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Started by SunflowerKisses, October 12, 2020, 11:42:25 PM

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Hiya! Welcome to the dumpster fire that is my mind. My brain never shuts the fuck up, so here I'm gonna dump all my ramblings and ideas. If there is anything you like, message me and we'll see if we can get something going. I'm a pretty chilled person who has at least a pinky into a lot of fandoms. Crack ships? Fuck yeah I'm down. Have fun.

1- I tend to get super excited when discussing and plotting out ideas. I love plotting and figuring things out, discussing characters, sharing photos and music that reminds me of them. This is your first and only warning. I have scared people off before with my gushing and getting excited to plot. -Bums me out when it happens, if you aren't into plotting and talking about our characters from time to time, I am probably not the writer for you.

2- Romance. Shocker right? I love a good romance, anything from a more slow burn, to diving right into the good love parts, to enemies to loves. I love it all.

3- Smut. I mean... its why most of us are here right? To get to write out some good porn. Want a good smut to story ratio? Yes please. Want a more smut driven topic with some story mixed in to keep it moving? Hell yes, I am down for that too.

4- While I try hard to be, I am not a every day poster. I may not even be able to write once a week some times. Between depression and my ADHD, and life in general, it gets hard some times. Life comes first, my mental health comes first. If you want a post every day or more then once a day, I am not for you. There are times I can give out multiple posts a day and be on here for days. I can't promise it will be like that every week. Again life and my own mental health come first.

5- I love turning worlds from different fandoms and turning them into our own.  I do not expect everything to be exactly like it is in the fandom. -Honestly how boring would that be? I love taking more child friendly shows and darkening them some, making them more adult. Adding twists and plots. I do not expect you to write a completely cannon character. Make them your own, that is part of the fun. Taking someone and making them into your own. I prefer to write more original characters myself. Mostly because most of the time when I write a cannon character, someone gets upset that its not exact. I do have a few cannon characters that I write pretty well, but its rare that I will write cannon. For the most part, I prefer to write original characters.

6- I am bi personally and I love to write various parings and sexuality. I can write male -Think I'm decent at it- but as of right now, I suck at writing male on male stories. I am down for every other paring! Straight, Bi, lesbian, futa. I do have a soft spot and love poly pairings and relationships. More then two love interests? Yes please. I adore writing M/M/F parings or M/F/F. Reverse harems are a blast too. I tend to prefer to write as a female. But I can write male too if I like the story line so feel free to ask!

7- Multiple characters. I am all for multiple characters.  As stated above, I love poly relationships. I am all for writing doubles as well. Have a pairing you want to write? I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Just ask.

8 - I am open to just about any kink. All you have to do is ask, I don't mind the more 'taboo' ones. Just ask. -I do not like sexual gore, or bathroom play, those are the two biggest nos I have- 

9- I have a lost of fandoms here, doesn't mean I don't love more original ideas and stories! All for creating something completely new and just ours. If you don't see anything here that catches your eye but still want to plot something out, just message me! All for coming up with something on the spot!

Still here? Great! Now onto the fun stuff. 


Marvel - I am more knowledgeable in the various tv shows and movies, but give me a little info or some comics to read to get a idea and I am down. Big fan of mutants too. Children turned into weapons/assassins.
DC - Again I am more knowledgeable in the tv shows and cartoons, but again give me some into and I am in.
Supernatural - Always down for something set in this world.
Harry Potter - It's been a little while since I read the books but I all for playing in this world. Twisting it and making it our own.
Twilight - Okay before some of y'all come at me. I love the concept of the story, not necessarily the characters themselves. I loved the whole world, loved the werewolves. Wasn't a big fan of the sparking vampires but something set in this world would be fun.
Vampire Diaries - Totally down for something set to this world. Liked the idea of the vampires better, lots of magic, fun and murder for all. Would be fun. Cannon characters or OC.
Avatar the Last Airbender/Korra - Who didn't wish they could bend when they were a kid? Anything set in this world, is a yes from me.
Daybreak - It was such a fun twisted show. Post apocalyptic, zombies, having to band together to stay alive with murder and snark thrown in. Yes.
Danny Phantom - Have a few rough ideas, would love to hear yours.
TMNT- Big fan, the 2003 cartoon was my childhood. I'd love to hear ideas, maybe the turtles turn human, maybe they don't. I'm down for whatever.
Teen Wolf - I liked the idea of the show, the wolves themselves sucked I think. But I liked the concept of the idea, a pack of mostly teen or college aged kids, dealing with hunters and shit. Plus, who did not love Styles? He was iconic. ..I also just love werewolves.
BeWitched- It was a good show, having it set in a more modern time could be fun. Slice or life or darker. Either would be fun.
Adventure Time - More adult, possibly a more smut filled world. Open for just about anything. I may have a crush on Marceline/Marshall
Gravity Falls - More adult, twisted dark show.
Fairy Tail - It's one of my favorite anime, its a big world and a lot could happen.
My Hero Academia - Again its a great show, big world. Would love to make it a little darker.
Bleach -
Noragmi - Love it, fun world to play in
Blue Exorcists -
Inuyasha - Speaks for it's self
Gate - Modern and fantasy coming together, yes.
The Old Guard - I loved this movie, immortal assassins. YES
Fire Force -
Fruits Basket -
Ouran High School Host Club - It's a favorite. My smutty pervy mind realllly wants to make this one more smut and adult
Disney - Want to make a story more darker? Twisted or more smutty? Alllll for it.
Percy Jackson - Books, loved the books. Always wanted to be a demi god.
I'll add more as I think of them. If you don't see a fandom here, just ask.


