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August 12, 2022, 04:10:24 am

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Author Topic: Bored, looking to brainstorm -Male looking for female  (Read 306 times)

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Bored, looking to brainstorm -Male looking for female
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:21:32 am »
Hey. Just your friendly neighborhood Wolfy bored out of his mind. Here’s a few ideas. Maybe they catch your fancy.

On a unexplored world:
My character is a space traveler. A surveyor looking for precious metals for the United Earth Coalition to mine and use to satisfy earth’s ever growing resource and fuel problem. My ship is a small one man craft. It gets caught in a gravity well and dragged way off course. Flung deep into uncharted space my ship crashes on an unknown planet. Crawling from the wreckage, i realize my spacesuit is compromised but fortunately my head does not explode and there seems to be breathable air.

The ground is a ruddy red sand. Dunes seem to surround my character. Though surprisingly it’s cold not hot. Some strange purplish black tentacle rises up and pulls the remains of my ship under the earth. Terrified, I grab the only surviving pack of supplies and run. It feels like days go by and before I realize it supplies are low. I have found my way out of the desert and onto a flat arid plain.  There’s what appears to be a crude village. Hungry and thirsty, I head toward the village. The inhabitants are humanoid but that’s where similarities end. I’m captured as I try to take what looks to be the leg off an eight legged turkey lizard creature that’s cooking on a spit.

Put into restraints, I am marched to the village center to be executed. My sentence is halted at the last moment by Your character.

This is where the idea ends. What you are and why you rescue me is up for discussion. I’m open for this to go several ways.

Underground Supernatural Fight Club

My character is a werewolf fighting for his freedom in an underground arena below a dystopian city. My last “manager” died when a fight went wrong. “Managers” are humans, either criminals, runaways, or something else, charged with getting challengers lined up and taking care of their fighter and keeping them out of trouble. There are rules one must follow. The more one wins the more they make. Thirteen fight wins guarantees freedom. Your character has been chosen as my new manager. How will they cope with finding out supernaturals exist and how do they get their freedom?

This is set in a future world but can be modern. I’m open to this going a few ways.
Pm me if interested.
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