced by the energy of the Great Comet the armies of Fire Lord Sozin launched an unstoppable attack and effectively wiped out the Air Nomads in a matter of hours. Burnt, abandoned and alone I am one of the last survivors of my people. The Fire Nation is hunting us down; but I will survive. I must survive. The Avatar is still out there, and they will need my help and guidance to restore balance to the world. So I will survive, and if my survival means abandoning the peaceful ways of my people then so be it. With the world ablaze I no longer have the privilege of seeking refuge in peace.

When the man called Sarambha closed his eyes he could still remember sitting in the courtyard of the Northern Air Temple listening to Monk Mitta teaching the young children. The warmth of the sun on his skin. The smell of fruit pies baking in the Temple's ovens. He had not been Sarambha then, not been accompanied by violence. He had been someone else, something else. That day's lesson was on the Five Precepts, the most basic rules of spiritual discipline that all Air Nomads were to obey.

Back then they had seemed so simple to follow, though the Guru Shoken had once written: "one should follow their own path unburdened by the morals or beliefs of society; by ignoring the opinions of others, it is possible to discover one's self and exist without compunction." Once these words had seemed the teaching of an immoral madman. Now they seemed the clearest thing in the world to Sarambha.

"The first precept is to refrain from killing

Red Cliffs was burning. Ash and smoke filled the air. The odor of burning flesh stung the nostrils. Villagers' screams rend the night.

On the trail below him a squad of Fire Nation soldiers marched towards the front, eyes focused in front of them. In the direction they thought the enemy would be attacking from.

They did not see him coming until it was too late.

He fell upon them from the sky, camouflaged in the shadows and garbed in black. Wind whirled about his hands, he had no need for swords and spears. The wind itself was his blade. His first downward cut split the man in two from skull to crotch; a whirlwind formed around him as he liberated soldiers of their limbs. Three were dead in half a heart beat, a fourth screamed and held a leg that now ended at the knee. Sarambha smiled behind his mask, it was their turn to scream.

It was a dance of blood and death. A paintings in shades of red. Fire and flame. Blood and bone. That bit of trail became a killing field.

When nine soldiers laid dead, the tenth's spirit broke and he started to run. Sarambha watched for a moment and waited, letting him think that the masked assailant was letting him go to spread the tale. Sarambha's hands started to move in circles, fingers stretched as the sphere of air formed itself around the soldier's head. A vacuum formed, sucking the breath from his lungs. He dropped to his knees, clutching at his throat. The breath was the key to firebending. The breath was the key to life.

When the body's spasms ceased Sarambha allowed his hands to drop as he leapt into the air, leaping from branch to branch the scar on his chest burning. No one could know he had been here. No one could know he lived.

The second precept is to refrain from stealing.

When he had come to the small farm of Tama and Boddi he had been shoe-less for three days, had not eaten in two days and had drank the last of his water that morning. The older couple had replaced his shoes, offered him shelter in exchange for labor, fed him and allowed him to wash in their tub. And this was how he was repaying them. Leaving in the middle of the night; on the back of their ostrich horse, with saddle bags loaded with their food and feed with skins filled with water from their well.

He felt a pang of guilt for a moment, looking back at the barn he had called home for five days. He could stop now, return the ostrich horse and supplies and in the morning ask them for aid. If he had coin he would pay for what he had taken. Then he turned his head to the south.

The Foggy Swamp was two weeks away on foot, on horseback that journey could be cut in half. He needed to find the Avatar, to protect them until they were old enough to learn to bend. To fight. Sarambha's brow furrowed. He would repay the old couple by restoring balance to the world of their children and grandchildren.

He pressed his feet to the ostrich horse's side and rode on.

The third precept is to refrain from lying

The guards forced his arms behind his back, twisting his wrists as his fists were forced into the slots of wooden cuffs. "I'm telling you! You have the wrong man! I could never kill those people!" His voice hit the exact right pitch of desperation to make his cries seem believable. Internally he was laughing. If the brutes manhandling him into the cart to take him to prison had spent a moment or two more inspecting him they might have noticed the tattoos than ran down his body, including on his cuffed wrists and hands, barely concealed by the Sandbender rags he wore.

