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April 23, 2021, 03:26:06 am

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Author Topic: Rugburn, Rough non-con idea, F looking for M characters  (Read 218 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Rugburn, Rough non-con idea, F looking for M characters
« on: October 15, 2020, 07:43:10 pm »
Name: Rug Burn

Content: Heavy non con, human, bondage due to restraint.

Scenario: Danielle never had a problem with walking home at night after her shift at work. She felt confident in herself, safe, but tonight was the night she ran across the wrong people at the wrong time.
Now she's trapped. Her arms pinned to her sides, her upper body wrapped up in a floor rug. Dragged off into a stranger's house and overpowered by three men chomping at the bit to have their way with her.

Setting: Modern day, in an apartment at night.

Requirements: All genders welcome, so long as you can play the three men well. Play them how you want, who they are is up to you, but I do ask for a certain level of rough treatment from them. Particularly since Danielle is a bit of a spitfire and she's not just going to roll over.

No one liners, give me something to work with. You can physically push my character around, but don't take over her thoughts or her actions.

Other info: As stated above, Danielle is a bit of a spitfire. She's rebellious and not submissive. She's not going to beg. She'll react to pain as expected, but trying to get her to submit through threats is only going to make her lash out. If anyone wants to get in her mouth, they're going to need to use an O gag or something similar to keep it open because she will bite them if they don't.

At the end of the night, I either want her to be dropped off somewhere to pick herself up, or otherwise be rescued by someone else. (Maybe one of the men's buddies is a co worker and when he comes in he recognizes her and gets her out. Bonus points if this is a co worker that she hates, just to rub salt in the wound.)

Most things go content wise, but no death, and nothing that would leave physical scars.

Update: I have a first post ready right here, for anyone interested.
Danielle was more than ready for the end of the day. It'd been a particularly long one, and she'd started it already worn around the edges. Exhaustion hung heavy around her honey-brown eyes, and her back was a little stiff from sitting in one position for most of her shift.

She stretched, yawned, logged out of each system and gathered her things from the left drawer of her desk.

While her new job undoubtedly paid well, Danielle was always more of a morning person than she was a night owl, and staying out until past midnight wasn't the ideal situation. Still, it was time to go home, and barring the late hours she was happy with her progress that day.

She walked out into the night to get started on the trek home. One day she'll be able to afford her own car, but for right now she was bound by the sidewalk. Which wasn't as big a deal as everyone made it out to be. Sure, it was dark, but she was confident that she could fight off anyone who tried to bug her, and anyway, no one was around. Most sensible people were already at home in bed.

Danielle made her way down the road at a brisk pace. Though tired, she held her head high, her footsteps steady and sure.

She stood out quite a bit even in the areas with poor light. With striking sunshine blond hair that almost reached her shoulders and a bright yellow work outfit, it wasn't at all difficult to notice her from afar.
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