Onyx's Parlor, Won't you come inside? (Now with Plots!)

Started by Lady Onyx, August 31, 2020, 04:42:39 PM

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Lady Onyx

Hello Everyone! After a very rough...forever I've come back to once again browse Elliquiy in all it's glory! Since it's been such a long time I've decided to start from 'scratch' so to speak. That being said I figured a reintroduction is in order. So lets begin shall we?

My name is, of course Lady Onyx, though I tend to go by Onyx more often than not. I have been roleplaying for...way too long to be perfectly honest. I would prefer to keep the exact length of time a mystery in order to preserve my refusual to believe I'm getting old...er. Let's just say it's somewhere between a decade to a decade and a half shall we? Needless to say I am...somewhat literate, my post lengths tend to vary depending on my partner, the longer thier posts, the longer mine and so on and so forth. I generally prefer to write no fewer than 3 paragraphs myself unless the situation calls for it. Heavy action scenes are something I find I still struggle with to this day and they tend to become far too short for my liking. If anyone has some tips I'd love to hear them!

Now onto roles: I have done every role one could imagine and then some over the years and I've found there are some I excell at and some I struggle with. For instancing playing a dominant female in herterosexual pairings, not my strong suit as it happens to be. I can play sexy, agressive, confident but pure dominance, not so much. However I can play dominat in same sex pairings but generally I sit firmly on the 'switch' position. Primarly it's to allow for variation in smut scenes so one is not always the 'giver' and the other is not always the 'taker' as it were. Being able to switch as needed is something I pride myself on. I can also, when the situation calls for it, play submissive females. Ah! Almost forgot, I'm also not keen to play male in male/female pairings, tried it, didn't like it. I can also play futas as needed and those ones I can play as mostly dominant, should the situation call for it.

What else? What else? Kinks pairings and plots will be covered in the next couple of posts so if you've stuck around this long, please bear with me just a bit longer. I promise it'll be worth your while.

Lady Onyx

O/O or Kinks

I am, and I say this honestly, open to more things that I'm closed to. Over the past...indeterminate length of time I have delved into things that would've sent me running in the opposite direction in the past. Until I actually tried it, that is. In this section I will be covering some of the kinks and desires I've found I enjoy in the past. They will range from the Oh yes please! To the, I'd rather not if that's okay with you which is...surprisingly limited all things considered. Anything not listed in the no section is up for discussion.  Shall we begin?

Favorites or 'Oh yes please!'
Rough Sex
Dirty Talking
Lots of Cum
Risk of being caught

Neutral or I can do these if you like
Dub Con
Needle Play
Roleplaying within a roleplay

No or I'd rather not
Bathroom Play

Lady Onyx


This one is going to be hard to keep down to a decent length. There are so many pairings I love to participate in and they range from Fantasy to Slice of Life and everything in between. My favorites have always been Fantasy and Sci-Fi but I've indulged in a bit of everything. Now these are just general pairings, if there is something not listed please ask about it. I've done a little of everything. So instead of trying to come up with a a whole bunch I'm going to limit it to pairing types such as Incest, Anthros, Futa and the like. Sort of like...umbrella pairings I suppose?

Favorite Pairing Types
Magic Users
Cyberpunk Hackers

I hope that helps...a little bit. If it doesn't please let me know and I'll try to list examples as well as general pairings.

Lady Onyx



Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx

Quote from: Lady Onyx on August 31, 2020, 05:39:35 PM

The Demon's House (A Halloween Special)
I know this sounds a little cliche but bear with me okay?

An old Victorian house rests in the isolated mountains somewhere in Europe. Built originally by a young duke eager to impress his new wife it boasts 20 rooms including a basement and attic. On the outside, they seemed the perfect pair but behind the doors of their manor occult practices were the norm. Whispers of demons, spirits, and even fairies being summoned made many in the village below wary of them. Maids and household staff went missing, some turning up in the forest mad and in some cases pregnant. Now the duke and duchess never had any children of their own and upon their passing, many tried to make the place their own, and every single time it ended badly.

Now 250 years later a well-known brother/sister ghost hunter team has decided to take their chances on the place. The sister is a skeptic, everything with her logic and science and she often handles the tech side of things. On the flip side, her brother is the exact opposite a ‘sensitive’ one would say able to see and sense things others would often overlook. Between the two of them, they’d debunked many supposed ‘haunted locations’ and the ones they can’t are made famous by the admittance that it is indeed haunted. This house turns out to be something they could’ve never prepared for

The brother and sister begin investigating the house and within hours begin to experience phenomena they can’t explain. Chanting, singing, and a strange hypnotic drone that seems to come from the walls. The sister immediately begins looking for some sort of indication they’re being manipulated while the brother finds himself overwhelmed with visions and ghosts. Both make their way to the basement and it’s there they find themselves in a place not of this world.

