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Started by BondageKitten, December 13, 2005, 06:35:00 PM

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       Just thought it might be nice to put myself out there for those who might be interested but didn't catch my introduction threat. I'm new, and somewhat new to the whole forum-playing thing. Though I have been role-playing in formats somewhat like this before, the whole play by message board is new too me. That said I am eager to get into the spirit of things and see what sort of trouble I can get myself into.

     At the moment I am mostly in a mood to play my tried and true cat-girl personas in situations that might provide me with all the major enjoyments of life. For me, being submissive is all about losing my aspect of control, and having it made clear I don't deserve such in the first place. So bondage, humiliation, objectification and the like all rank high on my list of thrills!

     I feel like I should be tossing out a story idea beyond just 'hey get in touch with me and lets talk about something', thus. I would like to say I have been playing around with an idea for not too long about playing a nice normal human girl. One who is captured with the main purpose in mind being her transformation and training as a cat-girl slut slave. Obviously its just another take on the main interests I have but it would be a very interesting story to tell and character to see develop from innocent (though she could be closet submissive if the appeal for such is there) to something completely out of the box kinky. Oh I hope that helps clarify the sorts of things I enjoy, PM me if you wish to talk.
Being female has its benefits, being submissive has its benefits, being bisexual has its benefits. Its when the benefits all work out to be the same that I am really in heaven.

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Tempting.  Oh, yes, tempting...very tempting...

(anima drools and giggles evilly)
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I'm equal with MadPanda here in temtation.  Nakos are my favorite furry.  I'm more than happy to play opposite with you, should you so desire that is.


May I suggest One shots? It's there for the use of anyone in need of a fast game.
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