Wanna know how I got these scars? {MxM} {The Dark Knight} [Mul]

Started by Vetiver, March 15, 2009, 03:39:25 AM

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Okay, I've been craving it for a while, now. And after watching The Dark Knight again (probably the 8th 9th time now), I just have to give in and do something.

Basically, I want to play The Joker.

There are three possible pairings for this, in my mind:

Joker/Dent (Two-Face)
Joker/Crane (Scarecrow)

If you can think of anything else, I'm game.

If you're something special, I will consider:

Joker/Harley Quinn.

Okay so a list of plots we could do, things to take into consideration...


This would prooobably start around the whole nurse thing, where he's about to blow up the hospital and plays Dent a little... visit. The main idea behind this is that Two-Face survives and Gotham thinks that Harvey is dead. Joker is carted off to Arkham but... gets free in the way that the Joker often does.

Harvey, being dead, no longer has money so he gets some shitty little apartment and turns to petty crime. He's not exactly a bad guy, he was all about revenge. All he needs is another little... push.


Okay this one would start out pretty one-sided. We all know that Joker is somewhat obsessed with Batman. I can easily see that turning sexual, or always-already being sexual, and we all know he's a masochist so he's probably likes Batman beating on him a whoole lot.

I don't know how this would turn consensual, but it doesn't have to, right?


This one is probably the most off the beaten trail. I got to thinking about how Joker came about, his obsession with Chaos. And I wondered what would happen if we flipped that obsession on his head and he was OCD before he totally lost it. Bear with me here. He shows lots of signs of OCD behaviour - licking of the scars, twitchy, even the painting of his face is somewhat ritualistic.

So he has a lot of fear of losing order, an innate feeling that things will go wrong if they aren't ordered perfectly. Then, one day, he just snaps and embraces it (fear toxin perhaps?), embraces chaos, and with it blessed freedom. Thus his absolute hate of order.

This one would start in Arkham with the Joker being just a guy, and it would progress from there. Requires a fair bit of patience and communication.

The other Joker/Crane idea could just be they bump into each other somehow and decide to work together.

Notes/PWP games:

I'm a fan of putting people in their place, so a quick PWP roleplay where Joker is pretty much made to beg would be a happy thing with me. Likewise, a quick PWP where Joker forces someone else to beg is also made of win.

This would be heavily N/C, in places. Also obviously we're looking at bloodplay, masochism, maybe death. So yeah, pretty heavy stuff.

Post here or shoot me a message if you're interested.
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Wanna play?


Well, this is much further out there than what I'd normally do, but what's this site for if not experimentation? And speaking of experimentation, I'm totally up to play Crane - or an obsessive-compulsive Joker, if you prefer.
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