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May 14, 2021, 02:24:22 am

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Author Topic: Malrunar's Muse  (Read 1370 times)

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Malrunar's Muse
« on: October 10, 2020, 09:12:15 pm »

Do not post here. If you have any interest in writing with me, please send me a PM.

What I’m looking for in a partner:-

-  Someone easy-going, patient, and who also understands that life happens on the other side of the computer screen. I can’t always post every day, and I won’t take to being nagged and hounded to try and do so because the other person is bored. Sometimes I can post multiple times a day, and sometimes I’m lucky to get one or two out a week. Work and life come first, and I will do my very best to keep communication open so it doesn’t appear as if I’ve disappeared or have lost interest. The same in reverse is appreciated.

-  Someone who enjoys the creative process. Plotting the story out should be just as fun as writing it, and I feel like it’s a great way to build a connection and understanding between our characters. I don’t (usually) prefer smut-forward stories, and while I enjoy forming a rough outline of how the story progresses, I don’t want/expect to follow a rigid, inflexible structure. Sometimes our characters just may surprise us and take us somewhere unexpected.

-  Detailed writing, collaboration, teamwork, and a willingness to chat. The later is more of a perk, I understand that not everyone wants to socialize -but I do enjoy it!

What I’m looking for in a story:-

-  Plot vs smut. (But bring on the smut!)

-  Adventure! Action! Romance! I enjoy plots with their twists and turns and the turbulence that comes with survival and danger. Give me realism and humor, witty one-liners, and thoughtful insight. Give me emotion and imperfections. The themes that I enjoy writing are…

   -:  Modern Fantasy // Urban Fantasy // Fantasy
   -:  ANYTHING involving Vikings (if my name didn’t make that obvious.)
   -:  Science Fiction
   -:  Horror // Macabre elements
   -:  Thriller
   -:  Superheroes
   -:  Fan Fiction ( i.e Mass Effect, DC/Marvel Comic verse, Firefly, Far Cry 5, HP verse,) Please note, however, I do not play canon characters as a main, I usually prefer to create something within these settings, or an OC paired with a main --but only if my partner is comfortable in playing one.
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Re: Malrunar's Muse
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2020, 09:49:24 pm »

A more direct list of my Ons, which are not in any particular order. Some of these are dependant on the themes of a story but certainly aren’t a ‘requirement’. I consider myself open-minded and understanding, and I am happy to discuss everything.

--I am a pansexual cis female who plays female characters as my main character. I am very picky with my f/f pairings, however, and prefer more of a switch/sub role if those themes fit the dynamics we are writing.


     -:  Romance (My biggest ON. Give my character a reason to be attracted to yours, other than finding your FC attractive. The sex is stale and bland if you don’t have a connection.)
     -:  Rough Sex
     -:  Anticipation
     -:  Kissing // Touching
     -:  Dirty Talk
     -:  Bondage
     -:  Breastplay
     -:  Cockworship
     -:  Oral (Both giving // receiving)
     -:  Anal
     -:  Humor // Wit
     -:  Creampies // Risk Of Pregnancy (Second biggest ON, a close follow-up to romance.)
     -:  Knots // Monster Cocks (Things outside the ‘norm’, but only if it fits the setting.)
     -:  Group // Orgies
     -:  Pet Names
     -:  Spanking
     -:  Intelligence
     -:  Forced Orgasms
     -:  Age Differences (Preferring to be the younger one)
     -:  BDSM 
     -:  Rimming (Receiving)
     -:  Eye Contact.
     -:  Kink


I’d consider this, but they’re not really a strong pull for me, either way


     :-  Dub-Con/Non-Con (Really depends on the setting and partners.)
     :-  Incest (Also depends on setting/story.)
     :-  Humiliation
     :-  Public // Semi-Public
     :-  Polyamorous Relationships
     :-  Blood Play (Hot with vampires though!)
     :-  Choking // Gagging
     :-  Breathplay


Nope. No thank you. Not happening.


     :-  Bathroom stuff
     :-  Vore // Snuff
     :-  Torture (In regards to sexual encounters. Plot is fine, with consent.)
     :-  Forced Competition
     :-  Mutilation
     :-  Brutal Non-Con
     :-  Age Play
     :-  Naive innocence (The stuff usually found in some manga, like; 'what's this bulge in your pants'? 'golly, mister, what's a dick'? This sort of thing just creeps me the hell out.)
     :-  Body Modification
     -:  Young characters (Playing with or playing as. I prefer the characters to be, in the very least, in their mid 20's.)
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Re: Malrunar's Muse
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2020, 09:51:19 pm »


Historical Time Travel // Action Adventure
...with Wheresmycow. Ongoing since July 2017.

A work trip changed Cora's life forever when she found herself not only in an exciting new country, but in a different time altogether. Blasted nearly two hundred years into the past by a demonic artifact, she has become the feather that would tip the scales for a country at the brink of civil war. Those who oppose change seek to use her for their means, those who welcome change offer shelter and protection. A ronin named Tatsuya (WMC) swears an oath of Bushido to keep Cora safe from harm, but neither anticipated the strong bond that would form between them as they progressed on their journey.

