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December 04, 2020, 05:38:00 PM

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Author Topic: Lit Arrogant Dom Male needed for Love and Power struggles with Feisty Female  (Read 329 times)

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Offline LoveTheWayYouLieTopic starter

Here we go again, revamping, revamping, and more revamping these threads. It just the normal cycle right?! Well, here we are again! Let’s get this started shall we???

Let’s start off with the basics.

About ME!: I have been roleplaying since dino’s roamed the Earth! No really, T-rex’s don’t type well, they can’t reach the keyboard! I have wrote my own short stories and I enjoy writing on my own time. But, roleplaying is something of a hobby for me and I really enjoy writing with people and all the worlds we can come up with.

*I’m literate, so please be the same. No one liners. I am not asking for novels, but I need some depth, I need detail, I need it! We can’t always write 10+ Paragraphs when things are going on in the story and that’s ok. But, if one liners are your thing, please seek elsewhere.

*I’ll write the fuck outta some sexual scenes. Don’t worry about a fade to black around here.

*I am Ghost Friendly. This is a new term it seems, but it happens and has always happened since the dawn of roleplaying. People vanish. It happens. So, If we are talking and you disappear, I will just seek new partners and if you ever wanna come back around, just message me. I will not be rude, things happen.

*Please don’t message with things that have nothing to do with this Thread. I don’t think that needs to be stated, but I guess I am wrong. So no spamming!

*I am very friendly and I like to chat with my partners so we are always on the same page. So, if you cold or too stiff with me, come in a little more cool and we should be fine. Take the stick outta your ass, we are here to have fun.

*Limits are LOW! I’ll go far as to say I have some of the lowest limits. No children (in a sexual sense), no bathroom shit, piss, etc. No Furries, No animals (bestiality). But if you want our characters to go on a murdering spree, I’m about it. Gore, violence and death does not bother me if it is not main characters. It’s easier to ask me what you’d like to do in a roleplay than ask me, the list is just too long.


Let’s get into the nitty gritty here.

As the title states, I’m looking for an arrogant loving male. Odd right? I am looking to play my strong females against a male who is arrogant, strong, demanding, kind of a fucker, but deep down is really a sweet heart and is mad for the female in question. He is jealous of her with others and wants her as his. I am seeking romance, but not all fluffy mushy romance, I want out characters to clash, I don’t want to them always get along. I want arguments that turn into make out sessions. Because the females I play with be strong willed and mouthy, but easily broken under and powerful and lustful hand. So, I guess this would be the role of a Dominate male?

Here are some ideas flouting around in my head;

Yes Chief!: Think a younger Gordon Ramsay. A young man who has studied hard is running his kitchens like dungeons. But always had a thing for his pretty assistant line cook and pastry chief. They have a fling. Till one day she cant stand him in the kitchen anymore and storms out. Only to come back three years later as a well known and respected food critic and health board. Looking to shut him down.

King with No Crown: Everything has been lost, a proud and noble warrior kingdom has fallen. Their people left to die in the rolling hills. Only the crows have come to feast on the bodies. There is no one to bury them as all their weak, women and children have been taken into slavery for the kingdom. But they were more powerful? How did that lose? It was a war of might against machine. The prince to this kingdom lay in the small river that ran through the valley of death, the very water running red with blood. A cart is rolling through from the rival kingdom, it is picking metal off the dead bodies, to use in melting down and going into their machines. They had massive war machines, almost like tanks. The prince wakes to see this cart and the few people controlling it. One of them, he can tell from previous talks before war, was the princess. He knew it’s her even as she tries to look like a commoner. In a last bit of energy he attacks the people defiling his dead people and takes the princess hostage. They are on his land. Stealing the machine like cart he escapes into the unknown with her. He says he won’t kill her if she takes him to her father so he can behead him, like they had his. Not knowing where they are or how to really get back, she help heal him. Can there be some alliance found in this journey home?

In Love with Judas: A young woman is the daughter to a powerful Crime Syndicate and she is walking in her father’s footsteps to take over the business, since she is his only child. There is an arrangement that she will marry the son of a local weapons owner. So that there will always be an alliance between them and the supply that kept their county wide organization going. The man isn’t a bad guy. He knows who his family does business with and he will happily marry their lovely daughter and play second fiddle to her growth. But what her family doesn’t know, is that she is in love with their rival crime syndicates leaders son. There is a territory truce between the two groups as to not cause to much light on them with fighting, but fights still happen. She is in love with him and has been since they were kids….and he feels the same way. But they can never know.


I will be adding more ideas soon, as I have a few more ideas rolling around in my head that I just can’t get into words yet. But I’m willing to talk things over and here is a list of pairings I may be interested in discussing. Male slots on the left.

  •     Bad Boy X Valedictorian
        Stage Hand X Ballet Dancer
        Museum/Opera house owner X Violinist
        Manager X Pop Star
        Fighter X Manger



DBZ: BulmaXVegeta, GotenXBulla (older), GokuX Vegeta.


That’s it for now! Please message me and see if we can work something out!
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Re: (F seeking LIT Male) Dark Romance!!! (hitman x protection program female)
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Bumping, Brand New Idea! Please!! Seeking lit male looking for a good dark story!

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King with No Crown
In love with Judas