"I'm Shem from the Si Wong Desert! I've never even been to Zhu Lo!" He insisted as they slammed the door shut on his prison cell, leaving him there in the dim and damp, alone and bound. He collapsed to his knees, body shaking with laughter disguised as tears. From the cell across from him a slight groan was emitted. The shaking stopped, there was something demonic in the nomad's golden-brown eyes as he lifted his head and looked through the bars of his cell.

"Hello Captain Hao, have you ever been to the Northern Air Temple?" The murderer asked the drunk. When the guards came to feed the prisoners they would never be able to explain where the boy named Shem had gone. Or what exactly Captain Hao had choked on.

The fourth precept is to refrain from improper sexual conduct

The Jade Rose claimed to be a simple inn for travelers, offering baths, food and beds for the weary, but the red lantern hanging out front promised more. In the back rooms of the house the children of fathers, merchants and thieves ensured that when travelers left Madame Xi's establishment they were unburdened of all earthly worries and a little more coin.

Sarambha did not know the names of the two people who shared his bed tonight, nor did he particularly care. All he knew was that they had not even blinked when they saw his tattoos, that the taste of one's tongue was heavenly, and that what the other did with their's made him forget all the burdens of the world...

The fifth precept is to refrain from consuming intoxicants

The pipe had passed between them, again and again that night. the bitter bliss of opium mixed with the fluttering buzz of sake in his finger tips dulled the pain for just a moment. Dulled, the memories and the burning of the lightning scar on his chest. The room smelled of sweat and sex and sin, with bottles scattered across the floor. Sarambha lay in the bedsheets with one of the whores' arms wrapped around him, as the other came across the the room and offered him the pipe.

"More, sir?" She asked him, in a voice as high as the clouds, a flame that appeared on her fingertips serving as a light. "Always, more." He answered and lifted his left hand drawing the smoke from the lit pipe straight into his nose. When they thought on it with sober heads in the morning, both whores would agree that the trick had been an illusion from all of the mind numbing substances. But they wished the man had stayed a little longer, to at least collect his change.
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Online CyranoDeBergeracTopic starter

Re: The Pen is Mightier: Literate Roles for Literate folx
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2020, 09:42:19 pm »
Merlin et Nimue

Status: Open
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Potential Kinks: Dom/Sub, age gaps, seduction, teasing, BDSM, outfit control, magic in sex,
Themes: Forbidden romance, generational differences, teacher/student,
My Character: Male
My Character: Female

Idea in Brief: The idea is for a modern romance between a master wizard and his apprentice. The twist is that master/apprentice romances are strictly forbidden due to precedent starter by Nimue, seducing Merlin and then trapping him in a tree as depicted above. I have a concept for how the magic in the world would work, and it's partially explained in the sample starter. Magic is a naturally unpredictable force that some beings are able to harness through sheer will and talent. Magic also raises hell on any technology created post-c.1950. When YC's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere YC ends up accidentally using magic to bring YC to the edge of a clearing where MC (Jacob Magus) lives in a cabin. YC would seek shelter in the cabin and by the time YC would got to leave YC would know that magic is real and become MC apprentice. The early part of the story would be exploring the world, determining what school of magic YC has a 'knack' in (to be explained below) and building up the tension between our characters. Part of the drama will be that MC is 500 (ish) old wizard and very much a man of his time in some ways, sticking to tradition like expecting obedience and being called 'master' (He's been living pretty much alone in the cabin since the 70's pop culture has passed him by.)

A Sample Starter

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
According to physicists there are four fundamental interactions, also known at the four fundamental forces that do not appear to be reducible down to more basic interactions. These four forces are: gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak interactions. Some physicists propose that there is a fifth force in the universe that cannot be reduced to other interactions and they are correct in that proposal, but they will never be able to empirically prove their hypothesis. They are correct though, there is a fifth force, magic. They will never be able to prove the existence of magic, however, because Magic is an Art. You cannot scientifically know or perform magic, one person can say a word of power such as "Abrahadabra" and nothing would occur. Another one may say it and bring down mountains.

