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Started by Chi, October 12, 2020, 06:41:03 PM

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Hey there!

To be perfectly frank I haven't got a clue as to what I want. I've been browsing the lists and through no fault of anyone posting their wishes I just feel like I need something I haven't seen, or may have missed. I'm not a spelling and grammar ogre, but have been known to become an S&G Orc.  :P

I tend to match my partner's post lengths, but have been known to get in a groove and write the Encyclopaedia Britannica from time to time. If you give me one or two lines we won't be compatible, it's a 50/50 job to write a good story, and I'm not carrying someone else.

Communication is essential.

I play females, but they can be straight, bi or pansexual. As to your character that's totally up to you. I'm flexible and will work with people if they work with me.

My characters, like me, tend to the submissive side of things but are never complete pushovers.

They are also short, generally five feet or less (like me) but that's negotiable as I don't have a problem writing for vertically enhanced girls (curse them! lol)

I'm not sure what else to say. I'm a nice person and have gotten along with pretty much every partner I've had.

Below is a sample of my writing
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Walking towards the banquet hall Luke and Fiadh looked every bit the young newlyweds in love, her bright smile and twinkling eyes, his own proud smiles, laughs and chuckles as she held his hand and skipped now and then to keep up with his longer stride, lifting their arms and twirling under them with a sweet giggle.

Between her silly antics Fiadh did manage to tell Luke what to expect once they were announced into the hall. "Lo-ooo-och," she grinned. "This is going to be a feckin' circus, what with everything I did with my gifts, cutting myself out of my wedding gown and standing naked in front of the assembled guests, and you blasting me, the sole heir to the throne with battle magic? I'm not even sure my namesake's marriage day was as eventful! Ours will be spoken of for years, we might become legends!"

She did another little twirl but he captured her in his arms for a kiss, leaving them both breathless. "You know I don't do well in large crowds, Fiadh. I don't want to appear a coward and run off when the pressure becomes too great. That's the last image we want to give as not only newlyweds, but as the future Queen and King."

Fiadh thought for a moment and grinned impishly, "Do you remember our 'battle language' you taught me my love? Remember the help sign?"

"Ye-e-es..." Luke said hesitantly, the silly hand signs and body tics not really meaning anything at all, but young Daisy had eaten it up and taken every lesson to heart. He remembered her serious little freckle nosed face scrunched up in concentration as he taught her each new sign, absorbing them like a sponge. Hugs and cuddles, and silly raspberry kisses on cheeks had been shared without any thought to a future between themselves that summer. Yet now, ten years later Fiadh was expecting him to remember the battle signs?

"Ummm..... This?" Luke said as he made a few finger signs and body movements."

Luke's signs made Fiadh burst out into hysterical giggles as she skipped around him with a big grin, saying in a sing-song voice, "Already d-i-i-id! Did it toda-a--ay!"

"Ahh! No I remember that one now! That was the last sign I taught you before I left!" Luke said bending over he was laughing so hard as his love continued to gambole and prance around him.

Fiadh leaned against the wall and chuckled, "That was 'will you marry me', and I said yes. We gave each other so many buzzy kisses after that..."

Luke lunged towards his Princess and gave her several buzzy kisses, then capped them off with a tender loving kiss as he held her close. "I think real kisses are much better."

Fiadh smiled and nodded, panting softly as she began walking down the corridor holding her hand back for Luke to take. "Memorize this, just like you made me do my love. 'Right brow, jaw then ear'. That is the sign for help. I know at least Reg and Sylva will be in attendance, so we have two of the Fifty at our backs." She looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye, "Remember, 'right brow, jaw and ear' and I swear if you kiss me again before we get to the Hall I'll have my way with you right here in this bloody corridor! Behave. For a little while!"

"Yes your majesty." Luke said with a tone that dripped sarcasm, which made them both snicker.

Standing at the doors to the Banquet Hall they both paused to make sure they were presentable, and no clothing was askew. Fiadh gave Luke a wry grin and shrugged her bare shoulders, "Loo-oo-ooch, I honestly think I'd rather be going into a cave to fight two hundred Gobs by meself an' nekkid than go in there. Not a fan of the pomp 'n circumstance meself, but I'm destined for it now."