Now I have several paths in mind that can be travelled depending on pairing and kinks. In all paths the twins get separated with either the sister or the brother being the main focus of the story and the goal is of course to find thier sibling. The brother can be a main character in a Futa/M or M/M pairing and the sister would be for a F/M F/F and Futa/F. The idea is to pair them with the demon who's realm they're traversing. They would be a being that would perhaps act as an...ally at first, maybe another spirit trapped in the realm and they would begin the slow act of making them...suseptible to corrupting influence. Dreams, teasing maybe even 'accidently' walking in on a ritual orgy just to see how the target responds. The end goal? For the demon to find a sutible host with which to return to the human realm. For the brother, it would be possessing him and the sister either pregnancy or possession. Now I don't expect a happy romance, this idea is dark and while there will be no non-con, torture or anything like that. Bondage,toys, spanking and light BDSM are not out of the realm of possibility. The act of corruption of 'breaking' them of thier human moral code would be the focus until the spirit is able to come to them as the demon and do what needs to get done to reach the end goal. Finding the missing sibling is optional

The Hidden Place (Fantasy&Adventure)
Many year ago Humans and fantastical beasts lived side by side though it was far from peaceful. Wars broke out constantly lesser creatures killed or even enslaved, the cost of life was severe and never ending. Then one day the fantastical creatures, the fairies and trolls, warlocks, and sorceresses just...vanished. Gone without a whisper or a murmer or any indication of where they were going or if they were even alive. Humanity kept going on, progressing from wooden forts to great stone cities and from worshipping many gods to just one. Of course there were the occasional sightings a witch in the marketplace with her inhuman tricolored eyes, or a brownie tending a garden but they were rare and often times the humans who drew attention to it was dealt with swiftly. Eventually even those sightings ceased and humanity continued on changing thier historical tales to folklore and legends.

They were not gone though, not by a long shot. Those fantastical creatures existed in a vast underground domain hidden from the eyes of humans content to be forgotten if only to protect themselves from more lose. At least until a huntress stumbles across the threshold and lands face first into quite the disastor. Maybe a thief is trying to steal something from the ruler of the domain and is being pursued. He can drop the object in her hunting satchel before disappearing and leaving her to take the blame. Later on coming to her rescue and eventually as they try and reclaim the stolen object and find a way to get her home they can eventually fall in love. Both parties would be playing multiple minor roles and one major role each to give the underground domain some depth.

Another path can be perhaps she's discovered to have fey blood and is chased out of her village and half-dead in the woods is rescued by someone who lives in the undgeround domain. I do want a healty dose of magic and adventure in both potential ideas if possible. Kinks are negotiable as are the genders of the main characters M/M M/F F/F Futa/F and Futa/M. There were also be a bit of world building to be done in order to make sure that both parties are pleased with the settings.
A New Drug
The name of the drug was Wonderland, or Pollen for those who tried to be subtle. It was derived from a flower that only grew under the specific conditions that were nearly impossible to reproduce. It boasted a high unlike any other drug before it, both euphoric and clarifying an upper in it's purest form. However if it defused into a liquid primarily liquor it was more of a sedative one that completely left the system after 24 hours making it impossible to identify. In a sense....the perfect drug for all those who tended to indulge. Five years after it's discovery use of the drug is so widespread that task forces have been put together to simply try to keep it under control. Our main character is a member of said task force, but after a drug bust that ended the career of four of the members they decided to go a new route by sending her undercover and straight into the embrace one of the largest kingpins in the city.

Once inside she quickly climbs to his inner circle and it's there she discovers all is not what it seems. Not only is the organization not human, the flower that wonderland is derived from is not of this earth. Our undercover cop quickly finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between clans of Sidhe and they're far from the lovely beings she once thought. They are conniving, they are cruel and humans are nothing more than a food source and wonderland is what they use to make their prey more pliable. Some Sidhe feed of sex, others pain, some feed of emotions but all of them are ravenous and it's up to our cop to stop it. Will she succeed or become just another meal?

Lady Onyx

BUMP, Plots changed, with the older ones kept in a quote above this one.

Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx