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September 26, 2020, 08:02:14 PM

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Author Topic: Dirty Cinderella [MxM | Dark BDSM Romance | Seeking Dom Character]  (Read 81 times)

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Offline CerevanTopic starter

Damien Prince knew three things. One, his bum shoulder meant he'd never get the baseball scholarship he'd been gunning for since Little League. Two, without that scholarship there would be no getting out of the poverty that had owned his family's ass for generations. And three? Even without baseball he was still handsome, charming, and damn popular with anyone who appreciated exquisitely leggy blue-eyed boys.

Thank God that "anyone" includes the filthy rich.

For five years he worked through their ranks. Flirting and fucking his way into money to cover for his tuition, his books, his apartment. Anything he wanted, someone was willing to buy, so long as it got them a night between his legs. It was the same thing that an athletic scholarship would've been he reasoned. Buying his way out with his body.

So he became what he had to: The call boy without a phone number or a hotel room. The sugar baby with salt on his lips. The whore paid in diamonds.

Until he met his husband. Not his husband, back then, just someone who offered him more than a fling and a black credit card. Someone who wanted to keep him. Someone he could trust. And if Damien is required to prove his own love & faithfulness by letting his new husband become his master...

Well, he's paid worse prices.

Setting : Obviously geared toward contemporary, but could easily be tweaked to fit urban or low fantasy.

Concept : A young man from the wrong side of the sheets (the "Cinderella") meets & marries a wealthy man (the "Prince Charming") after years of fucking around to survive. They're in love, but love doesn't guarantee happily-ever-afters. Between external pressures from the glittering elite who'd love nothing more than to see them fail and internal pressures of jealousy & insecurity, it's going to take a miracle to make their marriage work. Or, in absence of a miracle, True Love and BDSM Shenanigans.

Kinks : D/s, light to moderate bondage, rough sex, domestic discipline. Possible daddy kink, age gap, and/or size kink. Possible mild exhibitionism/voyeurism. Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : True Love. Power imbalance. Extremely grey morality. Intrigues & power plays. Glittering capitalist excess. Possessiveness. Kink as catharsis. Other concepts / themes very open to negotiation.

Playing : Damien is pretty and he knows it. Generally his personality is suspicious, manipulative, and pragmatic. Might have a soft heart buried somewhere deep, deep, deep down but honestly that's a big shrug emoji. Desperation hardened him, which is saying something since he probably always viewed people as a means to an end. His husband is the one (1) chink in his armor. While he might will bitch about it, he'd do or suffer damn near anything for his husband.

Seeking : Looking for someone to play the husband. Must be dominant (though doesn't have to be a Dominant) and possessive. All other traits and history is up to the player. Player gender is irrelevant. Willing to write between 2 - 4 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story). Having a taste for plot heavy cat-and-mouse games and a willingness to worldbuild / play NPCs is a definite bonus.

Notes :
  • Ideally this is an emotionally complicated / morally grey relationship. They genuinely love each other but the deck is stacked against them. Neither is 100% Pure & Wonderful. Paragons need not apply.
  • You will have my full and undivided attention if you're willing to bring in daddy kink, make this omegaverse (also known as A/B/O), and/or offer a really juicy twist to things. Or if you haul in anything from my O&Os.
  • Please PM if interested. While it's not strictly required, I'd really love if you include a character concept / plot twist / idk just something to let me get a feel for why you're interested / what you think the game would look like.