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February 24, 2021, 05:28:10 pm

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Author Topic: Leon's List of Desires (M lf F)  (Read 428 times)

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Offline Leon WeberTopic starter

Leon's List of Desires (M lf F)
« on: August 25, 2020, 08:06:50 am »
Hello And Welcome!

Welcome to my lovely little corner of Elliquiy where I am looking to find new RP Partners. I will break down the topics and add small story prompt ideas by genre. Please PM Me if interested in any of these story prompts or just interested in RPing with me in general as I wish to keep this thread as nice and tidy as I possibly can.

Fantasy Ideas

These are ideas mainly for Historical Fantasy but many of them can be subverted for Modern Fantasy As Well.

The Grand Adventure
In a world where dragons roam free in the sky and goblin raids plague the rural towns in the realms of men, there is a dark force at work in the world that threatens to destroy or otherwise subjugate the world. It will in some form or fashion fall to our characters to stop this and save the mortal realm from utter disaster. This is a very open-ended idea but think something to the effect of the Dragon Lance novels or other Grand Fantasy Adventure Novels and that is more or less the idea here. Something larger than life is threatening the world and it will fall to our characters to find a way to stop this, whether they're knights, Wizards, Thieves, or otherwise.

The Watchman
This is a smaller, more localized story prompt, meant for us to focus in on our character relationships forming with the prospect of occasional action or adventure. My character in this scenario would be a member of the town watch, he also works as a blacksmiths apprentice when he is not performing his duties as a watchman. He leads a normal life, he goes to work, he's sweet on a local village girl, and can overall be considered mundane. Who or what your character is, is completely up for discussion of course. A strange traveler that arrives in the village and stays there for some time, enchanting the young man? Or maybe you want to play the village girl he's sweet on? Lots of directions this can go but its main focus is on character development and their relationships with the occasional side quest of dealing with bandits or some such.

Exploring The Isekai Trope
Isekai is a popular anime/manga trope that involves the idea of someone from our modern world and being transported by some means to another universe usually of a Fantasy or Sci-Fi Nature. Its a fun trope that I don't think is explored with a lot of depth and nuance and I would love to change that. Whos character is the one that is taken to a new world is totally up for discussion I don't mind it being either my character or yours or maybe even both if we want to make it really spicy.

The Mage Academy
In this prompt both of our characters would be attendants of a Wizards School, something to the effect of Harry Potter but I don't often like playing out Fandom RP's though I'm not wholly opposed to it either. Our characters could be rivals, lovers , frenemies or any combination of these things. This can build into a more in-depth and overarching plotline like a Grand Adventure or it can stay more localized and be more about our characters and the interactions within the academy I am open to ideas and suggestions on this one.

Modern Ideas

These Ideas are mainly for Modern-Day scenarios but many of them can also be subverted for Sci-Fi or Modern-Fantasy ideas as well.

World War Three
This is an idea I've been looking to play out for a long time. Whether it follows our characters in a localized fashion and deals with their story and how they cope with the war whether they're civilians or soldiers or we get more in-depth with discussion of Geopolitics and the War at large I am open to both but this is something that I am really looking to play out.

Reverse Isekai Exploration
As I mentioned earlier Isekai is a genre of anime/manga where someone from our world is transported to a fantasy world. However this prompt would explore that in reverse, taking someone from a fantasy or sci-fi world and dropping them in our world. We can discuss who will be playing as the new 'migrant' to our realm in PM's but this could be a very fun and interesting trope to explore especially if the other character is something like an Elf or a Wizard and has things that they would need to be able to hide from the normal every day humans of our dimension.

A Modern Monarchy
There still exist a few Kings and Queens in reality but most of them are mostly powerless in a political sense. This prompt would explore the idea of an Absolute Monarchy existing in the modern day. In this scenario I would likely play the Monarch of this country and explore their struggles in politics and day-to-day life where you could play any number of characters. A staff member or other commoner they've developed feelings for? An arranged marriage? There are a lot of different spins that can be taken on this one.

The Bodyguard
In this I would play a bodyguard hired to protect your character whether they're a politician, celebrity etc is up for discussion. Of course they end up getting involved with one another and depending on my partners preferences they could have to hide this for one reason or another or we can explore the troubles of dating someone who exists in the public eye.


I currently don't have any ideas for Sci-Fi plays but I am more than open to them so if you want to plan something to that effect please send me a message.

A Note On Historical Plays

Purely historical roleplays are probably my favorite of all time but I have a whole thread dedicated to them that can be found here:
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Offline Leon WeberTopic starter

Re: Leon's List of Desires (M lf F)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2020, 06:55:45 am »
Cleaned up the page as it was messy and added several story plots:
The Watchman
Exploring The Isekai Trope
Reverse Isekai Exploration
The Bodyguard

Offline Leon WeberTopic starter

Re: Leon's List of Desires (M lf F)
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2021, 04:36:34 pm »
this deserves a bump