Modern - It's my favorite. Slice or life or packed with action.
Modern fantasy - Add magic, supernautral, and anything else. Right up there with normal modern, its one of my favorite.
Fantasy - Creating a world of our own. It's fun.
Post Apocalyptic- World is fucked? Living in the aftermath.
Slice of Life - Like I said before, I enjoy a good slice of life.
Action/Drama- More action packed story? All for it.
Darker- I have way to much fun putting characters into darker topics. Turning them into murdery little assassins, darker, more blood, twists and turns, breaking characters.
There is more but my focus may be slipping a little. Just ask.

Random ideas that have been rolling around in my head. -Varies from more story driven to smut with each idea-

Currently craving something with anthros, or nonhuman characters.

Adventure Time-
I adore the cartoon. It would be so fun to dive into that world. Fighting monsters, saving the princesses or even prince! Marceline or Marshall the Vampire King would be so much fun. Could be more story driven topic, or more smut. Hero not only saves and slays the monsters, it also fucks the monsters, princesses, princes and townsfolk that they save. Good'ol smut filled world.

It's a whole new world-
There is a town that that not many know of. It's a well kept secret, what makes this town so different? Open sex. Yes it's a free use, sexually open town. Where nothing is really taboo. It's common for families to all have se together, for fathers to fuck their daughters, mothers to be their sons first and so on. It's a peacful smut filled heaven. Where going out with your barely dressed daughter for lunch, turns into her riding cock or getting felt up or used by others.

This could go several ways. The daughter of divorced parents has to go live with her dad. She is in for a massive shock when she finds out about the town and what she's expected to do. Or it could be a family that already lives there and the daughter is sorta the family pet. A young woman moves into town, surprised to find her roommates are actually brothers and a father an she's expected to service all of them. Could go a lot of way! If you have any ideas love to hear them. Could also be anthros or more nonhuman too!

Sacrifice to the Beast~
There's a small village that has been getting attacked by some beast, warriors were sent to kill it with no luck, finally someone was able to talk to the beast and offered them a sacrifice for the villages safety. The beast agrees and the village send out a young lady as their sacrifice to the beast. He gets to use her how he pleases, does it turn into a friendship of sorts? Love maybe Or just a strict master slave relationship?
Could be any fantasy beast. Dragon, monitor, griffon, vampire, werewolf or were-something, anything. Could be more then one. This could even be set in a modern fantasy even.

Wha? You aren't my pet -Craving-
So it's a fairly easy and fun idea. Someone has a pet(s) that they love and adore, could be a dog, cat or even maybe some sort or reptile. Or something exotic, doesn't matter. The owner comes home or wakes up one morning to find that their pet is gone and there is a anthro/person in their place. What happens now? Does the pet change back into a pet at one point or do they stay in their new form and the owner has to know teach them all about being human. And what if the pet decides that it will be the dominate one and the owner will now become it's pet? Maybe the pet thinks the owner hadn't been making the best life choices or best boyfriends, decides they are going to be charge of the owners life now. Is the area they live in affected as well? The whole world? The ideas for this are endless. Could be more of a fun light topic or more master/pet type. Would love to hear ideas!
Also would be up for being the pet or the owner.   

Part of the Pack - Craving -
What if a human girl was raised with a family of werewolves that were part of a pack? A elder of the pack finding a baby in the woods left for dead and takes it back, seeing if a family would raise her. A family takes her in, they could either have no children of their own or have kids and raise her like one of their own. She could be more of a outcast from being human or is really part of the pack, making sure she earns her spot working twice as hard as others and it just as tough. Everyone could expect her to be changed when she comes to age, she could either want to or really doesn't want to change but stay human. Could end up the mate of a alpha or soon to be one. Age kink could really be fun here.
Take Two, A more smut filled part of the pack -
A young women either grew up with a pack of bachelors or one day found herself part of a pack of bachelors. She is part of the family, her role is more unconventional but just as important. She is everyone's mate, there to pleasure the pack and release tension and stress.  - Obviously this one is more smut driven and kinky. Could be shes seen as more of a pet/love one, the pack could be older wolves. It's just a fun smut filled goodness.

Mostly cartoon characters that I have a crush on and am most likely going to hell for it-

Simba -Okay honestly who didn't have a crush on teen him? Like seriously. Anthro or animal
Kovu - Again.. he was cute okay! Anthro or animal
Mufasa - Anthro or animal 
Shirou Ogami , from BNA - Human or anthro
Steel.. yes from Balto - Anthro or animal
Balto - anthro or animal
Scar - ... I don't know, I can't fully explain it. Maybe a little younger, but a idea of one person he actually likes. I am a sucker for it okay.
Toothless - Have you seen some of the art with him as a anthro? He be hot.
Futa Erza - Honestly her or MiraJane. Dominate and ugh yes please.
Raja- He is a handsome tiger, anthro or not.
Spirit - They had no business making a freakin horse that attractive! -Anthro or animal
Honestly I have a lot of random anthro pictures saved up. If interested just ask. I might make a list of non cartoon/anime characters.

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