Magic inherently competes with Science, because Science requires that 1+1 always equals two, and magic is the inherent refutation of that proposition. Because of this, technology made as recently as the mid-fifties is bound to be reduced to scraps after any amount of time in the presence of a particularly powerful magic user. Airmen in the 1940's were the first to note this strange phenomenon, attributing their unexplained mechanical failures to "gremlins" and not to the number of magic users within their ranks and at the battlefields they were flying over. Perhaps it was also no coincidence that the first article noting disappearances in the triangle created by Miami, San Juan and Bermuda due to mechanical failures was published early in 1950.

Perhaps a more modern example might better illustrate this principle. Imagine, if you will, a young woman driving around the bend of a mountainous road, almost as far from civilization as it's possible to get east of the Mississippi. Now this young woman, from appearances, would seem to be perfectly normal. Driving an affordable modern car made of the safest materials and equipped with an advanced computer to control everything from the wind shield wipers to the engine and brakes. Now, as mentioned this young woman does not appear to have a magic bone in her body, but perhaps she has a reputation for bricking her smart phones and never seemed to keep a new car or device running for long without it needing near constant maintenance. Perhaps, she's never been on a plane or spent much time at hospitals, or maybe she has just been lucky. It could after all just be a twist of fate that her being had become so in tune to the arcane energies that flowed in the world around her that the delicate equipment of her vehicle could not withstand the uncertainty of the energy that now surrounded it. Causing the car to breakdown on the side of the windy mountain road in the middle of nowhere.

Now to continue down this illustration, add grey storm clouds to the sky and the slight echo of thunder in the distance. in the search for shelter and assistance the girl then goes into the woods to try and find anyone at all to give her succor. As she searches it begins to rain and not only does she want to find assistance, she Needs it. Now, Need is one of the most ancient kind of spells, and the type that one does not cast without great consideration. It requires much channeling of energy and will, but it is also the exact type of rough instrument that a prospective mage in need might cast in a time of distress without knowing that she was even doing it. The prospective mage would feel warm, filled with energy, and experience heightened sense for a moment, with the rain falling around her, and then the spell would transport her through the woods and over the hills to the nearest place to find shelter. She would be tired, wet and maybe hungry by the time she arrived to the clearing that contained Jacob's cabin, but besides the slight passage of time she would never have realized she had done magic until it was pointed out.

Not only does this hypothetical demonstrate the basic principles of how magic interacts with modern technology as well as providing an explanation for why Jacob felt the odd pinprick on the back of his neck that indicated that someone was approaching his cabin on the near side of his wards. That was something strange because he had wards designed to do two things: first, stop all really big and powerful things from getting closer than a mile from his valley; second, put a suggestion in the mind of all plain mortals that would direct them to go somewhere else. So the reality that there was something either strong enough to get around his wards without being sensed, or sly enough to sneak through them coming towards him certainly put him on edge.

Jacob looked like a man from another century as he sat at his reading chair beside the fire in his cabin that he had built himself over a period of two-hundred years. He wore jeans with a belt that had loops cut into it for pistol and rifle cartridges, there were a pair of farmer's boots next to the door and a button up flannel shirt that all combined made him look like a farmer from the 1950's. His cabin was a simple thing, with walls lined with shelves of books spanning four hundred years.; a kitchenette to the right of the door,; a hallway beside the kitchenette that led to a bathroom, a room for his apprentice and his own bedroom.; there was also a trapdoor hidden beneath one of the rugs that led to his basement laboratory. His innate sense of the surroundings of his valley told him that whoever was approaching his cabin was about three-hundred yards away and closing.

Rising from his comfortable chair he set the grimoire he was reading on his stand next to his reading chair and turned towards the door, in an umbrella stand next to the door were two instruments that he called to him. His staff and a Henry repeating rifle. He leveled both at the door as he sensed the intruder came to the large, circular clearing that he had created around his cabin, and then he waited as that person crossed the clearing and came to his door. To his surprise, the person knocked, the sound of rain almost drowning it out.

"Who is it?" Jacob asked cocking his rifle.

Possible inspirations for Jacob Magus(but you know, bearded):

The Eight Schools of Magic: Magic is broken down into eight schools based on what you're using the magical energy for, every wizard is particularly skilled in one of them.

  • Abjuration
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Evocation
  • Illusion
  • Necromancy
  • Enchantment
  • Transmutation

Please PM me if you're interested in discussing this role further.
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Re: The Pen is Mightier: Literate Roles for Literate folx
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2020, 06:45:45 pm »
Images to Inspire