My crush is my...MOM?! [fxm]

Started by Chi, October 27, 2020, 12:05:56 PM

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This could be a fun little story with the right partner.

The premise is a high school student has a crush on the new English teacher. What neither of them knows is that she is in fact his birth mother. She's flattered by his attempts at flirting and thinks he's a cute kid but is firm about the rules and the risk to both of their futures.

He's tenacious but doesn't want to get his favorite teacher in trouble, though he still tries to flirt if they're alone. She does think it's cute until she starts noticing little tics and quirks about him that reminds her of the boy that got her pregnant... could it be? NO!

While she's recognizing things in him, he suddenly sees her do something he's done all his life and never understood why or where it came from.

Do they get romantically entwined? Does something bring them together? Does her dirty little secret bring her life down around her? Does it ruin any chance of a relationship with her son?

Stay tuned, and watch the pilot episode coming soon!

My crush is my...MOM?!

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