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May 25, 2022, 07:42:12 am

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Author Topic: Butterflyfang's Request Thread  (Read 736 times)

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Butterflyfang's Request Thread
« on: September 14, 2020, 10:28:40 pm »
Hi everyone!

I'm still really new to E, but I love talking about possible new stories almost as much as I love actually RPing them.

I've done it enough times now that I'm starting to get a sense of what my 'process' or whatever is like.  So, if you're interested, here's some things I've managed to realize about what I enjoy.

writing stuff
I'm a huge fan of pre-writing.  I want to really work with you and hash out as much as we can in advance.  Sure, we want to understand the characters and setting, but I also really want to understand what the conflict and structure of our story will be.  To do this, I seem to really lean into ideas like classic archetypes and tropes, trying to get a sense of what style of story we're presenting, and what will be the best way to actually set this up for a reader.

Yes… I do write as if this thing is going to be read by other people.  That means that I think in terms of drafts… I write a first pass in google docs, read it out loud to myself a few times to rework it for readability and pacing, and hopefully to catch as much grammatical and linguistic errors as I can.  Because I put so much energy into trying to get my posts as good as I can, I really appreciate partners who put a similar amount of effort into making their posts similarly punched-up.

One thing that I've done a few times now and I really liked was to set up an actual outline or framework for how our story will actually go.  Obviously, we should both feel as free as possible to go anywhere we might happen to go, but I really think the stories we're telling together are WAY better, and probably more likely to actually finish, if we both have a similar structure in mind to work with.  I actually love creating those outlines, so hopefully you will too.

Also, I'm super open to talking to ANYONE about possibly RPing together, and I really think that any time we spend talking about potential RP is time super-well spent. That said, we really should pay attention to the way our writing styles seems to mesh as we back-and-forth in our pre-writing conversations.  It's our chance to feel each other out and see how we fit.  Sometimes two people just have very different styles, and it's best of we pay attention to that.

I actually joined this website more for the promise of general roleplay, not so much for any of the adult stuff.  Still, I know that's a major draw for most of us, so if you want to know anything about my proclivities and how they impact my potential RP… here's as much as I can come up with to say about it.

sex stuff
I'm a cis woman, still in my mid-twenties.  I certainly have had my share of bisexual experiences and in some ways I often feel more romantically drawn to women, while my feelings toward men tend to be a lot more purely physical, although I'm certainly open to new experiences.

None of this really matters to me as it pertains to this website, however, because I'm here for some FICTION, playa.  I want to make up some stuff!  My characters will generally be female, but they could be completely different from me, with different tastes or desires.  They might have completely different fetishes that I've never shared, because that's how fiction works.  For me, the story comes first, and any sexual quirks are only relevant if they serve the story.

What that does effectively mean, though… is that nothing is off the table.  There's no subject that I won't at least talk about. I'm not necessarily going to embrace everything, but I'm certainly down for the conversation!

Now comes the part I was super excited about: my potential story requests!  I'm new to this, so they're not in any order or anything yet, but maybe someday I'll have so many that they need organizing.

A Dark & Stormy Night
This is the one with vampires!

But don't let that fool you, because that's just part of the idea here.  Really, this is an excuse to build a Raymond Chandler-esque, Philip Marlow/Sam Spade style Noir mystery set in post-war late 40's/early 50's L.A.

Just with vampires.

One of us is a relatively young but still competent vampire, maybe about a hundred or so.  They are what amounts to a low-level member of a coven in Los Angeles, and are currently investigating a series off attacks within the covens territory with mysterious ties to the coven's operations.

The other one is a young woman working in a research lab.  Women rarely attended college in those days, so she's not technically a researcher herself, but does a lot of the work in the lab… when the facility is broken into, and she's left almost dead.  The vampire character finds her, takes pity on her… and chooses to turn her, without permission from the coven.  They're now responsible for a new spawn, who has to stay close to her sire, learning the ins and outs of the vampire world.

This is where the idea of this being a Noir really starts to work, because Noir are all about exploring a fantastic locale, meeting characters and unraveling how they all fit together and unpacking the underlying mystery.  This is a great tool we can use to explore this exotic world of vampires, and really create a cool story.

You'll notice that I used 'they' when describing the older vampire, because while a lot of my conversations seem to be with men, I actually have the sense that this would be a great story between two female writers.  I'm open to playing either character.  It's going to be best with someone who is really interested in building original vampire lore with me :)

The Latest Patch
So the premise here is vaguely based on Ready Player One… just… hopefully less dumb?

We are both players in a massive multiplayer virtual reality rpg.  All it takes at home is a sensory visor with little electrode receptors that pick up our motor functions… and we're completely immersed in the most realistic vr game ever.

It's a fantasy world, and part of the fun is that we'll be able to create the whole immersive fantasy game world together, as well as basically building TWO characters in both our player, and the player's avatar.