Luke chuckled at that image and found it strangely fitting and also arousing of the thought of his bride taking on all comers naked, and winning. "I'd rather fight five hundred, naked, and with my fingers bound. But My Princess, we're dressed so we're at a disadvantage here unless you want to go in naked..." he said with a smirk.

"Ohhh, everyone's seen me naked once already today My Prince, you can go in in your skin if you want, but I'm staying dressed this time!" Fiadh said with a snicker.

"Brat!" Luke said as he pincher her rump just before folding her hand in his elbow and letting out a breath.

"Ow! Stare them down like you've got an army of ten thousand behind you." Fiadh said then glanced up, giggling at his expression. "Not like you're going to kill everyone! Like you're confident in your strength, you're a battle mage who just married the most powerful warrior ever. We're an unstoppable team my love. Our power is our balance and our balance is our power."

"When did you get so smart?"

"Some foolish boy filled my innocent little head with flights of fancy and crazy dreams when I was a child. Somehow they worked out! Funny huh?"

"Shall we Your Highnessness?"

"Of course Your Highnessnessness!"

With that Fiadh flicked a hand at the two bemused and smiling door guards, signaling them to open them and allow the pair into the Banquet Hall.

The Lord Chamberlain, who'd been standing just on the other side of the door snapped to attention and rapped the iron-shod base of his ceremonial staff on the floor loudly. "Queen Riona, King Tedric, Lords and Ladies of the Court and Honoured Guests! I present to you, the happy couple, Princess Dais.."

Before he could finish the word it appeared that the Queen had moved with a swiftness that defied her forty-odd years and the heavily brodaced gown she was wearing and was by his side in an instant. "Cerwin wait." she said quietly to him so as to not cause any more of a scene than the stormy look on her daughter's face fortold if he had continue through his set speech. "You were otherwise occupied during the wedding ceremony, correct?"

"Yes your Highness," he replied. "I was in the cellars and checking our stores for the reception, double checking which casks and barrels should be used tonight with an assistant so the servers would know what to use. I believe the Guard Captain presented them to the guests?"

Riona nodded and chuckled, "Yes he did a fine job and would've made you proud Cerwin. And you didn't attend the display in the training yards then?"

"No your Majesty, I was making sure the final preparations for the dinner were well on their way. A dinner I might add that is waiting to be served?" Cerwin said with a tinge of acid in his tone.

"Another moment then you may continue as planned. The Princess has been modelling herself after one of our distant ancestors. A once famous, or infamous Warrior Princess then Queen named Fiadh. By all accounts she was quite beautiful, and one of the firecest warriors ever to be seen.  I'll only use this name once more before I banish it from my mind...so Daisy claimed Fiadh's name twice in the practice yards as she showed off her prowess. To honour her decision we should use the name that she feels reflects who she is."

The Lord Chancellor grinned at the queen and murmured softly, "So our wild child has finally decided on her course openly. Good for her! I shall do my duty perfectly for our girl your Highness!"

Queen Riona smiled, touching Cerwin's arm lightly before looking at her fuming daughter and her bemused husband. She then returned to her husband who gave her a quick kiss, giving the Lord Chancellor a signal to begin again.

On cue the Lord Chancellor took a deep breath and slammed his staff into the tiled floor three times to regain order. "Queen Riona, King Tedric, Lords and Ladies of the Court and Honoured Guests! It is my greatest pleasure, and humblest honour to present to you the Warrior Princess Fiadh Deleray-Danann and her Battle Mage husband, Prince Luchtuaine Danann!"
~~~ Language is my canvas, and words are my palette. Wanna finger paint?  ~~~


Removed my fandoms because that's all that people approached me with.

Surprise me, make me laugh, show me something unique and inspiring! I hate throwing it all on someone else but honestly light and airy is what I need.
~~~ Language is my canvas, and words are my palette. Wanna finger paint?  ~~~