Read it here.


Modern Day // Action & Horror
...with Tyrus. Ongoing since June 2019.

A detective gets in way over her head while investigating a string of missing person cases. The whispered rumors of a club in the underground of Seattle sounded like the possibility of a sex trafficking ring, but upon closer investigation 'cult' might have been more appropriate. Ignoring all good sense and following her strong pull of altruism and duty, Elise enters the club and discovers some harsh secrets. The first being that vampires and other such creatures exist, one of them is a man named Daemon (Tyrus) who she can't seem to stop thinking about. The second; the hierarchy within is complicated and elaborate, and many of these creatures have entitlements that border on slavery. But worst of all, perhaps, is that she is supposedly some rare 'dhampr' whose presence can cause an absolute frenzy in these creatures if not controlled, and threatens to expose the secret of their existence to modern society. Plunged headfirst into a world she doesn't understand, Elise tries to solve the mystery behind the missing people, stay out of vampire politics, and understand her growing feelings for a man she just can't seem to avoid.

Read it here.

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Re: Malrunar's Muse
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2020, 10:17:16 pm »


-:  Örlög  :-

She was born under a wicked moon; that's what she was always told. Since Aibhlinn was a small girl she has had premonitions and could see into the future, visions of fierce warriors from foreign lands coming ashore, of war, danger, and strife. Her visions always came true, and while most in her village were frightened of her gifts they relied on her to keep them safe. They called her the ‘Raven’ because of the single black wing that has marked her since birth. Even far away from Viking soil, Odin has claimed her as one of his own. But Aibhlinn found herself troubled and filled with dread in recent months, her dreams were changing and more vivid than ever. She was warned against a great bear who would use her and her powers for his selfish gain. Fearing enslavement and torture that would that conclude this fate, it seemed that her only salvation would come in the form of a lone wolf, a man equally terrifying --but one she was destined to be with.

Looking to contain:- Romance, Destined Love, D/s Relationships, Culture Shock, Violence, Everything Vikings.


-:  Ivory Scarabs  :-

At an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hatshepsut, a team of explorers uncovers the remains of an unknown Egyptian ruler. It’s the find of the century, a discovery that would launch their careers and put their names in the history books. But it doesn’t take them long to discover that this body was hidden so secretly for a reason. Since the discovery, strange occurrences have been happening; unexplained illnesses of the laborers, anxious animals spooked at the slightest ruffle of the wind, and a voice that seems to whisper in the dark. The discovery of this ruler has awakened a curse, and now those who have disturbed his rest are being hunted so that he may rise and rule again. (Yup, I admit this is pretty much a rip-off of The Mummy, but who doesn’t love a good action/adventure tale?)

Looking to contain:- Action, Adventure, Romance, Curses, Pissed off mummies, 1930's Flare (not a must), Classic 'Mummy' Feel.


-:  Seven Pieces of Eight  :-

Rare and wondrous treasures are hidden around the world, secrets that were created by the ancient magics of sleeping gods. While a few of these items have been located and claimed already, a frenzy has begun to locate and claim the rest. Those who wield all Seven Pieces of Eight could very well control the seas themselves, a power that would be far too dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands.
After years of searching and sailing, a certain Captain with his ship and crew have located one of the fabled pieces, but in order to get it, they must first find a rumored woman with special magics of her own. They’ve tracked this figure down to a small island on the edges of trade routes and convenience, but upon the captain’s arrival, it is made clear that there are more ships on the horizon. Finding the woman will be challenging enough -convincing her to help him and his cause is an entirely different affair.

Looking to contain:- Magic, Action, Romance, Adventure, Threats of Enslavement, Age Gap, Bondage, Forced Orgasms.


-:  Dark Matter  :-

For this idea, it’s more of a vague concept that I haven’t fully pieced together yet. It would take place on a space station deep in orbit, somewhere far away from routine trading routes and in the more unknown recesses of space. Somehow alien spores get aboard, and in a matter of days, hundreds of people fall sick and die. These spores are pretty much a knock-off of that fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, which if I recall was also the inspiration behind The Last of Us. The dead rise again, and those who have yet to be infected must fight for survival until they’re able to be rescue.

Looking to contain:- Survival, Aliens, Horror, Macabre, Sci-Fi, Probably Zombies, Dub-Con, Cock-Worship, Pregnancy Risk.


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Re: Malrunar's Muse
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2020, 09:48:28 pm »

Sometimes you just want to write smut, quick scenes with flavored pairings that add a little extra spice. Below are some inspirational images and generic scene ideas for such a purpose.


NSFW (sorta) Turian.

NSFW Knotty Wolf and his pet kitty.


NSFW Luis Royo Demon Lord.

NSFW DP and some demon/orc things. Good times.

NSFW (sorta) She speaks the truth.

  Prime Position.

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Re: Malrunar's Muse
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2021, 04:11:29 pm »
Wouldn't mind one more!