Meanwhile, this is a loose idea for a story, but bear with me:

The gameworld gets regular patches… but they are unlocked INSIDE the gameworld by players.  The player or group of players that find and unlock the patches earn massive, untold fortunes for their characters.  You and I are partners, both pretty elite players who work well as a team, even though we've never actually spoken irl.

We manage to find a clue that could lead us to the latest patch.  Basically we go on a grand quest together across the game world, which could allow us to invent some absolutely crazy adventures.

I can hear you now… 'but butterflyfang… there's no erotica!  Why would we do this story if we don't have to hide it from our roommates?'

Well if we want to add that element, here's an idea: the game is basically perfectly immersive, but it's never had any adult elements.  The player-characters can take off all their armor and equipment, but they're still in underwear.  Then, our players discover this highly secret mod for the game, something supposedly actually built by the games developers but hidden deep in the code: it unlocks their characters ability to experience sex, in-game.  How can we finish our quest when the desire to explore each other is almost too tempting?  And what does this actually mean for us in the real world?

80's Dark Fantasy B-Movie
Remember Deathstalker? Or Beastmaster? Or Hawk the Slayer? Or Ator the Fighting Eagle? There are some really great fantasy movies from this era like Conan or Willow, but there's just something special about those old R-Rated low budget affairs with gratuitous nudity and terrible effects.  I want to make one :)

The night of the princess's wedding, an evil sorcerer appears, kidnaps her for his own nefarious plot, and casts a spell to put the whole castle asleep, including all the brave nights, and the king's magical advisor.

The king's magical advisor's ASSISTANT, however, was not effected by the spell.  A small, bookish girl with glasses, she now has to go on a quest, to find the artifacts she needs to break the spell, and save the princess from the evil sorcerer! But… wait… why didn't the spell effect her?

Because she was having sex at the time.

See, unbeknownst to anyone, a charming but roguish sword-for-hire and all-around cad somehow talked his way into the wedding celebrations, and then talked our heroine into her bedchambers and out of her skirts.  Not exactly her proudest moment.

But the result is that she managed avoid the spell's effects.  The only problem? She's going to need to get her one-night-stand to come on her adventure with her.  For two reasons; first, she's well out of her depth, and he's a dashing young swordsman, and without him she'll never succeed in her quest. Second, she has to keep having sex.  With him, specifically.  Every eight hours, or the spell will take effect.

One wonders: what sort of debauchery is this guy going to coerce her into when the fate of the whole world is literally depending on her not saying no?

Let's Try That Again...
Remember Groundhog Day?  Being stuck in a time loop is SO interesting, right?  I love how Bill Murray goes through different reactions to his situation.  My favorite part is when he's been having a grand time, trying everything, having all sorts of grand adventures, exploring every possibility and corner of his day.  Then, he tries to sleep with Andie Macdowell... and he just can't do it.  He can't work it out.  and thats when he starts to transition into an existential crisis?

That movie is so good.

So... this might seems like a weird idea, because it's actually a little bit more of a game for us to play together, although it's all going to be done as an RP.  You are going to be the one in the time loop.  you're right at the height of your enjoyment of what is basically godhood... learning how to play guitar, how to go off of massive skateboard jumps, eating whatever you want, saying whatever you want to whoever you want... But there's one thing you haven't tried yet..

I'm the girl you had a crush on before you went into your timeloop.  I'm a school teacher, I have a boyfriend who lives out of town who is coming in tonight to go on a date.  You've never been able to muster up the guts to even talk to me; I'm just too nice, too unattainable. Now, though, you're feeling invinvible.  Now's the time.  You're going to shoot your shot... over and over and over and over again, until you inevitably figure out how to get me into bed with you.

So in practice. we literally have you trying over and over to work your way through your timeloop day.  What's going to make this fun, though, is that I'm actually going to have this mapped out. I'm going to know how the day goes if he doesn't interact with anything, what my girl does but also other NPC's... and you'll have an infinite number of chances to work out what all the different cause and effects can be.  I've already created a really big, interactive flow chart that I'll be keeping to myself... but there are ways for you to get through it, you'll just have to work it out.

Doesn't that sound fun? :)

Earth Abides
a post apocalyptic epic adventure. My girl is from an underground bunker, on a quest to find a legendary facility that could save everyone.  Unfortunately, she's quickly caught, captured, her protectors killed... and placed for sale as a sex slave. 

Your character (this really makes more sense if it's a guy) is a tough loan survivalist.  He wasn't looking to buy a sex slave but she manages to talk him into it... and is swept up into her epic quest.

This was a story I actually did a ton of prep work on with a potential partner already, it just turned out that we have different expectations for how we write, so we agreed to part ways.  I made THIS, a google doc that basically summarizes the story as WE built it.  obviously, if you wanted to do this, we'd need to basically take it all apart and rebuild it into something that's specifically ours.
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